Wednesday, October 22, 2014

20 October 2014

It's time for high adventure!
Hello I never name my emails but i thought I'd start now haha.
WOW! Another transfer meeting come and gone.
I got my new companion Sister Harris :) She is from New Zealand and she's pretty sweet as.
I'm excited. We're going hard this transfer. I haven't told her yet, but I really want to go on two trade offs with all the sisters! So that means lots of walking so that we can do trade offs.
Oh btw. I am dying in Richlands area. I love it here and I'm so blessed to stay. This ward is amazing. And things are just now picking up speed again.
SO updates on Shawn, HE IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED. soon. I can just feel it. He is planning on coming to church on Sunday. So I'll tell you about that next week.
He's so close to knowing, His answeres are becoming more recognizable to him
Um all our recent converts are doing good. We're trying to get specific families to be their family!
What else? Oh I loved all of conference. I loved the ones you mentioned I especially loved the German man. That was insane! I also liked one of the first ones. I can't remember what its called. Oh and of course Uchtdorf's talk in women's conference and the Blonde lady. I can't remember her name either. Sorry this is going to be quick and random but yeah.
We had an amazing week! Very productive and my motto for the rest of the transfer is
" work harder than you did yesterday"
Love you all. Thank you soo soo much for everything. I couldn't do this without your support.
Ofa atu!
Sister Mullen

13 October 2014

Yes it was a wonderful week! It went by so quick, we went to Toowoomba to visit the sisters there. Oh I"m supposed to give you Elder Tino's email for his uncle: its But yeah we got to go to two zone meetings to give trainings and it was awesome! I had so much fun. It was a tender mercy as well because I got to see my old companion Sister Hwang give her last testimony. After she gave it, we had planned that for trade offs we'd switch since I went with Sister Hwang last time, but then I just had to go with her again. So we did and we had an amazing day. She is such a wonderful sister and she has taught me so much. It was nice to be able to be companions again one last time :) 

And then my day with Sister Tempany (my other old companion) was just what I needed. Both of us needed that trade off. First off so many miralces happened with just teaching and finding. But what was so amazing was our discussion at the end. I just felt such a huge tender mercy of the Lord. I honestly feel so inadequate filling this position of sister training leader. I always feel like I'm behind and that I'm not doing things professionally enough or well enough. But as I talked with Sister Tempany, the spirit told her things that she needed to hear and in turn she gave me something I needed to hear very much. She explained to me that she was praying for a few days that I would go on trade offs with her because she wanted to learn how to love. I don't know if I told you or not or maybe you could tell by my emails but sister tempany and I fought like sisters.And I used to regret a lot of how things happened during our time together. But I do really love her. And it was just such a blessing to know how much she knew that. I truly know that we can change. People can change. And we don't even realize it. Sometimes we think we're just as weak as we were a year ago but then one day we realize that we're so much stronger and that we can take on more. I don't want to sound boastful like i'm the best stl ever but I just want to say especially to you mommy, daddy and rachel, that sometimes we just feel so down on ourselves like we haven't progressed or have even gone backwards, but i know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to go backwards in our spiritual progression when we are doing our best. Even when our best falls short. Others can see it and I know that Heavenly Father sees how much stronger we're getting even when we don't. 

I LOVED conference. It was amazing. And something I NEEDED. I especially liked Uchtdorf's talk at the women's conference how he said that Heavenly Father is not waiting for us to overcome our weaknesses before He will love us. That just gives me so much hope. 

I fell short a lot this week, but I'm trying to understand the enabling power more so that I can do all of this. I know that the Atonement is real because I have felt guilt and I understand the feeling of forgiveness but this is kind of new to me, using it to strengthen my weaknesses. 

OH! and Shawn might come to church this week. I just LOVE teaching him. I wish you could meet him but yeah our lesson was amazing yesterday with him. I WANT HIM TO UNDERSTAND HIS ANSWER! 

Anyway, transfers are this sunday, our zone leaders are wanting both of us to stay, who knows miracles happen haha.

Thank you for the wonderful email. Sorry if i didn't answer any of your questions :) haha

Ofa Atu!

6 October 2014

hello beloved family members. <3
thank you for all your spoiler alerts from conference! haha jokes. but seriously its cool, they're like movie trailers that just continue to pump me up for when i get to watch it. so i'm counting down the days.

 God is truly guiding us and always watching over us.

on a brighter note. i've finally learned that i need to ask for His help for my talents as well. i dont know why it took me this long. but as soon as i've started praying i've written 2 songs. :)

i love you guys. thank you for everything.

ofa atu.

sister mullen