Monday, July 29, 2013

29 July 2013


So it is officially rainy season. I know it. It hasn't stop. Will it ever? I don't know. We went out in our ponchos a few days ago, but then as we left, we noticed it was no longer going to rain. Haha. So you have got 2 foreign missionaries, in their ponchos riding their bikes... with just a sprinkling of rain. SO embarassing.
This week I learned more about missionary work. Go figure. It has been hard going inviting because I have not seen what comes of it. It isn't anything like rejection so much. We will talk to someone randomly on the street, testify of Christ and then we are invited to eat with them in their house. We never forget our purpose but I feel we are having trouble setting those expectations to get investigators to learn with us. Seriously. We have had dinners and times with these Strangers! Haha. But then it is sad when they don't accept what we want to teach them. We had 3 new investigators that had returning appointments but I do not think they want to learn with us because they never answered their phone after that or was semi mean to us. But whatever. It's a new part about missionary work that I am learning. We know to try and schedule things later in the day because towards the end of the night, things are really dark and quiet here. We are weeding out investigators, really praying to know and find those who are interested in the Gospel and what we teach. I have not yet seen what comes from inviting, but I see the contribution we are putting forth. At church this week I was feeling a little down, just because of a lot of people who were no longer interested, and then someone shared a scripture in D&C 64: 33-34. I don't think I have heard a more perfect scripture in the exact moment I needed it. It just starts you off right, revelation through church. 

i also liked 29-32

29: Wherefore, as ye are agents, ye are on the Lord's errand; and whatever ye do according to the will of the Lord is the Lord's business.

30: And he hath set you to provide for his saints in these last days, that they may obtain an inheritance in the land of Zion.

31: And behold, I, the Lord, declare unto you, and my words are sure and shall not fail, that they shall obtain it.

32: But all things must come to pass in their time.

33: Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.

34: Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.

Sister Mullen

ps one of these pictures I sent home is with Sister Wright. She reminds of SOOOOOOOOO much of Ronda. Ronda, are you reading this?!?!?! She made us spaghetti and APPLE CRISP this week. yeah. the best thing I've had in Thailand. Better than the coconut smoothies in Korat.

29 July 2013


Got a long one for you this week.
HAHA i cant believe you used that story. haha i learned something great this week. I eat to live, not live to eat.
Not but seriously. I eat something not good for me everyday. So I'm trying harder to do that. I guess i am getting a little chubs but "thats alright." they say thats alright whenever you say thankyou so everyone makes fun of me when i say you're welcome. And i'm trying to say "sorry?" instead of WHAT? it seems a bit obnoxious now.
Lets see this week. Well first off it went by SO fast. We're still trying to get the records sorted. There's a lot of missionary work found in visiting less actives because they usually have a spouse that is not a member. We met one last monday. She's related to me some how. Her last name used to be Mullen and she's from Scotland. As we were going through our list we met Wen Chen and Yolenda. They are backpackers living here for 3 years. They were interested so we came to teach them. Its so hard though because there is a language barrier. You can feel the spirit but then wehn we ask them a question. they'll all of a sudden be like wait what? haha. So one of our members helps translate.
We have an investigator Sandy who just is not really interested. She's agreed to be baptized and its like she just wants to please us but doesnt really want to talk to us. So i dont know if she really actually even understands anything. Its like she has a testimony because she just wants to be i dont even know. i keep praying that i'll understand her but i dont.
It has definitely been a challenging week. I've seen Satan try and tear me down in every way and every best way possible. Its super annoying. Comparison is the theif of joy. Comparing myself to others is the struggle of my life. But coming here has helped me to deal with those feelings. Its impossible not to compare yourself but its possible to not dwell in those feelings. As I've been TRYING, struggling to finish the BOM by THIS SUNDAY ( you can hold me accountable to that) I've seen that there are those who "dwindle in unbelief". They are the ones that fail. its okay to have doubts. its not okay to stay there.
We have been teaching the edmond family. they are great. The dad was excommunicated but is working towards baptism. The mom struggles with smoking but we have almost committed her to a date for baptism. she is scared she wont be able to give up smoking. And their daughter jade has told us she wants to get baptized before the end of this year. She is so ready. But her mom really wants to get baptized with her. So we'll give it a couple weeks. Ah i'm so excited for Jade though.
I'm not sure if i told you about the Cushway family. They are amazing. They know that there is somehting about the church and they feel the spirit so much. They are so senstivie to the spirit which is rare. They see it everywhere. I really would like to see them get sealed. He is a member. She isn't. Hopefully seeing them seald or them getting sealed is in Heavenly father's plan for me.
We also have the Kruger family. They are hilarious. They have 2 daughters, cant really remember their names BUT. they're awesome. I think one is ella? Anyway. We get along with them really well. After our first meeting with them, they gave us veggies from their garden! I was so excited. But then i left them in a fridge at the church so they're probably rotten now :( boo. Anyway yeah we had a baptism saturday! Great Hunt. It reminds me a lot my first baptism. I get here about a week and they have a baptism lined up. She's young as well. and just so golden. she wants to serve a mission and see the SLC temple. She's amazing. And yeah the baptism went well. The ward didn't really show up. but luckily if two tongan families show up it looks like a whole ward. She was happy so i was happy. The ward is very supportive but I know that they have way more potential to be misisonaries. Just like we all do.
OH MY GOSH. SUNDAY was just the best. Its been kind of hard lately to stay motivated. My companion is going home in a couple weeks so I can understand why its hard for her to stay motivated. But it STINKS because whatever you feel, it affects your companion. And i know that if she's unmotivated, I'll get unmotivated and if i do that, it just makes things worse! So i was pretty down at church because it felt like things were just in a deep dark hole and it would take forever to get my drive back. but then after sacrament meeting i looked back and one of our investigators sister Poi was in the chapel! We invited her and her family to come to church that morning but her husband said no. She showed up anyway. I was amazed. She was literally the last person i expected to be at churhc. We teach her and her husband and his sisters every sunday. They are all members of the church except her. Ah! it was the best feeling. And sister stubbs was telling us that Amelia (a less active we randomly found through her non member husband) her family all over the world (cousins daughters sons) were commenting on her fb page teling her that they were so excited she was going back to church and meeting with us. It made me feel so good. Miracles do happen and I am a witness of that.
Love you. Thank you for all the love and support.
Sister Mullen

21 July 2013


hope you didnt embarrass me. haha just kidding! When people talk about how we are sent places where everything is matched up perfectly... President and Sister Senior are perfect for me. They are so wonderful.
Well, not much new stuff. We went to an investigators house and I have officially eaten bugs. silkworm and a grasshopper. kill me.

There was also pond scum, chicken feet, and others. sticky rice to keep it all down. but its the experience ive been waiting for. haha

and then YESTERDAY we had lasagna. yes Lasagna! It was delicious. Sister Wright is from America and she loves the missionaries. Her cooking is famous. Instead of lasagna noodles she used won ton wraps!!! Isn't that crazy! SO delicious though. 

There are countdowns on the traffic lights here and so we have been praying in the middle of the street on our bikes to know where to go. It is Way fun following the spirit like that. We find ourselves in neighborhoods. We kind of just walk around, but then people come up to us. of course in the neighborhoods people have dogs. and once one dog barks, the rest of them start and we make a scene. you know me.

But it really is a cool experience, praying... following whatever you think of, and then recognizing after that it was the spirit. Sometimes something happens, sometimes nothing, but its those righteous efforts that we will see miracles if we have patience and faith. 

Now is the time to practice, and even before I was a missionary, it's as simple as prayer. Pray and communicate with our Heavenly Father that you are willing to go wherever He wants you to go that day, and when you do that, He blesses you. I can't say it enough. Trust in Him and you can't go wrong. Life has so much more peace and meaning if you do it the Lord's way.

Sister Mullen

21 July 2013


Good day mates!
Man i've been dying to do that forever haha. Anyway. I'm IN AUSTRALIA. Yeah, it doesn't feel too different. Haha. missionary work is the same everywhere. But i'm so grateful to finally be here. I am in caboolture. I thought it was called Kaboocha. And i was like oh that sounds like an African village but then i realized it was their accents and I felt a little silly haha. Anyway, I am here! I hope that I stay in this area for at least 6 months. Im so tired of moving every 5 seconds haha.
The airplane ride wasn't too bad, I only threw up once. TMI? Haha sorry. Anyway a lady on our flight recognized me in customs from galena. Apparently her daughter was in it in my junior year. It was so funny! I met her on the other side of the world! Anyway we got here and then went straight off with our trainers! My companion is sister Taivei. She is from fiji. She's so funny. Very quiet. When I drive she tells me where to go and i can barely hear her haha. But I love her so much. We have fun all the time. We laugh about how creepy missionaries are. She said she had a trainee one time who wwent up to contact someone and all she said was "Hi! Do you live here with your children?" Haha she was so embarrassed but it was soooo funny. We really are creepers. But hey, we have a message!
Well we work with a lot of less actives. Its actually awesome i love it! The ward here is awesome. They are already on top of everything. Sometimes they take over, but hey its better than having to beg them to come out with us. Theres actually a ward missionary who wears a name badge to church. Not sure exactly why haha. Oh MY GOSH. HEAVENLY FATHER IS SO MINDFUL OF ME. Let me tell you why. Last night we went to go see Kevin Kristic, he was baptized 30 years ago. he is one of those people who investigates every religion. We sat down and he just got right into it and started talking about the universe and our souls. Kinda way to deep for me at 8:30 pm. But yeah. With people like that, I just cant even focus. I tried to keep my face from looking confused so that was my main focus. But yeah after we got home I was so drained and then a member called us and told us she forgot to bring over our dinner. OMG SHE BROUGHT MCDONALDS. I know that sounds funny but seriously. A burger is what i needed. Anyway yeah the ward is awesome the people are awesome. Everyone here thinks we're polygamists so thats why they wont even take cards haha. oh and we street contacted this guy and apparently his wife is less active and her whole family is active it was sweet! and she came to church sunday. so we're excited to keep working with her. Her name is amelia.  but i love it so far! driving isnt too bad actually. i only went on the wrong side of the road twice and it was in a neighborhood so its all good.

I dont quite get their humor yet and its apparent that they really dont understand mine haha. but its all good they'll love me for who i am eventually right?
Anyway love you guys. We're all one army! Im sure i forgot stuff. but my fingers hurt.
Love always, sistah mullen

15 July 2013


Yeah, seeing family can be a bit hectic... (*oops! did I say that out loud???) haha just kidding. Just always remembering charity and love to even those that make it hard.

Mahasarakham is great! We are striving each week to meet our goals and are just looking for people to teach right now. So a LOT of just going up to people and testifying of Christ. The gratitude and excitement of having Sisters here has not died down. I just hope that we do the work that they have been expecting this whole time.  But I feel it is getting easier and easier to see God's hand in this work. We talk to someone everyday that I just know, God has been preparing their heart and even if they don't call us back, they were touched by Christ and THAT is what will continue to work in them.

Ok, some funny moments. After our district meeting we all went to the kitchen and there was a bird in the church. so the Elder Attasit took a garbage can lid and tried to guide it out the window or door. The bird finally took flight, was going a little crazy and started making its way towards the door. We were like, cheering so happy. And it was like a foot too high and BOOM! it hit the wall instead and fell to the ground!

Oh my goodness you best believe I was laughing. crying. i didn't know what to feel.

Isan food, you know i love this stuff. but something did not agree with me this week. NO I didn't have diahrea or however you spell it. dont forget. sisters dont do that. 
no but i threw up. i never thought i would have to use that peptobismol but i did and im great now

So that's all for this week. Usually I would leave you with something that I have learned this week, but I will leave you with something I am still learning and trying to apply: Trust in the Lord.

This whole training business has caused me a lot to reflect on every little thing that I am doing here in Mahasarakham and that can make someone sad. It doesn't mean that you stop trying... But I am trying to learn that with an honest and righteous effort, God will magnify my contribution, whatever I have to give. Someone didnt just give me this calling, Heavenly Father did, and if he puts all this trust in me, how does that not give me confidence? Whatever we are going through, don't worry. If we have chosen Him, He will help us. And that alone, allows for success.

Sister Mullen

8 July 2013


I'm so happy I got to see your reaction to finding out where I was moving too. When Sister Yeo found out, I was SO dramatic in telling her, ok DONT tell me. She gets all quiet, her eyes are a little watering from the excitement, and she just smiles and says, "Im going to be Grandma" Hahahaha! oh my goodness I was dying. (As my trainer she is like my mom. so if I train, its her grandchild.) So yes, there were no changes made after you found out. I am in Mahasarakham! It is wonderful! On Tuesday we were making jello for English Showcase that night, and we got the call. FOUR missionaries from Bangkapi were moving! So only one of the six of us were staying in Bangkapi. It was crazy. Especially since we told everyone, yeah Sister Yeo is finishing her mission in Bangkapi but I will stay forever. I had accepted training already and thought it only possible if I stay in Bangkapi. On our way to transfers was when the AP called that morning he said, "Congratulations. you have been chosen to train one of the new missionaries." It was crazy. Moving to a new place AND training after training?! But it's been great. SEVEN other Sisters in my group are training!!! Its so wonderful and I can already guess the wonderful things that are going to come from this change!
The Elders are a great help. We came by bus for 6 hours and arrived around 1ish am. There were no taxis there so the Elders got on their bike to go look for one while we watched our stuff. They came back with a man driving a truck. We, of course, are not allowed to be in the car with him, so we put on the Elders' helmets and rode our bikes, following them in the man's truck. Haha it's been fun. and Oh my goodness the members are wonderful! When we woke up that morning, Sister Nok knocked on our door. She said, do you have any food for breakfast? She came back with monkuts, pineapple, and a knife! SO Sweet, and after she left two more members called and asked if we needed any help, if we needed a car to go buy things. I haven't had a moment to think of my problems or inadequacies being here training and opening an area, because everyone is a Christ-like member.

We met a lady who worked as the house maid. I showed her your Mahasarakham picture and she screamed! She remembered you!!! I will have to take a picture for you.

My child is wonderful! She is just like my companion in the MTC! She has TWO of her skirts! She believes in me and that is the sweetest thing she can do because I know I'm a hot mess. We are equals and it feels great knowing that we are helping eachother. When we go out inviting with each other we admit to each other we are scared, but then we overcome it together it feels so good and rewarding. I love her so much! She is so good at Thai and READING! She is willing to do everything and Ah! I just love her.

The members here are amazing. Usually we just go out with members and hand out English fliers, but we don't have anymore here. So we have the Gospel ones. And they are ALL for it. They made appointments with us to go inviting. And we will see them go up to their own people and testify of Christ and it is such a testimony builder for me. We went out with the young women and they were so energetic and ready to go up to these people. Some are preparing to go on missions and I asked them if they wanted to serve here in Thailand and they said yes. This work and passion for the building of the church for a Temple, a House of the Lord, is so motivating for me. They want to help and be a part of this work in their own country for the people they love. It makes me wonder why am I so scared sharing this with the people that I love. 

Inviting my friends and the people that I love to learn the Gospel has always been a fear, and it still may be, but just counting 1,2,3 and just saying it... means that you have done it. and it is up to their decision now that you have given them the choice. But I dont ever want to look back and them ask why I never said anything about the thing that matters most to me.

I loved seeing you all who came to Bangkapi and I am SO happy you got to see Bishop and members! 

Sister Mullen

8 July 2013


Ah! you saw rachel!!! i'm so jealous. Thats so cool though. I'm glad I wasn't there and that I'm on my mission. I wouldn't have wanted to leave her! I miss kunyai and som so much! I miss everyone! Oh thats so cool. Going to that branch seems like so long ago! Thats cool that many members are still there though. I sent home a lot of pictures for you guys. I put them all on a cd and printed some. So be ready! No I am good! I bought a lot at the store this week. So sorry about the 40 bucks missing on my card. Is mommy still sending my skirts? (JUST WONDERING) Also she said she sent me shoes but I haven't gotten any yet. So I hope that you guys can figure that out so that money isn't just missing. 
So my floss thing kinda backfired. I was so excited to buy new floss that i got a cheapo kind and it was AWFUL. It cut my gums so I splurged this week and got the good kind haha. 
Anyway this week has been amazing! We had a sisters conference. I got to see all the people I came out with. I dont know who reads these emails but if somehow you could let Kristen Nielson know, There's a sister I came out with and I found out that she knows kyle and his wife! She was at their wedding and took their pictures. She's awesome and we get along really well. Her name is Sister Robinson. Hopefully I can figure out how to send that picture soon of us. Um but yeah sisters conference is just what I needed. I love being obedient but i've been beating myself up i guess haha most sisters do. But I just hate having a car because i dont feel like a missionary sometimes. haha my trainer had to help me understand that we are doing missionary work when we drive, even if it takes a while. I guess i had the impression that I needed to be sweating and have blisters all the time to be counted as an obedient missionary. But President Holm is amazing and the first thing he said was You're Perfect. And thats all i needed haha. But yeah then we had Zone Teaching the day after and our leaders challenged us to a 21 day fast. We right down things that are in our hearts that are not helping us in the work and fast for 21 days from them. I started that 3 days ago and these past 3 days have been by far the BEST days in my mission. Forgetting myself is getting easier each day. I've had hard days but the spirit won't let me stop teaching and i'm thankful for that. 

I've learned so much about the gospel through our investigators. I've learned that I can live without everything EXCEPT the gospel. I need it. I love everything about the gospel. Oh i'm in ALMA for my BOM reading now. Ah. I love it. But I know its a mountain to climb over haha. My companion Sister McHaley is reading the old testament and every morning she gets drained from it haha. Oh and my other companion sister Makin will randomly talk in accents to people. 

Shareba came to church on Sunday! It was awesome. She brought her 2 kids. The ward was so great at welcoming her. Ernest didn't come but we talked to him. He keeps telling us he's moving but he wants to get baptized. So i'm not really sure whats happening. We found out that sister mchaley actually met him in march! he was in our records and our phone so we were super confused haha. but yeah these past 3 days have been amazing. Even with going in early on the 4th and our meetings we were able to meet all our goals and i know its because i'm trying so much harder to forget myself. Thank you everyone for the emails! I got so many this week and i love reading them. Have fun in Thailand and feel free to stop by SC so that I can get some food from you guys. THeres a thai restaurant here but its owned my an indian and a cambodian. so not really sure how that works. I love being a missionary. I've already been out a month. its craziness. I love this life. Miss you all!

-Love always 
Sister Mullen

Sunday, July 7, 2013

1 July 2013


4 DAYS LEFT OF THIS TRANSFER! I can't believe it is coming to an end... training. We should get a call tomorrow who is moving. I think they also tell if someone is training also. So we will see. We have payagoned (or predicted). I'm sure it's a sin. But I'm so anxious, we've got to... We think there will be another sister area opened. Maybe some white washes. Its going to be an exciting transfer! I have been having trouble sleeping because it feels like christmas eve or something.

I led a lot of lessons this week. It's been a challenge, but I know this is what training is for... to not be easy. But I love it so much. It's hard to see the change in yourself, but I feel like on a mission it happens so much and so fast that it's encouraging at times.

It is rainy season. done.

No but seriously. The days I wear my crocs it doesnt rain, and when I don't it rains! We even had ANOTHER movie moment where we were standing on the side of the road and a bus zooms passed us and the water splashes ALL over us.

God loves his missionaries.

Sister Yeo and I did 2 musical numbers yesterday in church. One with the Bishop. We meet with the Bishop every week as missionaries and afterwards he was like, I want to sing with you after we told him we were singing in sacrament meeting. And made like a sad face. So we were like, Ok! Hahaha it was WAY funny. He is SO amazing.

I have learned a lot about the spirit this week and just following the promptings. Like, seriously though. If you think about it, how special is it that we have Angels talking to us. We are accessing the literal powers of heaven.

There is no doubt in my mind this church is not true.

Sister Mullen


Quick response from Dad - "you mean you have no doubt that the church IS true right?!"

Rachel's response - "bahaha...oh my goodness.yes. Hahahahahaha!"

1 July 2013


Hi daddio and momma!

so guess what? the strangest thing to ever happen HAPPENED. I RAN OUT OF FLOSS THIS WEEK. thats right momma. Your babygirl is NOT trying to have gum surgery when she gets home. I floss all the time. its a little ridiculous. So this week has been great. I'm going to try and make more sense this time. Well everyone thinks im 17. I dont know why. I met the ellisons! Its so nice to be related to someone. Genealogy is cool. Good job grandmama!

So I told a family that I played water polo in high school. They told a bunch of other people. They are just as surprised as you guys were haha.

Nope. No word on my visa. I'm actually not thinking about it too much. We have too many people to think about for me to do that. Haha. Which is great. Sometimes I forget that this isn't where i'm going to be my whole mission. My trainer sister mchaley has been here for 6 months. So its weird to think that I won't be here that long. I am a little scared though for when i do leave. I don't know what its going to feel like. This all feels like a dream. Like in Jacob 7. Thats exactly what I feel like.

So I've been trying to submit my will a little bit more every day. Its so hard. Its not like i'm homesick but I do think about home sometimes. It was kind of a slap in the face one day when an investigator took us out to breakfast (which was awesome) and looked at me and asked randomly if i was homesick. I guess it was stamped on my forehead that I wasn't focused. I started reading talks about it. and there is one by neal a maxwell im pretty sure and he was like
Suppose Enoch had demurred when called by the Lord? He would have gone on being a good person, serving the Lord part-time, living in a city which was a slum compared to the glorious City of Enoch; nor would Enoch be a part of that scene of glorious greeting yet to come. (See Moses 7:63.)

Suppose Peter had not left his nets “straightway”? (See Mark 1:18.) He might have become the respected president of the local Galilean fishermen’s association. But he would not have been on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus, Moses, and Elias and heard the voice of God. (See Matt. 17:4.)

I just think thats funny haha. such a a hit in the head. Anyway yeah and rachel told me something last week. to just choose my feelings and thats what i needed so much. Its been easier to get out of my moods ( you guys know what im talking about. the ones where i'm a brat) haha. but its so hard to work when im tired. i was literally falling asleep in a lesson one day haha it was awful and i shouldn't laugh. but i am.

Um. our investigators are amazing. Shareba keeps reading the book of mormon on her own. and the cool thing is after she reads a verse she applies it. Thats how we taught her one day and now she does it all the time. it takes us an hour to read one chapter but it an amazing spirit. We had to drop some people this week. This one less active is kinda just lost. She is becoming a minister at her new church and i think she thought we were there for her to teach us. so it was super sad. Another guy just kept meeting with us to ask for money. so that was hard.

But earnest! ah! earnest makes me so happy. he is just the best. he literally walked up to US and started asking questions. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. people pretend they aren't home or avoid us. haha. I finally recited the first vision for the first time to him and started crying of course and then i couldn't remember what i was saying so i messed it all up. but he told me later that that was the best part. which is weird because smooth lessons always seem better. anyway. but yeah he invited himself to church and wants to learn more! its great.

NO! i love the pictures of you guys. send me more! I always joke and say my whole family is in Thailand but me. i mean its true but its just funny. Tell everyone i miss them.

I haven't really gotten any southern food. besides fat back. every one scared me like it was gonna make me throw up. but its just like that stuff mommy used to get where we would put rice in it and it was like pig fat or something.

oh someone invited us in for breakfast. haha he was hung over. it was awko.

im so jealous of you guys! keep sending me pictures. mommy thank you so much for my bag and everything. thank you for writing me! i love you guys! oh and send me your phone number just in case so in case you're in thailand and i suddenly get my visa i can know how to call you there.
love you! miss you lots!

sorry my emails are so long haha. i just have a lot to say.