Tuesday, November 18, 2014

October 2014 Pictures

27 October 2014

I love it too! Honestly I know we aren't supposed to covet leadership positions but i was so hoping i would stay so that I would just be so busy for my last transfer. I guess I haven't told you much about it. But for our region we cover three zones and 6 companionships. Its a struggle sometimes because communication with elders is hard. No one knows how to talk to each other! haha. We're all learning I guess though.
We have a goal again of achieving 100 convert baptisms in November. We are having a pacific area fast this sunday and a special sacrament meeting november 30th. I'm pumped!
Updates on our investigators.
Sean! ( i learned how to spell his name )
He didn't come to church because he forgot again but we've really been discussing repentance and the atonement and he really wants to have regret and sorrow lifted from him so he's praying about baptism for the 22nd of november.
And our other investigator Carol, we invited her to be baptized a long time ago and she said no and we didn't bring it up again but she said randomly on monday "i mean maybe i do need to be baptized again." WE WEREN'T EVEN TALKING ABOUT BAPTISM. WHAT!? miracles are happening and thats because we're continually realizing as a mission that this is HIS work and we literally can't convert anyone with out first addressing HIM.
My compy and i have a gratitude jar so that has been helping us realize how much he actually gives us just in a day.
We have a baptism next weekend for Kiara. Not sure if i mentioned much about her but her sister is a member and yeah. MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK, WORKS!
Hmm. what else. i'm excited for this next month. We have 3 trade offs planned next week. We've done one. WE HAVE OUR WARD TRUNK OR TREAT ON FRIDAY! i'm sooooo excited! :)
there was something else but i can't remember now. sorry i'm so scatter brained.

Ofa atu!
Sister Mullen

17 November 2014

well here's just a little update.
i was actually really struggling this week just because i've been slack. i do my best, but its not how my best has been previously. so i was just frustrated because i felt like i was slowing down. We don't really have many people to teach and the ones we do have been dodging us or are not progressing and i was just so mad because this is NOT how i wanted to leave an area. So we've been finding all week. Trying to be as diligent as we can, but the heat is just exhausting. it was 41 the other day. But yeah after asking for something to help me just be more motivated, we fasted as a zone on the hottest day of life! And GUESS WHAT.
yes. we saw a miracle. This girl literally rocked up to church last week and i talked with her and she said oh yeah i just thought i'd come back to church. and it was the primary program so there was heaps of less actives there. so i thought she was less active. turns out she wasn't a member and yesterday told us she wants to be baptized. so hopefully with the approval of her mom she'll be baptized this saturday! miracles are happening all throughout this mission like that. its amazing to see that this truly is HIS work and when we allow Him to test our faith, we are blessed enough to reach our goals.
Thank you for everything again. :)
ofa atu.
sister watermullen

10 November 2014

Just a few updates on the week. We only spent a couple of days in our area because we were in Ipswich for trade offs with the Toowoomba and Darling Heights sisters. The sisters are doing well. The sister from Thailand is solid! The only thing that is holding her back is the language but she's very self motivated and thats something that we don't see too often.
Afterwards we went on trade offs with the Bunya Forest sisters. They are having a hard time at the moment. Its hard because they won't let anyone help them. So you can't really make people change. My golden Sister Tobiassen is living with them and she's telling me all the drama that is going on and when we approach the sisters about it, they act as if nothing is wrong. We commited them to work so hard that they don't have time for this drama nonsense. But i know that this is just a trial that is trying to prevent us from reaching 100 in November. So i will not put up with it! haha.
Drama is no good especially on a mission. President said that he would deal with it and we just keep focusing on the rest of our region.
but its good. i prayed for my last transfer to be hard haha.
Heavenly Father is really pushing me to the end.
I was telling Rachel that I am ready to come home. I might not say that when it gets closer but as for right now i'm excited to face the temptations i used to face and respond differently this time. I cannot believe that i was questioning whether to come on a mission because i don't know how i could continue to overcome things without as strong a testimony that i have now.
Heavenly Father prepares us for whirlwinds and storms. I know that anything we face and will face, we ARE prepared for.
ofa atu.
<3 sister watermullen

2 November 2014

Sister Jasmine Mullen

hello familia!
its crazy how we just had pday on wednesday but i feel so exhausted. its been really hot and i'm turning polynesian again. i'll just quickly update you but its just been an amazing week. we fasted as a mission yesterday and it was just so uplifting. my testimony of fasting is really growing and the whole ward seemed to really be uplifted by the fast as well. president said the prayer over a conference call and it was just soo... i dont even know. i just think all of us are truly humbled and know that we truly NEED the Lord for this.
the trunk or treat was a success! so many nonmembers and less actives. The ward did an amazing job especially because it was their first time but everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Sean didn't come to church again :( but! he will! i just know it. its frustrating because we know that he knows God is real he just keeps choosing to deny it. But it will happen!
ofa atu.
thank you for everything.
Sister Mullen