Wednesday, October 22, 2014

20 October 2014

It's time for high adventure!
Hello I never name my emails but i thought I'd start now haha.
WOW! Another transfer meeting come and gone.
I got my new companion Sister Harris :) She is from New Zealand and she's pretty sweet as.
I'm excited. We're going hard this transfer. I haven't told her yet, but I really want to go on two trade offs with all the sisters! So that means lots of walking so that we can do trade offs.
Oh btw. I am dying in Richlands area. I love it here and I'm so blessed to stay. This ward is amazing. And things are just now picking up speed again.
SO updates on Shawn, HE IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED. soon. I can just feel it. He is planning on coming to church on Sunday. So I'll tell you about that next week.
He's so close to knowing, His answeres are becoming more recognizable to him
Um all our recent converts are doing good. We're trying to get specific families to be their family!
What else? Oh I loved all of conference. I loved the ones you mentioned I especially loved the German man. That was insane! I also liked one of the first ones. I can't remember what its called. Oh and of course Uchtdorf's talk in women's conference and the Blonde lady. I can't remember her name either. Sorry this is going to be quick and random but yeah.
We had an amazing week! Very productive and my motto for the rest of the transfer is
" work harder than you did yesterday"
Love you all. Thank you soo soo much for everything. I couldn't do this without your support.
Ofa atu!
Sister Mullen

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