Wednesday, August 14, 2013

12 August 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

What's worse than when you are talking to a Thai person on the phone while riding your bike and you fall off? ...when you do all that and you fall into a puddle of water.

That didn't happen to me, I've just been really nervous it is going to happen.

I remember that family! And I remember they had really really good quality rice at their house... really.

Anyways we had a Save yesterday!!! That means the Less Active that we have been working with came to church and we had her get her interview and stuff all set up for her to be a returning member! It was such a nice thing to get done because none of our investigators came to church again because it rained.

Praying for the opportunity to use those really strong scriptures in inviting. We talk a lot about the easy living that Thai people are so happy about, but that's not what's going to save them. We did more singing this week for inviting. Oh, so I didn't say last week. but I had a Super high fever. like it was around 102-104 for a couple days. But I'm all better. I didn't know it was that high. But after working through it for 4 days I went to the hospital and the doctor said I had Dengue Fever! but it lasts for 5 days, so I didn't have to be hospitalized because I already had it for 4! so that was SUCH a blessing. And Sister Senior was the sweetest always checking in on me as was the rest of the branch. I felt so bad but Sister Stevenson was just always there and taking care of me. She was the best and never complained about us being indoors and things like that.

Oh anyways, Sister Stevenson bought a blue guitar and we wanted to use that for inviting. So we took it to the market and asked if they had a free lot. they said yes. Took us to it. and they set up MICROPHONES! So when we sang hymns, it was on the intercom for the whole MARKET to hear! We were only able to stay for a short time because I was getting dizzy that day, but we are doing it this next week for sure! Its SUCH a wonderful opportunity! haha

I pray that the language is getting better. I can't really tell now. Sometimes there are really profound things I want to say but I can only say it in English, but lessons and things that we do have are going smooth.

There was a bat that flew out of the AC in the sacrament room. I don't know if anyone can scream louder than me.

Til next time,

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Mum? Dad?

Where are you? Tell me about your week and how it went!

My week was pretty great.It was my companion's 18 months this past week! We threw her a "party" haha. Actually it was kind of a party. We danced around to hymns as we threw glow sticks stuff all over the walls. We bought candles and had her pretend to blow them out. It was pretty crazy haha. But we got to eat cheesecake.

I don't have much to report on this week because a lot of our appointments fell through. But I do find miracles everyday. Like one day we got a referal so we decided to tract that street until we got to the house. We found 2 PEOPLE who just LET US IN. They opened the door and I was all prepared to try and convince them but before I even said who we were, they invited us in haha. The one I want to tell you about is Craig. So we met Craig and he started talking to us saying that he was raised in the church and grew up doing seminary and everything. So i was expecting him to say like but then i grew up and just stopped going because I was too busy. But then he told us that he stopped coming because he came out of the closet when he was 19. HE IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON EVER. His family all still goes to church. And his mum died and you can just tell that he's so sad about that. We were able to meet with him the other night. He loves singing and he saing us this song about angels. He told us that he believes everything with his whole heart. He just doesn't know what to do because he's gay. We told the bishop about him and he asked us if he was trying to change or not really. I know it wont happen instantly but you can see in his eyes that he is willing to change. He wants to. He just needs help. I know that our wonderful bishop can. We invited him to sing in a musical fireside we're planning. he was super excited.

But yeah. Things are going great here. The transfer ends soon. i cant even believe it! I'm killing off my companion, now I almost wish I didn't love her so I didn't have to say goodbye. I've been saying goodbye to everyone for the longest time! haha.

Sister Jenkins and Sister Parata had a baptism on Saturday. Her name is Annie. She's my twin. Sorta. When you glance at her haha. But yeah she's amazing. I had the opportunity to sing at her baptism. It was the first time I've sung since i've been out. It was an amazing experience. I've been feeling for the past couple weeks that the Holy Ghost was not as strong in my life as it had been in the past. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. And then after I sung. There it was. I read in my patriarchal blessing that I need to vocalize myself in the presence of others. Its funny how things stick out to me AFTER i've figured it out. Haha. But its good and I've learned now. And its great. I'm striving to sing at every opportunity i can.

We had our mission tour yesterday(thats why my pday is today) And it was exactly what I needed. I'm sorry this is going to be so long but I just want to share this with you! But Elder Pearson asked us :"why do you think this change was made during your time? Its to save YOU." I can barely type that. I look so ridiculous now in the library. Oh well haha. But how amazing is that? This is to save ME. I know thats true. I know that the person I was, was not the person I am. I want to be the missionary that you both think i am. Heavenly Father has seen me get through these trials before so thats why I KNOW i can do this. He talked a lot about our personalities. Like when you say "thats just how I am. I cant change". YOU CAN. "It is contradicting the entire gospel of Jesus Christ to think that our loving Heavenly Father put limits on our personalities." I love that.

And daddy, I know that whatever you "try" to do the Atonement of Jesus Christ will be there to pick up the rest. You both are amazing parents. I've truly had the best week.

Love you! SO MUCH! Again, sorry this was so long.

Sister Mullen

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