Thursday, August 22, 2013

19 August 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

oh we are trying to find a way to get a keyboard to the night market so i can play and sing. its amazing doing all of this inviting and see nothing come of the inviting itself, but then we get referrals randomly and we know that is Heavenly Father blessing us always. We are trying now more than ever to get more people to church. We are going to try really hard to find ways to teach people the importance of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. It's different for people in Thailand when it isn't really a part of their culture, but God doesn't give us commandments we can't keep! We just need to find the way to really show them it's importance!

There was an investigator that had a date when we got here and she ended up not having time for us to meet with her to teach her the rest of the lessons. That was really hard for us but this last week we went in and just stopped by at her house. Without a member, just stopped by and wanted to tell her how much we know baptism will bless her. And she shared with us how that very morning she wanted to call us and see us. Because she had free time anyways, she even got out her scriptures, and she says that she feels God is quiet in her life right now. It was all so perfect. We taught her the Gospel of Christ right there and talked about how much she will feel God in her life if she goes to church. It is difficult to understand peoples' working situations but we just need to be patient with God's timing. But this visit reassured for us that God is there and continues to work with people even when we can't. It's His work, not ours.

We also were able to see our investigator, her nickname is Beer. Yeah. Haha. She hasn't really showed much of a desire but has prayed and read from the scriptures and we decided to teach her the Gospel of Christ and asked her to be baptized and she said yes to a date in about a month! Afterwards she said to Sister Mod (the most amazing member missionary that is putting in her papers VERY soon) that she was about to cry when we explained baptism to her.

Everyday my testimony in Christ as our Savior is strengthened. When I don't know what to teach, I teach about Jesus Christ and His perfect example for us all. That's all.

We also have a 14 year old investigator whose mother is in another city so she lives with her grandma who is not allowing her to come to church or learn with us. And we learned of an amazing member that could help us with her grandma. And they just clicked! The grandma ended up bringing us a ton of food, flowers from her yard, and this conditioner she makes that makes your hair soft. It was the most amazing thing just to see everything unfold the way it did. Member missionaries. Members working with the missionaries in the ward/branch... it really is the only way. And now the 14 year old, sister min, has permission to come to fhe tonight.

ok more about my companion. she's wonderful. we had a random comp inventory last night. i just want to know how she REALLY feels because she is just so accepting of everything and ready for everything that I just need to make sure she's not being patient with me. If there is something I need to do better, she needs to tell me, and I've told her the ways to tell me so I don't feel bad. She can write me a letter or say it really dramatic to the point of it being funny. But we get along great. We had struggles in the beginning with this area but we have grown so much because of it and have really found ways to become better missionaries. I told her from the beginning, I'm not training her, we are training each other and it's so true. I learn so much everyday being here in Mahasarakham.

We had transfers last week. Our elders were white washed out, and now we have two new Elders! and now transfers are 9 weeks!!! Made new goals and ready to get them done this next transfer here!

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen


So i forgot to bring my planner with me to the library so I wont be able to tell you a lot of what happened this week. BUT I HELD A KOALA TODAY! And I fed a kangaroo. It was pretty cool. Our whole zone went to the zoo together. It was really fun! Well I had fun. But yeah when I held the koala ahhh i just wanted to squeeze it! And we were feeding kangas too and while i was trying to take a picture with one i almost sat on this other one coming up behind me and it started climbing on my back. ahh it was so scary it was about to kick me. they didnt have any lemurs there either. i was so sad. after the san diego zoo experience im just dissappointed with zoos in general.

but yeah this week was really good, tough but good! We would have met all of our goals if i hadn't gotten sick thursday night. i dont want to gross you out but i tried making that milo banana stuff that mommy makes and i think i just got too excited and drank it too fast. i felt so bad for my companion and flat mates because i was throwing up the entire night and friday. i wanted so badly just for mommy to be there. but i did my best i could without her! i was sobbing because i didnt want to throw up. im sure my flat mates all thought i was crazy. so we didnt got out on friday and the best part was we had trade offs saturday! so i was able to show off my best skills to our sister training leader haha. but no trade offs were really good. we went tracting and I FOUND WHERE ALL THE THAI PEOPLE ARE HIDING. Man i was so happy. I could finally connect with someone here haha. Sister Taivei has all the islanders so i needed someone. but yeah it was great. They invited me to a thai festival in brisbane and i invited them to church. they didnt come haha. So sister mullen #1 is gonna have to teach me some of the thai phrases she uses over there.

but yeah it has been a good week. tough but good. none of our investigators are progressing sadly. we haven't been able to see the poi family for 3 weeks. oh onese and amelia moved to sydney! tracting on saturday was soo cool though! We met this girl, she sounds like nicole solano, he name is vikki and she is half thai. when we knocked on her door i told her who we were and she was like "OH! yeah! My mom and dad are busy but you can teach me!" So she came outside and we taught her. That was such a miracle to me because I had been praying a lot lately that we would be led to the people who have been prepared so it was a cool miracle to see.

Everything is good! I love tough things!

Thank you for everything you do. love you.

sister mullen

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