Monday, September 16, 2013

9 September 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

This week has been wonderful. So I told you about the investigator that we have that our leader said she could be baptized if she came to church for 3 hours but it was ok if she had to go back to work? And then how we were told after that it wasn't ok... well we officially told her on Tuesday and we told her we would help her and to just trust in God's timing. I was so happy after we told her, to finally get it off my chest and she did not take it bad at all. She is gone this week so we are excited to keep working with her!

I really just want to talk about yesterday (Sunday). Well... on Tuesday we had the Zone Leaders come to Mahasarakham for a training. They emphasized that President Senior wants us all in our teaching to really focus on tithing. We had 24 New Melchezidek Priesthood Holders in the Khon Kaen District sustained last week and now it is really important that they continue to be worthy and be full tithe payers. So we learned how to teach tithing and stuff like that in our training and it was really nerve racking because I myself have never taught tithing! haha but it went ok. And we have already had the opportunity to teach it to a Less Active last week. And by the end of it, she wanted to pay tithing, she was way excited!

So amazing experiences... yesterday was way awesome. We did not have people come to church, and we kind of knew it also... So we woke up extra early and went and sang hymns at the morning market. It stunk, sure there were some pig heads on tables, but we felt a light. It was so much fun and we spread some joy. We went to sit down and a man that sold fried chicken asked if he could buy our hymn book. We said we have tons at church, want to come?? Haha but he works all day. But then he actually asked... "I want to read your scriptures." We gave him a Book of Mormon. And I know that he will read it.

It's been hard not really recognizing if these people actually have that desire to learn, but it is getting better. Pray for the gift of discernment everyday.

Training is coming. We have been going to the church to study so we don't have to sit on our beds and study in our Small apartment room thing. I kept forgetting to take the training book, but she is doing great. We are helping each other with How To Begin Teaching Points. We are having switch offs again with our Sister Training Leader and she called our District Leader and asked him if we have any problems. He told her, no. We love each other to death. Haha. Seriously though, we talk ALL the time about having to write the things that happen that are memorable down RIGHT after they happen. Hasn't happened, so we definitely need to do better and improve.

Oh but here is something funny. So we tried tracting this week. Asked Sister Mullen #2 how to tract because we don't do it here. Just street contacting. But you know how they have gates, not really doors. So we just yell... (in thai)... HELLO!!!! IS ANYBODY THERE!!!!!!! haha. It's kind of fun. But we were going and we came to a fork in the road. Looked down both roads and there were dogs both ways. Two big ones, vs and small black one. We start our way down the road with the small black one. It sits down as we get closer, then eventually lays down. ah so cute so as we go passed it I kind of start talking to it and high pitch squeals, you know. And then it gets up so fast and starts growling and barking like a crazy mad dog. ugh.

Also, my brakes were awful. Had to get them fixed. but before I did... we were inviting and we see a man on a motorcycle. I'm like lets talk to him. Sister Stevenson stops and starts talking to him. We are on the top of a small hill. So as I am braking... nothing happens. She keeps talking to him as I just continue riding down the hill with every intention of turning around and coming back. haha it was so funny. I couldn't stop!

We have been teaching Elvis, an English teacher from Cameroon. We have taught him the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and yesterday the Gospel. I don't even know how to describe it. We teach him in English, so that is a new and exciting thing, but he has so much love for Christ, and God. We are just so happy when we go to teach him. We pray for experiences, like teaching him, with our Thai investigators. He really opened up yesterday and was asking how we feel we protect our spiritual lives. He is so concerned about living in Thailand, where believing in God and Jesus Christ is not the popular thing. EVERYWHERE, pretty much, tells us not to. But by doing those small and simple things, we can make sure that we are on the right track. He then was just expressing his gratitude for us. He says it makes him feel good when we come over to teach him. He was even starting to cry. Ah. It was amazing. We have to take members to his house because he is a male investigator, so we took Sister On and Brother Night who is a Less Active. And Elvis and Brother Night just hit it off, even with a language barrier, They were both speaking Thai-glish. It was So amazing and just that whole lesson I could just see this Less Active baptizing our investigator from Cameroon.

After that we went to go visit the grandma of the 15 year old investigator we have. We believe she is going to let her start coming to church, now we just need to emphasize the importance of being baptized soon rather than later. She wants her mom to be here for her baptism and her mom comes twice a year. So her baptism is set for New Year's Day. Just praying that she can receive personal revelation that waiting such a long time can be hard.

Not to be a downer, but Satan is real. When we are making these decisions to do good, he comes in and takes us if we aren't strong enough. And just reading my patriarchal blessing this week it puts such an emphasis on the Holy Ghost. This is the most Precious gift from our Heavenly Father. And to wait that long for it would be hard, especially with ALL that temptations and things of the world. We NEED these things in our lives. She Needs the Holy Ghost. So we are hopefully going to meet with her this week.

Ok so after that, it gets funny.

We went to a members house to ask for a phone number, they end up feeding us our dinner, sending us home with the rest of it packed, and the other member that was there left early... to pack up the curry she had made so that she could give that to us also. (Oh man, she made masaman. That curry with peanuts and chicken and potatoes and onions. We had it after church and shared a bowl with the elders. they ate ALL the potatoes. I was LIVID! so I was happy when she gave us more) Then we went to return the tupperware that Sister Wright let us borrow with our note that was about 3 weeks late. She loved it. We sat and talked with her for a while. She didn't come to church but she is just always so happy and way cute. Her husband is finally coming to Thailand soon so I know they will be such a strength for each other when they are together. She then said she made thom yum chicken in a crockpot and was like, I'm going to give you some.

Then she was taking FOREVER and I was like... what is this. what is she DOING?!

She comes back and she has made our FAVORITE salad. It's like with cucumbers and tomatoes. I don't know what she does, but ahhhhh. it is SOOOOOOOOOO good. She knows we love it and she just made it for us, that night. So we went home with a TON of food for Sunday haha! way fun.

But we say this every week, but I am SO sure of it. Investigators are coming to church this week. It has taken awhile, but I know it is happening this week. The Sisters are finally going to have people at church. It's been hard, but the wait was worth it because each and every one of these people are increasing in their faith in such a way that I don't think any way is better. God's work.

Also we have a Less Active we are working with. She is older and has a daughter who is not a member. When we first starting seeing her, it was a whole ordeal to get her to pray, to read, to do anything. We have been telling her the stories of the scriptures and from the very beginning and this last week left her verses to read and when we came back... She had read them!!!! She was able to tell US the story. And this is the lady who, when we First went to go a simply share her a scripture, she had to Dust off her book of mormon. She thanked us for what we were doing with her. She thanked us for giving her things to read. It was so special and we learn SO much from her, she doesn't even know.

Good week. About to have a better one though.

Love, Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen


That's good. Just don't tell any kids to write their name with blood. HAHA. I do miss going at the beginning of the year and the kids always being in awe of me and rachel, like we were celebrities or something. But I sorta get the same effect wearing this badge. Its just not really awe, more confusion haha.

Im so sad to hear that about the Gordon family. I love them so much. Hopefully they'll be sealed soon. What! Sara is already home?? I was at the temple with her the night she got her call. That's so crazy. Where is Jimmy going?

Haha I'm sorry to hear about the disney cd. Chuck them out of the car. "Don't talk like that".

Yeah my companion is great. She is still sick. Its just a cold but she's been working her best. I try really hard to keep myself busy when we stay in so that I don't get cabin fever. She relies on me to determine if we should stay in. She is too afraid to decide as well because she feels she is getting lazy. But she's not, she's just too weak to work sometimes.

This week was great though! Full of miracles.And more doors slammed in my face than ever haha. TRACY CAME TO CHURCH! My excitement and surprise I guess wasn't hidden well because she laughed when she saw me and said "Don't fall over! I made it" It was great. Hopefully we'll be able to FINALLY set a baptismal date with her and her daughter tomorrow. Her family is the one with the excommunicated husband who have the goal of being sealed in the temple soon.

My goal this week has been to serve every second. Because I'm set apart, I'm never alone. That gives me the opportunity to be serving every second I'm awake. If I'm just with Sister Hwang, I can serve her. At church, I can serve the ward members. I'm trying to get out of the thought that I can relax when I'm not around investigators. So I'm trying to stay motivated all day erryday.

Oh here's a challenge for anyone. I'm reading the BOM again and if anyone is about to start they should do this with me. I'm counting the number of times that it says "But His hand is outstretched still." I've counted 20 times so far. So I've got a ways to go. But you guys should so I know the right number.

I'm thankful for my mommy this week. Surprisingly, I've developed some of your attributes. I LOVE CLEANING. I'm always cleaning. I cleaned the other sisters' room the other day just like mommy would for me and rachel. It feels good.

Today we hiked a mountain with bishop's wife! It was fun. Oh and I cut my hair, myself haha.

I love you and I miss you all very much. Leading this area is so hard but I'm learning more to trust in the Lord and trust that He is giving me the promptings that I do have. I also adopted what Sister Mullen #1 said last week, "Work hard, but Work smart" I thought that every second. So I'm still working at it, Sister Hwang is so patient with me though. Thank you for everything you do for me. I know that everything I have is sacred.

Oh and I'm starting a book that I think you guys should start too. I have noticed that doubts creep into my mind alot. Its hard teaching people when what they say starts making sense haha. Im just too easily persuaded and then i have to say a prayer to clear my mind again. But i'm starting a book where I write down every reason why I know without a doubt that the church is true. Pretty much every spiritual experience I've ever had. Its gonna take a while but It'll be worth it.

Okay I'm really done now.

Love you!

Sister Mullen #2

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