Friday, February 7, 2014

3 February 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

I got the package yesterday!!! Thank you so much!!! I got it after church on a fast Sunday, so everyone LOVED it!!! All the members were like, you have the cutest mom! Haha thank you thank you.

I will have the whitest teeth and the best smelling armpits in Thailand.

So here is how January went down. 164 out of the goal for 200 baptisms. It's AMAZING. It is the record for Asia, and we learned that Taiwan has adopted our inviting technique. Also, crazy news... some companionships did WAY too awesome. There were 3 companionships that got 15, 9, and 7 people baptized in the month.

We had great training on just keeping the faith. They said there is a lot of 'poison' going around that it is the missionaries fault if a recent convert goes less active. Or talking about an investigator and saying, why baptize them if they are just going to fall away.

What we fail to remember is that to share the Gospel is a commandment. Even as tithing and the word of wisdom is a law, so is missionary work. Baptize them, give them the Holy Ghost, and give them a fighting chance at living life. These fast baptisms are not rushed. It doesn't take a long time to repent... the process is long... but in talking about that first decision to decide to stop doing something... takes a second.

The way I see this work is changing everyday. It's amazing.

We are working on trying to find new investigators. Trying to keep up the energy in an area that we've served in for 4 months... I feel like I have seen everyone at least twice. Everyone in this city. But then you find that ONE person you missed. That ONE person that just wasn't outside when you were there. Inviting is still major, it's always going to be. We should never give up on those people we have reached out to. I can't tell you how much courage it is going to take to re-invite and reshare my testimony with the friends I have already tried to talk to... but that's what God requires of us.

Oh man, funny story. We were inviting, and sometimes you have to look at a person first and decide if they are crazy or not. I invited this guy and I thought he was all there. He looks at the picture, doesn't answer the question... He looks confused. I tell him again. Baptism. Do you want it?

And then he literally just turns around. That's it. I was so confused and just weirded out. I'll act it out for you when I get back. aHHHHH

The former investigator we are teaching came to church this last Sunday. First time in his 10+ years of investigating the church. And he came.

This church is SO true.

Sister Mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen

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