Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2 November 2014

Sister Jasmine Mullen

hello familia!
its crazy how we just had pday on wednesday but i feel so exhausted. its been really hot and i'm turning polynesian again. i'll just quickly update you but its just been an amazing week. we fasted as a mission yesterday and it was just so uplifting. my testimony of fasting is really growing and the whole ward seemed to really be uplifted by the fast as well. president said the prayer over a conference call and it was just soo... i dont even know. i just think all of us are truly humbled and know that we truly NEED the Lord for this.
the trunk or treat was a success! so many nonmembers and less actives. The ward did an amazing job especially because it was their first time but everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Sean didn't come to church again :( but! he will! i just know it. its frustrating because we know that he knows God is real he just keeps choosing to deny it. But it will happen!
ofa atu.
thank you for everything.
Sister Mullen

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