Tuesday, March 19, 2013

19 March 2013

TALL is a computer program we go on most days. The tests require us to see the English word and then type in the Thai translation but our keyboards do not put in the tones so usually EVERY word is wrong! But this word has no symbols or tones so we got it right!!! GLORIOUS DAY!

 Hahahaha funniest thing. Elder Hunt walked passed a classroom that had a chair in the middle of the room where the sunlight was hitting it perfectly. Stopped dead in his tracks, that one.
 This is our phone. We leave text messages for investigators or members, usually when we want to check their availability for a day or something. One of our teachers responded to Elder Vandenberghe, then Elder V tried to have a conversation through text messaging.

Elder V: Are you available...?
Brother Shipley: Yes
Elder V: Ok... How are you?

haha so funny.
 I am in love. With this bear.
 Sister and I on a windy Sunday!!!
 said goodbye to our elders as they left for temple walk. it was SO windy on Sunday, so we've gotsta be modest, you know.

Wow 48 orders! That's amazing! One of my teachers just got back from Thailand and she is dying because the food was so good! Seriously our teachers are so good and I have loved the MTC. Love Thailand and will love my mission, but right now I am just so happy to be here and am trying to live in the moment. Because all of these people are my best friends! I really will miss everyone. I have just loved the atmosphere of us all studying and working SO hard and then learning all that we are about the gospel of jesus christ and how it applies to everyone. Ahh, this is the best place. Seriously, I could give my homecoming talk right now, that's how spiritually amazing this place is. We are singing an original song tonight in choir. Wonder who is coming! Our choir director said it's not the prophet so...
but seriously. I am not leaving the mtc until I see Elder Holland.
on sunday after the devotional we went to go watch a devotional that was taped from thanksgiving given by elder holland. he asked his granddaughter who had just received her mission call to milan italy to come up and bear her testimony in the taping. she was TOTALLY in the room that we were watching the devotional in! She came in February 6th! President Eyring's granddaughter is also here!!!!! I see her sometimes! I saw Sister Lethco on Sunday! and I've seen Sister Hogge!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE it! I finally know someone! haha
Anyways, my song went well this week. Totally cried, but that's expected. I have been asked to be the music coordinator here in our last few weeks! pretty cool. Sister Sahagun and I are striving to right down tender mercies of the Lord everday in our journal. Sunday: I found a cheese bagel! seriously. all they have on sundays is cereal and I was blessed to have a cheese bagel! I've been drinking 64 oz of water everyday! Going to the bathroom like mad! But it's good! Everyone makes fun of me trying to finish the whole thing during daily planning session at the end of the day. Sometimes I don't even finish it then. I will take it back to our residence and even after lights are out, after my personal prayer, I will just be sitting up gulping the last of my water! hahahaha.  
Sister and I were preparing for a lesson on revelation through church attendance and I'm talking about something Idont know. And she's like smiling at me and looking at me all wierd. I'm like, "What?!" She says, "You just have like a light about you." (Ugh! I probably rolled my eyes haha. but seriously love her SO MUCH!) Love the whole district. We've got our own table we claim now pretty much. It's SO wonderful! Ok, awesome time four square. Elder Hunt totally got out my khuu! (companion)
So once I got in, Elder Cutler served it to me and I did the scariest but most awesome hit towards Elder Hunt. Didn't even see it coming. Ok though mommy and daddy... Elder Hossman just left yesterday. So you HAVE to find him and feed him! You have 2 years! He's just so awesome!
OH MY GOODNESS! Last week, Sister Madsen TOTALLY swung her LUFA at me!!!! It's so funny. she just tries to make me upset. its all good though.
Quote of the day: Elder Hunt- "Sometimes I like to wear my yellow shirt and my bright orange hoodie and I look like sunshine!"
Yesterday in class, we were going to practice teaching with our companion. We watch videos about people in the world and then pick a topic in chapter 3 and then teach it to meet their needs. Yesterday it was repentance. Sister Roper wanted us to do demonstrate teaching first, so she asked me to. Just me, teaching her and all the other missionaries and the investigator. And the person we watched the video about was the same one that we watched a few weeks ago with Brother Shipley. I don't know if I told you about it, but Sister and I taught him about the gospel of Christ and I froze up. That was my wall. And it literally was the first time in my whole MTC stay that I cried myself to sleep. So you can imagine when Sister Roper asked me to do demonstrate teaching. usually the teachers do it!
But I felt so calm and ready. I felt the comfort of the spirit, Seriously. There's NO way I could have done it on my own. And that's why I LOVE being a missionary. We are entitled to these blessings. We have a beautiful mantle that people can learn from. But it's all through Heavenly Father. I have been focused on and been pondering about the love God has for us. And just having faith in his timing. We as missionaries don't have to fear. We are called by revelation to the places we are going.
We have had so many speakers who work with the quorum of the 12 when they assign missionaries to their locations and the testify of the revelation that takes place. There was a story of an Elder who had been called to Croatia. But by the time he left the MTC he could barely say, My name is... And then after 6 or so months in the field he still could barely say his testimony. they reassigned him to the states. One day they knocked on the door of a man's house who could not speak any English. The language he was speaking was familiar to the Elder and he realized it was Croatian. Long story short, the man was baptized.
Missionaries are only 2nd to the prophet, in being prayed for. We are the 2nd most prayed for people in the whole church! All we need to do is exercise our faith. And ALL of this is because He LOVES us! Missionary work is the most amazing thing we can do to show our love for Heavenly Father. Being engaged in the saving of a human soul is the most important thing in the universe and God is trusting me with that work. We are destined to win. 
Everything God does is devoted to the saving of His children.
All of that love, and I can put away 18 months. 100% focus on the work. Submit our will to God's and he will mold us to be what he wants us to become.
Everything I am doing right now, and for the rest of my life, will be for the Son of God.
Love, Sister Mullen

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