Tuesday, March 26, 2013

26 March 2013

We leave April 8th. Right after general conference! we should be getting travel plans next week I think? I actually have no idea. I try and talk like I know but I don't. So the thing about last week was pretty cool. They are going to be showing us singing that song in between conference! So watch ALL of it! haha DONT fall asleep. make sure Oliver sees too. I am trying to read the Book of Mormon all the way through so I just passed Alma 34 a few days ago! 2 more weeks, 200 pages. got it.
That's crazy hearing about Los Angeles and not being there! I LOVE the skirts! Thank you so so so much!
We are having a special sacrament meeting this week for Easter and I am SO excited!!! and then general conference the next sunday! So these last weeks are supposed to be the BEST!
Our district has already planned a Thai eating party after we are all back. They just roll their eyes when they look at me and they just say, just move to Utah.
Yeah, ok.
We taught at TRC on saturday, and it went well. was supposed to be our first 40 minutes lesson instead of 2 20 minute lessons, but we ended up only doing 1 20 minutes lesson because there wasn't enough volunteers. So feel free to come and be Thai volunteers! We taught Topher and none of the sisters wanted him. I guess he talks fast. But he was great. Later at dinner that day, Sister Painter, a Sister from the other Thai district said she taught him after us and said that he was asking about us!
Everytime I go to TRC I feel like this whole missionary thing is so selfish. I am loving and trying to help the people dont get me wrong, but this feeling... SO wonderful. I have loved all that I have learned here! We taught our new investigator this last week for the first time and invited him to be baptized in the first lesson and he said yes! and then Sister Nun who has been in a much different place in her testimony... we asked her yesterday and she said yes!!! And Josh said yes, after he said no before. So all 5 of our investigators are committed to baptism. We won't have time to see it happen before we leave, but I am so happy!
Oh my goodness, I wanted to tell you. Elder Cutler, he is half Korean half white. His dad served in Korea. Went back to teach English and met his mom.Ummm WOAH! haha
Anyways, I feel like I am asking better  questions. I am so excited for fried rice. and yes i will be calling. did you get my anniversary present to you? and yes i will be sending stuff home :) But I am pretty sure I am going to use up all of my mouthwash (HOORAY!) so I will have plenty more room i think. (dont send me more. I have another)
ok. Funny story of the week. So yesterday, there were 4 companionships that had to teach Sister Nun in an hour and 10 minutes. Elder Vandenberghe and Elder Smith went last but people went over so they ended up only having 9 minutes left. we told him and Elder Vandenberghe was like, "That's TOTALLY not enough time to tell her about seer stones!" haha ah, will miss everyone so much!  oh. Elder Hunt. He hurt himself this last week playing basketball. Is having surgery on Thursday. Not leaving for Thailand until 3 weeks after we leave :( Super sad.
woah, time is all up. I will write more.
just dont want to give any spiritual stuff away that i will be using for my homecoming talk!
haha just kidding. but seriously.
Love, Sister Mullen

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