Sunday, May 12, 2013

12 May 2013

Dear People,

Just talked to family! SO WONDERFUL! Missed you ALL! And everyone is just as weird. 
So we had a miracle day. Pretty much we were at the mall. I sat next to this man. I pull out a Thai Book of Mormon. Ask him to help me read the word "prophet" in Thai and then Joseph Smith. Then I'm like, hey do you know him? 
BOOM! Lesson. Book of Mormon placed. Got his phone number... I can only do this for so long. The whole --- I just got here to Thailand, help me read this word bit, and then slip in the Gospel Lesson. haha
ok. I know I don't send enough pictures. But lets ask ourselves, do we want a good quality blog? Or a few pictures...
English class is going well, if anyone has any ideas for simple games for learning vocabulary, or grammar, send them my way!!! I am definitely the hit of English though. Seriously. People want to come to my class. INTERMEDIATE, What What!!
Neil L. Anderson is the apostle coming this weekend! Have to go to renew my work permit tomorrow morning, what?! President Senior and his wife surprised us in our ward yesterday. Sister Senior sat in on a lesson after church. I said the First Vision and asked our investigator to be baptized. I don't know if the air wasn't working or what, but I was SO HOT! or maybe it was just because Sister Senior was there. Anyways, I have worn my bangs down the last couple days. That's a miracle I know it. Still sweating, but it's not taking a toll on my hair as bad as it was. I planned on sock buns my whole mission, but the helmet just squashes them when it's time to ride my bike.
Oh my goodness, I'm here in the internet cafe and there is probably the cutest little 7 year old girl playing a bloody war game. Hahaha
The work for a temple is getting real. It's going to happen. Seriously when you just hear President Senior talk about our plans, what we need to focus on, there is no doubt that it is happening. I feel so blessed to be a part of this. I can't see myself being anywhere else. Only been here in Bangkapi one month yesterday, and I don't ever want to stop talking to people. Seriously, literally actually wearing the missionary tag, it gives me so much strength. I am Always thinking of Christ, and trying to act as He would. It's the best feeling in the world right now.
Ok, that's all for now. Remember, every member a missionary.
Love, Sister Mullen
**Family, did you get my letter yet? I have only sent one. The post office is a little far.
**Don't forget to send a cupcake recipes jas :)

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