Wednesday, May 29, 2013

29 May 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

I would post something from Sister Rachel Mullen, but she chose not to e-mail this week. I am sure she is busy - although she wasn't too busy to email her friend Kaitlyn. Oh well, I'm not bitter.

Sister Jasmine Mullen

First MTC Letter

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's been a week here! I feel like I've been here for 6 months! But at the same time it's gone by sooo fast. I LOVE MY DISTRICT. They're the greatest people I've ever met. We get along so well! Sometimes a little too well haha. By the end of the day, our study time is pretty much us getting distracted and laughing for two hours. My companion Sister Bailey is amazing. We get along so well. Always on the same page. Mommy would love her. She wakes me up early, likes being early/on time to things and makes me eat healthy and exercise. She is also one of the greatest people I've ever met. Such a spiritual giant and she always strives to be the best she can everyday. If we weren't here together we'd probably never be friends. I'm so grateful we are though. She looks like Ashley Tisdale so since I'm Asian my district has a joke that I'm Brenda song. Haha so dumb.

Anyway the first couple days were hard and challenging. But I MADE IT TO SUNDAY! I really only broke down a couple times. Okay shocker! I have only cried like 3 times here. its so weird. My district doesn't believe me that I cry at everything but its a good thing because I want to be able to talk haha. THERE'S SO MUCH TO LEARN! We would read/study for like 12 hours, making us super delirious. We had our first "lesson" with our "investigator" "Jordan" who was played by one of my favorite teachers Bro Gill. We went in there and it was AWFUL. Worse than awful, just down right embarrassing. I was just saying everything I knew and he laughed at me ! Just the rudest person ever. When we were done role-playing I couldn't even look at Bro Gill. I think he could tell I was crying because he was being nice to me hahah which never happens because of his sarcasm (speaking of which my 'nickname' in our district is sister sarcasm, I think we all say that coming_ Anyway, as I've learned in the past few days, I've learned that I DON'T HAVE TO BE GOOD AT TEACHING. I just need to be prepared enough in my testimony and be able to create an environment where the spirit can dwell. everyday me and sister bailey learn that , that is the most important thing. WE DIDN'T EVEN USE THE SCRIPTURES THE FIRST FEW TIMES! Crazy. We thought "we didn't need them"Funny though bc after we did the spirit was definitely there and Jordan started CARING! He's still the rudest person I've ever met, but he cares about happiness and the gospel. and he knows its more than what he originally thought it was. And for that I love him and I want him to know its true. We have another investigator K-min. She says she'll listen to us. Super nice. but knows she doesn't want to be a part of our church. I'm excited to begin with her.

Okay a couple more things. Yesterday I had a great experience with Sister Allen. We were role playing and the activity was to read a chapter of the scriptures to liken it to any question the investigator had. Her question was , "what is my purpose" GREAT. Deep hard question. I wish i was a scriptorian so I would know exactly what to say. So I just flipped to Mosiah chapter 5. UM WHAT. it was more than PERFECT. We both felt the spirit so strong and afterwards she said, i was legit about to start crying, that was so real and so spiritual. She told me I was a good teacher, haha biggest joke. It was just that I allowed the spirit in and i was real about it. I wasn't trying to be a sister missionary. But yeah it was a super cool experience. The point of it was to realize that yeah, I happened to flip to a really good chapter about it but we can liken any scripture to any point in our life, it will help us no matter what. But i do encourage everyone to read that chapter in Mosiah. It's AMAZING. I will never read it the same again.

Last night we had a devotional and afterwards we talked about what we learned. As if our district couldn't be more unified. It was the best experience of my life. We all felt the spirit and it was just amazing. One sister (wulfenstein) said that we're so close because we developed our friendships with Christ in the center which is so true. and our bonds are stronger and mean more to me than any one I've ever met. The elders in our district are just amazing and we all love each other so much. they offered to give us blessings. I didn't get one but every other sister did. It was amazing and you could feel the love radiating in the room. Elder Salmon is our district leader, he's amazing. Elder Nicholson is so fun to joke around with. Its funny because they all remind me of someone i know at home, but I think its just because I feel like I've known them my whole life. We have an inside joke "thank you for your testimony" we say that whenever someone says something that like no one responds to or is just awkward haha. its the best! Oh okay literally I've seen SO many people here. Sister Udall(Jenny Gordon's roommate) Sister Newman, Alex (Sara's friend) Holli my roommate from spring, Evan, Aries, sister browning, and soooo many others. its crazy. my zone leader was a guy from my mission prep class. so that was awesome.

I think that's it. I'm loving it here! Every hard second. I leave for Brisbane Sunday! So crazy. Ahhh! But I'm excited. I love you and thank you for the support. I am striving everyday to be like Ammon. And to become a scriptorian and just be the best missionary I can be. I can't believe I'm doing this and that I can do this. The only reason I know I can do this is because my Heavenly Father knows I can. I'll send pictures later today! LOVE YOU!

Sister Mullen #2/

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