Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 May 2013

Seriously, it gives me a stomach ache but... a Big Gulp at 7-11 of Ovaltine. YUM! We had switch offs. It was pretty cool. Learned a lot from the other Sister. Oh! We have an investigator guy who lives about 40 minutes away so we usually just teach with the lady that lives nearby and we would teach there at her own house. And she is CRAZY! haha no, she is so funny. But she talks a lot! And answers the questions we ask him and so we planned it where we would take a couple other members to teach in HIS house. But when we got there, we seriously were just standing outside for maybe 3 minutes and then I hear her...

"SISTERRRRRRS!" We had to tell her we were there to teach him and she was like, come. come to my house. So plan, ruined. haha I told the story that night at our coorelation meeting and the Ward Mission Leader was like. I will talk to her. I'll tell her she's forbidden to speak and stuff like that, it was just SO funny haha.

This last Sunday was a boy in the ward's last Sunday. He is going to Provo to be a missionary in KOREA! Ah, it is SO amazing!!! The members here are So amazing.

There was a cool promise from President Senior that I didn't hear about until I went to another Zone's Zone Training... He said, If you focus on RCLAs (Recent Converts and Less Actives) every other key indicator will go up. I thought that was so interesting. We talked about the apostle that is coming on the 18th/19th and how he is probably going to get us pumped for a temple. But there is SO much work that needs to be done. Supposedly there are about 30,000 members in Thailand (i don't REALLY remember) and only 4,000 or so are active. Again, don't remember the numbers, but it was something crazy. I also learned the importance of family history work and work We need to do to get them started more on it! I wish I had our geneaology binders! It is so cool to tell people about.

sorry. so off task. Anyways, went jagging for the first time EVER in my mission. We just hadn't had time for her to take me. I LOVE JAGGING!!! (by the way, jagging is passing out pamphlets to people on the street)

We had a really good District Meeting this week about the Spirit and recognizing it. We each shared something we learned.

I DEFINITELY learned that NOW is the time to learn to recognize it. No time to waste. I'm never going to be closer to God than on my mission. We are set apart as missionaries to set aside all worldly comforts to force our selves to rely and come unto the Comforter. I know that that is SO true and there is nothing that should distract me from fulfilling my purpose and doing it in a Christ-like manner.

Love you all!!!

Love, sister mullen

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