Monday, November 11, 2013

4 November 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

This week has been SO HOT! haha It really was such an experience to fast here in Plok, but full of blessings nonetheless. We got a referral from yesterday! Never got one of those before, the Elders gave it to us which is good because when we went to go and find this person, it was a teenage girl! But she has a family and hopefully they will be able to meet this week. She has questions about the Bible and Book of Mormon and she wants it explained to her in Thai... she was an exchange student with a Mormon family in Salt Lake so I think they referred her??? But we are so excited!

Chay, one of our investigators from inviting, has finally prayed! We went to teach him yesterday and asked him to pray for the closing prayer... and this is a man that turns 30 minute lessons into 2 hours. We biked everywhere and were towards the end of our fast... I seriously was about to cry as he was continually refusing to pray. He is so great, really wants to know and study, but we told him that we aren't teachers. And the Book of Mormon is not a textbook. Prayer is a part of the Book of Mormon and is a requirement when we progress in the Gospel. He ended up praying and afterwards when I asked him if he would pray everyday until our next lesson on Thursday, he said he will do what he always does. It's pretty much the same...

No, no no no no. Prayer is communication with God. You need to start it by saying, Heavenly Father. Committed him to praying to God on Wednesday so we could follow up on Thursday.

Brother Ap did not come to church this week :( Going to visit him this week though, and we had a member call the wife and just say hello.

We are slowly but surely getting better at working with the members here. There is a lot to be done and we can't do it without them, so this last Sunday we went to church with a list of names and talked to everyone about them and what we can do to reach out to them. I really feel like this is so important. Baptisms are wonderful and amazing, but it is what we do to help them keep that ultimate commitment of staying active in the church that is just as important.

Love, Sister Mullen

it was weird seeing na tuk. haha i invited her to sit in class with me, but she couldnt stay. i felt bad but we had a lot to do that day. i do need to ask permission though and will know next week... not by this week though. sorry

Sister Jasmine Mullen


Sooo much happened this week I don't even really know what to say. Lets see, I had a wonderful halloween. We had special interview training. I was so excited. Probably the best halloween I've ever had. For some reason these past 2 months, I've been feeling like I haven't had the spirit with me. I had no idea why. But then I had interviews with president and it was just so cool because when you're in room with him there's no WAY you could not feel the spirit. He just started talking about how God loves me, (something I tell people everyday) seriously he did "God is our loving Heavenly Father" to me. But I just started crying and I told him and he was just so calm. I thought something was wrong with me like I'm not really a missionary. But he just told me to take time to recognize the spirit more. Its always with me. At home I would go to church and pretty much that was where I felt the spirit. I knew the difference then. But now that I'm always around the spirit, I never really feel that huge difference. But yeah. I love the Holy Ghost and ever since then I feel so good! I feel like i don't know. But i realize now that Satan wanted me to feel unworthy of the spirit. But yeah. it was a good experience.

The Edmonds cancelled our appointments this week. I think she feels very overwhelmed by the gospel and that's not how its supposed to feel so we're going to take a step back and help her help herself through the gospel.

Oh we got caught in the rain the other day. I'll send you some pictures but we were soaked! It was so fun. I could barely see.

Greta bore her testimony in Young Womens about when she went to the temple with annie. She's super shy so she was really excited! She's amazing. Her brother James still doesn't have an answer about baptism yet. He loves church and everyone in it. He just doesn' t know what to do yet.

Oh we were at Nicholas' house, the boy who is 10 getting baptized. his less active dad finally sat in on the lesson. It was a step up that he actually acknowledged our existence this time but all of his comments were negative haha. BUT the next lesson was SO cool. We taught Nicholas the plan of salvation and Nicholas kept insisting that he would see his dad in the Celestial kingdom. It was so cute. and we were able to get Nicholas to church on Sunday. I barely got to talk to him because we had 5 investigators at church (Eeeeek!) . But he looked so happy in his classes. And his baptism has been moved up to the 14th! AHH! it'll be an amazing experience to see him baptized.

So last experience I want to share is with a lady named louisa. So i go up to this lady on the street and ask to give her a card and then she said I used to teach her husband. Then i recognize her. OH MY GOSH. This lady every time we'd go over she yell at us and tell us to leave. She was always so angry. She was studying with another church and was very upset when we came. So the second time we tried to come by, we dropped her husband because we couldn't teach him. So then she was being so nice and was like yeah come over! I was super creeped out. I seriously thought she wanted us to come over so she could bash us or kill us. haha kinda not kidding though. But yeah so I go over (we went on a split) and She had the most amazing spirit. She said that after she told us to leave she would see us around and be like oh i bet they have something important to say, i guess i'd better listen. WHO THINKS THAT? NO ONE! Thats something off of like a preach my gospel video. It was so cool and it was real life. So basically the lesson was filled with the spirit and she is reading the Book of Mormon. Simple but really cool experience.

Anyway. I guess thats it. My health is okay. i never get sick! so thats really good. I'm trying to eat healthier though. I drink lots of water so thats good but it makes me have to pee all the time so its a bit annoying anyway. have a great week! thank you for everything :)

love you.

sister mullen #2

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