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28 October 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

Phitsanulok is wonderful. We are working really hard and got our first dater off of a street contact! We definitely need a back up for him though because I think he just enjoys talking to us. He was the one who said his wife died and then I started pulling out Plan of Salvation stuff how he can see her again. And he didn't really care, he just wanted a new wife! He's great though. Always willing to meet with us. We taught him in the park again and as we taught the Restoration, random people were coming in and sitting in on the lesson! Haha it was way fun. He was hesitant to pray but then I just had him repeat after me.

We have another investigator from a street contact that is already talking about the struggles that he will face when he becomes Christian. We haven't been able to get him to make that first step in even praying though. But he has felt the spirit. No doubt about it. He loves reading the scriptures. If I ever needed more confidence in my teaching, he is the first person I go to. He is always saying things like, "Molly (because Thai people forget to say Sister and the 'n' at the end of my name). Molly, you're so good. So diligent and hard working trying to get me to do these things." Hahaha! it's the Funniest thing ever. He loves the scriptures we will pull out and give him. After I will go off on a whole shpeel on how he should pray, he's like where did you learn to talk like this. (ive got great parents)

He is so great, but so scared about what other people think.

That's incredibly rude that nobody wants me to come back. "[They're] only in it for the food." -ever after Haha, it's understandable. I guess they can enjoy the joys of Thai food there while I stay and BASK in it here. No. Mommy's is way better. and OH MY GOODNESS! the MSG! im going to come back bald. I finally know how to say it so I am going to ask them to NOT put it in everything!

The Elders had a baptism this last week. Sorry. I am REALLY bad at taking pictures. So you can expect a gradual increase in pictures this next transfer as I struggle to take pictures. I have been spoiled by my first two companions who were crazy picture taker-ers but I know you love them for it. Me and Sister Peterson are going to help each other and with that, the unity in our companionship will be stronger than ever.

We had a missionary fireside this last weekend too. Just some awesome activities. No investigators at church but Brother Ap came AND his wife!!! We went and visited them once this week and she came after not having come since May! We will count them as 2 saves next week when they come to church again.

I explained in my last letter the need to work with members but I have never felt it more strongly than here and right now. We are going to come up with a plan to better work with the members and help them retain those who have been baptized.

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

I am thankful for the weather here actually. Cold and rainy weather is only nice when you can stay inside and have hot chocolate. Its been pretty nice the past few days. Man. Reading your mission life makes the mission now seem like a breeze! It pretty much is. I try to work my hardest because everyone always talks to us like they feel bad for us because we have "horrible hard lives or something"? Its been an amazing week for the Centenary Lakes ward!

Both companionships taught soo many people. Sister Hwang and I worked very hard.

Some sad news, The Edmond family is not getting baptized. it will be soon, but not yet. I'm really bummed about it, but I want them to feel ready. You can just see how great of a family they will be and what a great addition to the church they will be because Satan is tempting them left and right, trying his best. Discouragement is the worst. Its so hard to make them feel like they are good enough. No matter how many times you tell them they are its the spirit that has to say it to them. So we'll just keep praying and keep trying.

Greta our recent convert went to the temple Saturday :) :) ahh. those pictures were the greatest things to see. She just looked so happy. She went with Annie who is the girl who got baptized a month after her. It was such an amazing picture. I'll try to get it to show you next week.

We went over to greta's house on Friday and we did the plan of salvation with chalk with her and james. James still hasn't got an answer yet. But its funny because I asked him if he believed if all these things were true. But then we realized he doesn't know if the church is true yet but he believes literally everything else. We explained that everything we taught him IS the church. Hopefully he gets an answer soon. :) he will.

So with all the excitement with Nicholas our 10 year old investigator, its going to be tough to give him a solid foundation. He has 0 family support. They're pretty indifferent to the fact that he wants to be baptized. So we'll have to provide rides to church and activities and we're going to try to visit twice a week. We're so excited for him though. The elders before us taught him so well. He remembers so much!

Lets see yeah Yuan moved to the Sunshine coast. We were so sad. But he sang Hotel California for us and it was soo funny. We gave him to the elders there and they said they'd invite him to church that night. So we're hoping he went. The ward members who met him here really loved him and miss him.

We went to the Polsonis this weekend to teach all the people living at their house. Sister Polsoni used to be homeless and now she houses people who are homeless and need help getting their life together. All the people they have right now are really keen on listening to the gospel and they come to church. One guy, Wane is a homeless man the other sisters met who lived in the park. We invited them to be baptized and they both want to be they just want to know more. Ahh its so exciting.

What else? Oh so originally the mission was super into finding hours. But now its people contacted. So our goal is for everyone to contact at least 150 people every week. And this week we were blessed with so many lessons so we seriously last night ran around to every person outside and contacted our 150th person right before our district leader called for our numbers. It felt SO good. and from those contacts we were able to teach 3 amazing lessons at the train station and we made one return appointment. Ahh. man i was so happy. it was a good day.

anyway. I can't really remember anything else that happened. It was a good week and we're expecting an even better one this week. its already the 4th week of the transfer. Crazy hey. Man.

Wow its so official! I wish i could see the website. Can we plan one for the week i get home? It was so fun to participate in I want to do it again. And yeah I would love to go to thailand! That would be amazing. I'll be able to be home with you guys for a bit though right?

They had a trunk or treat the other night but we couldn't go because we had too many appointments. So i was happy in that sense haha. I have my halloween decorations at home so that was enough for me. So when I say I'm thankful for all the love and support I REALLY mean it. I love both. I mostly like pictures though.

Love you! thank you for everything :0

sister mullen #2

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