Wednesday, November 27, 2013

25 November 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

We had Mission tour yesterday so we did not have our Pday to email, sorry! But it was amazing. We learned about how to use the Book of Mormon in teaching from Elder Wilson of the 70. I got interviewed by him which was way cool! He asked if my dad was Mike Mullen and I was like... YES! but I guess it is another Mike Mullen in northern CA but it was way funny. Haha I played piano for a 4 violin musical number. Elder Wilson liked it so much he had them do it again haha. Later on in the meeting my contact was annoying me, so when I play Hark All Ye Nations, I was pretty awful.

We had talks and scriptures we were to read in preparing for Mission Tour and we understood the theme: Book of Mormon.

In Bovemeber... (baptism in November) I have gained great faith. I have chosen to not give up and I feel that is something that this month has given me. President Senior said the whole point of this month, while it is great that baptisms are the result, was to unite the mission. I have felt great love from all of my leaders in helping us achieve this goal.

Brother Nud, the investigator we have been working with, all I did was text him to read Alma 36, he called after he had read it and said he felt he should be baptized on the 30th of this month. WHAT?!

He then had the faith to ask his boss person if he could not do the whole being a monk thing for the king's birthday because that coincidentally was on the 1st of December. His boss said no, but I feel all that happened, was our miracle. And it was just after no giving up.

This week we also had switch offs... biked with Sister Farrence for about an hour looking for a lady's house. Worth it. She wants to be baptized with her family on the 14th.

From this new inviting technique, we got a dater and when we went to go meet with him, his friend was NOT wanting his friend to learn from us. We left, knowing we weren't going to convince this man, but the dater came up to us after and said he wants to meet us at the church next time.

Oh, and we got our biking vests this week. They're beautiful. That's sarcasm.

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Hi! Australia is great. It keeps getting hotter and more humid haha. With this being my 4th transfer in the area, i feel so weird because I don't even know what australia looks like really. Just caboolture haha. but i'm so happy to be staying here again. I'm also kind of scared because the other sisters who had been here 2 transfers and were leaving cried so much. i just hope i'm not a wreck when i leave.

The baptism went really well. Nicholas' whole family came and his parents got priesthood blessings after. He got confirmed yesterday and during sacrament Aaron (his less active dad) came up to us and was so excited to tell us that his other daughter and his partner want to start taking the lessons. Its really cool to see the hastening just happening.

We just had stake conference last week and President Gilkes said that there are 2,000 less actives in the stake. Crazy right? But its so cool because thats where it all starts and thats where all the miracles come from. We bring back the sheep that are lost and find those who are the elect and have been prepared.

I'm so sorry because I honestly can't remember anything that happened this week.

We read a story on our way to transfers about the missionaries in the Philippines. Man they are just so inspiring.

I'm so grateful to be serving. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father gives me the opportunity to always work on myself. I love it out here. I just love the people, I love the work. I don't think that I've become a better teacher, I'd like to think that I know how to trust in the Lord better.

I love my mission president and the inspiration that he receives. Honestly ever since we have started the BOM reading as a mission, I've found so much in the BOM than I ever have. Its so fun.

We took James to a baptism yesterday. He is now excited to get baptized. Ben one of his friends is going to baptize him. I'm so so excited. Greta (his sister/ the first baptism i had here) is really excited as well. She never thought that he would be interested.

Our bishop has told us, everyone is interested in this gospel. EVERYONE. And i was reading PMG this morning and i read the part about recognizing the spirit. We're not here to teach people a gospel that they don't know about, we're here to bring its truthfulness back to the memory. That just really stood out to me how that applies to everyone on the earth. We can help them to remember the truth because its already there.

Anyway sorry for the rambling. But yeah my new companion is great. She reminds me of Casey but just Australian. She's eager to learn. And i'm excited to learn as well. She talks all the time which is the opposite of sister hwang ahha but it'll be a nice change.

Tell the Reamans I say hello! and everyone else.

i love you!

sister mullen #2

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