Tuesday, January 21, 2014

6 January 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

This week was REALLY hard with numbers. People all went home to visit family and stuff for new years. Just really weird times. The Elders in Kamphaengphet said they were going to go teach the family so I invited myself Hahaha. President told me to go, so I figured just go. So we got on a bus and went.

It was crazy. Got to the church and all 4 Kamphaenphet elders were there.I swear, these elders are cooler than the Laos elders, i think. Haha I remember every time at transfers or whatever, when the Laos missionaries would walk in it was like... woah. But nope. Kamphaenphet is the place to be. Haha I love it! I had the Elders lead the lesson. I felt it was best since they would be the ones teaching later. We will see if they want to keep learning, but they were very worried about commandments I felt, Haha, just like everyone in the world I feel, when they see a mormon missionary knocking on their door.

I told them they just need to try, or else they will Never know.

I feel they really liked the elders and we went out to eat afterward. They already have 2 baptisms for the 12th and they invited the family to go and see what it is like. Na Tong asked if I would be there. I started to answer no, but then elder davies is like... yes you can. Haha, that'd be the coolest.

Khunyai remembered me. She was so cute and Na Tuk got some really good pictures. Have her send you all of them and then send them to me!

It was an amazing opportunity to go and do that. Of course I thought of a gagillion things I wish I Would have said, but I hope they start to open their hearts.

Ugh, why on earth is this the best experience ever.

President told me you sent him 17 referrals. That is awesome. He asked what he should do to work on that. I said, open up a sister area in Kamphaengphet. Hahahaha we'll see...

Love you all, our investigators are hopefully getting married today (on my birthday) so they can be interviewed this weekend. Yay.

The mission has a goal of 200 baptisms this month. Let's DO IT!!!

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Happy New Year! Man i feel like its been forever since i've actually emailed you guys. But yeah. I'm in Chermside, serving with a cool sister called sister allen. we were in the mtc together. So yeah its been fun. Its just us two living in the flat. Elders lived there before, so yeah. We tidied up a bit. Theres like 500 couches in our flat. So we pushed them all into one room for someone to take.

So this area is great. We don't have a lot of investigators but we are working on building it up. We have two families that we work with everyday. So I really like being able to give as much time to them as possible. Theres been so many miracles happening lately. Its seriously crazy. But I can't lie, i love it. Our mission has been praying for miracles and we've been stepping up in obedience so now we're all seeing the effects of it. And its not coincidence but still its COOL!

So one night we had 30 minutes left so we'd thought we'd street contact people. Its usually not effective especially at night but it was the only thing we could do. So as we're walking around we meet this man called George and we talk for a bit and he's super friendly (like 60s) and so we left him a card (without the church address on it) and he said great but he lives in western australia so he'd only be here until wednesday. So then we got to church the next day and some lady bears her testimony and says the missionaries gave a man a book of mormon and he's here. I didn't think too much of it. And then in our class GEORGE walks in. He was teary eyed the entire day. He came and found the church himself and he said when he goes home he's going to look up the church. AHHH!! It was just an amazing experience meeting him and talking to him. We called him last night to say goodbye and wish him a safe flight and he said that he just loved the feeling he had at church and he said that all the nice people in brisbane were all in the church ahaha. so yeah basically the ward im in is awesome. they're very missionary minded.

the second miracle was we were at a boy Abhi's house. And we were talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he said he prayed but he didn't know if it was true. So then we're playing book of mormon bingo and his friend texts him a picture of Jesus. First off. What the heck. Second. Random. But Abhi saw the picture and paused and then said " Now I know the book of mormon is true". And then continues on with the game. And we were shocked and were like WHAT?!! But yeah he knows its true and we're going to go over tonight to ask his mom if he can be baptized! EEEKKK!

kl;aflkja;ldkfj i don't even know what to say.

but yeah its been great. we had interviews with president and he gave me permission to call sister tobiassen (my golden) whenever i felt prompted. she's having a really hard time still but i told her that she can't go home until i do. she just laughed. but she told me that centenary lakes is also booming with miracles. LA are coming to church and the edmonds are still on date for their baptism on the 8th of february! :) i'm so excited because i'll be able to go to the temple with them. :) :)

anyway. thank you for all you do. i miss you all so much!!!! love you. have a good week.

sister mullen #2

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