Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20 January 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

> I don't know what special time of year it is or whatever... but for some reason, all the dogs hear now have shirts on. Is that a thing?

> > We are at 138 baptisms with one more weekend in January. 62 more to meet our goal!!!

> > The couple got married!!! We went to go teach them and they had just bought glasses so the husband now can read the Book of Mormon so much better! It's crazy.

> > They were faithful to each other, they loved each other, I knew it. But now that they are officially married and following the commandments, the Lord's way, there was a different love that I saw when they were together. It was the best.

> > They passed their interview! Baptism on the 25th. But they didn't come to church this yesterday. Her leg wasn't feeling good.

> > They other missionaries had a baptism this last weekend. Our new investigator, Keng, came to it. We taught her Law of Chastity this last week and she feels it will be hard. She lives with her boyfriend, who is probably also the father of her kids. And after she was committed to come to church this last Sunday, she called me at 10:32 Saturday night and said she got in a car accident! Ahhh, satan.

> > She is ok and we have been studying for her and for Sister Sombun, our other dater.

> > Sister Sombun is the older lady. She has a boyfriend that works in a different city. She doesn't see him much, but they live in the same place. Because this is a commandment that involves another person, I think she feels it's too hard.

> > She passed her first interview but needed a second interview. The interviewer said he wouldn't email her until she was married. Sister Sombun started saying a lot of things. She didn't want to be baptized. She needed time, she couldn't do it. It was so hard to hear that. Especially when she is so close.

> > I studied today about faith. About how when we have faith, we trust. And how to help our investigators grow in faith to do the hard things.

> > I have come to the conclusion that for them, we have need to be more Christ-like. To increase in faith, we need to know Jesus Christ more... and what better way than to see the example in the people you see.

> > I need to continue to grow in faith and be the strong example. I think about for myself, and when something is really hard. If I am having a hard time remembering my faith in Jesus Christ, I need to see others' first. That is what I am going to be for my investigators.

> > Love, Sister Mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Man. its going to be a whole new house by the time we're all home again! I pray for your guys' health everyday. Every one tells me I'm a really hard worker and i know i get it from you both so don't wear yourselves out! :) I'm pretty sure i only wrote one of those quotes haha. Rachel is the theatrical one. She has such a way with words. :)

and i know! i cannot believe it. i don't understand how time could possibly be going so fast. its a bit scary but exciting! There's always something to be done.

This week has been fantastic! I am being humbled every second. I am so happy to be here. I'm able to tweak my self to be a little better each day.

I don't know what kind of place this is but there are miracles happening left and right. So we were walking one day and we were late for an appointment. This Srilankin lady was walking and i went up to her and we gave her a card. We quickly invited her to church and then left. UM. SHE FLIPPIN CAME TO CHURCH. With her son. He name is shiny and her son is rendu. and she doesn't speak english very well but theres a recent convert in our ward that knows her. He's from Srilanka as well, but he doesn't speak good english either haha. But they were talking and he came up to me and he was like.

"She baptist"

and i was like "what you're a baptist?"

and he was like "no baptise."

yeah. She wants to be baptized and so does her son. He loved primary! So they're getting baptized on February 8th. We're seeing them tomorrow to begin teaching them the lessons. I'm so excited for her. She's just so happy and loving.

And then we went to the families house with our member. And they want to be baptized, but they also need to be retaught the restoration and the lessons. They're from burma and their dad is now in Thailand for 2 months. So i told him to go to church. Luckily our member had an iphone. So she quickly looked up where the church would be where he was staying. He's going to Matsok i think? But apparently thats where Phisanulok branch is? So i told him to go to find my sister! I hope he does so rachel can meet him and baptize him and then i'll baptize the rest of his family here!

We had a wonderful week. miracles are starting to happen. And we're just trying to keep up with this haste. I love my companion. She really is teaching me a lot. And all i have to do is love her. I love this work. Thank you for making this possible for me to experience. Have a great week :)

i love you

sister mullen #2

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