Tuesday, January 21, 2014

30 December 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

Well, I think it will be short because I JUST talked to you. But anyways, for Christmas I opened up a new thing of contacts. Gloria.

We went and taught the couple that have a date in January. Only the husband was there and we were able to finish all the lessons for him. We took a member, Sister Nancy, she is the FUNNIEST thing ever. She just gets there, picks up the two puppies at their house, and makes conversation. She then goes out to their field and starts picking the crops. She's Hilarious.

Also had a little coughing attack teaching a lesson yesterday. That was awkward. Just a whole lot of awkwardness this week. It's never going to stop.

Even though there was awkwardness though, even though there were a gagillion things that went wrong, I am trying to learn what I need to.

First of all, don't be so dramatic: Our reactions are effecting others and the situation even more. Who cares about the mistake... make it right!

Secondly, God's way is the right way. And how are we to know if we don't plead with Him in prayer to know what is right.

It's the most cliche sounding thing in the whole world and I don't want to say it because it is so cliche but here goes: Everything happens for a reason.

I am ok with mistakes. I am ok with challenges. I am ok with trials. Because if I use that foundation of faith that I already have embedded within me, I'm not going to freak out. I'm not going sweat it. I'm going to portray to others my confidence that I have in my Heavenly Father.

It's all part of the plan! Listen to me, you won't get acne if you're not stressed out about the little things. Am I right, am I right?

For reals.

Trust in Him because literally, LITERALLY nothing else matters.

Sister Mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen

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