Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2 June 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

If I list off all the problems we are experiencing right now, that would not be following the talk given by President Uchtdorf where he said to have an attitude of gratitude always. So here we go:

I am grateful for this trial.
Haha I'm just kidding.

I am grateful to be serving here in Kamphaengphet. This is a new area with all new members who don't quite understand the importance of keeping the commandments ALWAYS... but... nowhere else would you have experienced another fast and testimony meeting as we did yesterday. This church has changed their lives and they recognize that. Every single one of them have experienced it together and I'm grateful for their faith. As missionaries, we always talk about what awful members we were at home. It's true. We have relief society all together and the 16 year old in the room asked for their visiting teaching assignments for this month. What is that?! When analyzing the daily choices or their knowledge of gospel principles you can't see it, but if you look beyond that, you will see Giants of Faith here in Kamphaengphet. These people are amazing.

I am grateful for teaching Relief Society on Sundays. Here we have the opportunity to organize an environment on Sundays for members and investigators here to worship and feel the Spirit. Not many missionaries have such a responsibility. We give talks, we do the music, we teach the classes. It's a lot to prepare but it has helped to me realize for myself the divine role we women have in the Gospel. Trying to help establish the impression that we as women have an influence for good and helping recognize how they can do that... it has caused me to strive to do better myself and appreciate what I can do even more.

I am grateful for agency. We have had a LOT of investigators choose to not learn anymore, after our faithful invitation to them to be baptized. That's always hard. But then there are ALWAYS those who will choose the right, and those are the miracles that God is willing to grant us if we keep going. After church, there was no baptism, no investigators that stayed, so we went to Big C. Planned inviting from 1-6. Yay. We went, made some phone calls, a woman was able to meet right there so we took her to the church, taught her and she wants to be baptized in 2 weeks. So there. In your face Satan.

We had switch offs this past week. I don't know what happened. There was no fear in inviting, just faith. I got 10 numbers! We had 44 other lessons this week, normally its 20 something. We got 7 new investigators, when normally its 3.

June is going to be awesome, because May was... you know.

Sister Mullen #1 
Sister Jasmine Mullen

Hello! So i had heaps to tell you but we had a pretty full on day so i don't have much time but i'll be sure to remember everything else and tell you next week. We went to the zoo today and it was so fun. so i'll send you al lthe pictures next week.
But basically it was a great week. I learned that the goal for 100 baptisms is not really just to baptize people for a number but to creat a mission that is COMPLETLEY converted. Because there is no way on earth we could do this if we didn't have faith in the power of God.
Right now we're really working with the Morris family. Not sure if i've said too much about her but she is a returned missionary. She's LA and her "atheist" husband told her to ask us to come over. She is wonderful. We have simply been going over to visit these first few times. She talk to us about her mission and it helps her to feel the spirit just on her own. This week we are starting to teach the lessons to her sons.
I'm so sad i don't have more time because so many things happened this week.
But just to tell you about last night. I have never gotten so angry in my life. Sister Tama and I felt like we experienced what that sister missionary did that Elder Holland was talking about. I felt like someone literally spit food on me. We took a LA sister with us to a lesson. And this guy smokes and she's been helping us with rides of our investigators. And she's never said anything and she's always offered to help. But as we were talking to her last night she was complaining and talking bad about them because they all smell bad. And yes true. they do. Some smoke and others don't take showers so they are very strong smelling but I don't like it when someone judges someone when they don't even bother to get to know them. They just label them as dangerous. But yeah i got pretty upset that she was saying that but as I was trying to explain that serving means that we sacrifice a little, her friend came out and started yelling at us saying that we should take them ourselves and not make her do all our "dirty work". I almost lost it. I just looked down so I wouldn't get up and start yelling back. It just hurt my heart to hear him say that this work was DIRTY. of all things he could say. As we got home I couldn't even calm down. But this morning I started thinking about why i was mad. Was I mad because he insulted me? or was i mad because he insulted my Savior? I learned a lot about godly sorrow. I did a lot of praying last night and this morning. But I'm grateful for that experience. I'm grateful for the 6 months I have left to continue to become perfected in Him. I'm so grateful to experience persecution to know what it feels like to be a disciple.
Anyway one funny line from the week
(as we were door knocking)
"are you from the dentist?"
love you
sister mullen

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