Thursday, June 19, 2014

9 June 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

what a week. We got 7 new investigators this week and we are helping prepare them for baptism. We had awesome days where it was just... appointment after appointment.

We have a 15 year old who does not have permission to be baptized by his parents. And at first he wanted to become Christian and learn all of this because Katy Perry was Christian... His name is Dotcom. yes .com. Anyways, he has the cutest testimony and talks about Mormons as he is one already.

We have a new dater. It isn't him... but his friend. He is doing "member" missionary work without being a member yet. We thanked him for his efforts and related it back to the tree of life and him following Lehi's example in inviting others to the tree. What a great example this boy is. Really, it doesn't have to be as hard as we make it seem to be.

We went to zone conference in Chiang Mai this week. It was amazing. We talked about the Godhead and Repentance and the purpose and importance of BOTH. Blows my mind sometimes the things that we learn everyday. Never gets old.

My interview with President, he said... I'm not sure how much longer you're going to stay in Kamphaenphet. My heart dropped. I just assume I will stay because after this transfer in three weeks, I am going to have one more 6 week transfer. Why not just stay? He asked how I felt about it and I told him I want to stay. He said he will petition the Lord.

Whether I stay or not, I would like to make the most and leave having tried my very best in ALL aspects of the work here. So I have asked you to follow up with all of the referrals given to the mission and ask them again if they would be willing to meet with missionaries. There have been SO many times (because of the size of Kamphaengphet) where we have asked people to wash their sins MORE than once... even in the very same day, and they have changed their mind. In fact, the Elders' baptism yesterday was first asked by Sister Ellis and then he said yes to learning when the Elders asked him later. It works.

This last Sunday we went around 8:30 to go pick up a 71 year old lady we are teaching to walk her to church. The day before we taught her the 10 commandments and told her how her statues in her house are not a thing pretty much. Used words of faith and we will follow up. So the next day when we showed up to her house, she was still in her pajamas and said she wasn't going. She said it was too hard to give up Buddhism that was what she has had since she was little. Pleaded with the Lord to help me know what to say. We used words of faith again and she went ride inside to get ready.

She was the CUTEST thing at church. Everyone thought I brought my grandma. When people prayed... she spoke up and was like, "I CANT HEAR YOU! SPEAK LOUDER!" haha SO funny.

We keep reminding her of her baptism next week and she's constantly just talking about how she is NOT scared and that she can swim. Praying the Lord will help her change and she will be baptized this Sunday!!!

Love you all,

sister mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen


Its so strange to hear that its hot over there. But at the same time I'm really confused because its not december its june and i'm FREEZING. We don't go running in the morning anymore because its windy (i know what a baby right?) And i dont use my wheat pack for my back anymore, i use it to keep myself warm during studies. Imagine if i got sent somewhere thats ACTUALLY cold, haha. The Lord knows me.

This week was really good. We had lots of lessons not too many new people to teach though.

Well I'll start with last week. Not really sure what i was able to share with you but I learned that this month is not about actually getting 100 baptisms its about being converted enough to achieve great miracles, such as the inspired goal of 100 baptisms. Sister Tama and I have been trying really hard to be able to contribute with our faith and prayers as well as a baptism. We are really close i feel like. We taught a man named Joseph Lynch. And I have never prayed during a lesson so much in my life. It was good because it gave me a glimpse of how much harder i can and should be working. As my companion and I were teaching we came to a quick realization that WE wouldn't be able to convince him to get baptized again. I prayed so much and its funny because after sister tama and i talked about the lesson and we realized we were saying the exact same things in our prayers. We asked him to be baptized and he kept saying he already had been and then we invited him to pray with us to ask. And as we knelt oh my goodness. The spirit was THERE. I knew that even if he said no, the spirit was there and helping us. After a huge silence he just said "yes." AWKABELIEVEIT. We were so happy. and he continued to say "unless God tells me otherwise, I'll get baptized." Unfortuneately he didn't come to church so he can't get baptized June 22nd. But hopefully he'll come this week so he can get baptized June 28th. But yeah. we'll see. The main thing was that he felt the spirit. And even if he doesn't get baptized, he'll remember that experience. I know i will.

We have also been teaching the Morris family. I love them a lot. Sister Morris is so close to coming back, I think she's just sooo terrified. She wants to have her family come. So we're inviting them to be baptized tonight.

We had some really solid lessons this week. And now we're in week 6, again. I can't believe how fast its gone. But we're motivated to get 40 proselyting hours everyone seems to lose it week 6 but yeah our STLs are coming so hopefully we can do it. (also i should be getting my mail as well yay!) oh and our supplies haha. We haven't had any BOMs to hand out or pamphlets or cards. I've been making sticky notes. haha.

Yesterday was really cool though. We were finding for an hour and a half and NO POTENTIALS. But we just kept trying to be positive. It was 12:30 and we were having lunch at 1. We really should've crossed the street earlier to not waste time walking home. But we crossed after the hospital and the first house that we went to was a Less Active that we didn't know about. WHAT. WHAT. Yeah it was great. The only reason she doesn't come to church is because she has no ride. She went through a lot before we came and her heart has softened a lot. It was a wonderful miracle. And then later that day when we were finding we taught 2 lessons. It was great! We have never taught lessons while finding yet. :) it was so exciting.

Our mission president keeps raising the level of obedience :) hahaha. its so funny because i asked him to and he seriously is challenging me. First it was to only listen to hymns and then only to hymns sung by the mormon tabernacle choir. If that was brought up in the beginning of my mission, you definitely would've heard some complaints. But HOW LUCKY are we to know exactly how we can be blessed. The more obedience is raised the more we can know how to receive miracles. We don't have to guess anymore. God tells us. Any way, we've been listening to the same 2 songs because its the only hymns i have on my usb hahah.

But yeah. thats it for me! I'm glad to hear you guys are fellowshippers. The sisters are lucky to have you, you are the type of couple that can fellowship anyone because you sacrifice. Its a wonderful attribute.

love you lots.

sister mullen

ps. our mission president asked us at the beginning of this transfer to find our second booster to our rocket ship. to find what was going to help us rise to the next level. I think i found it. I decided that for the rest of my mission i won't be emailing boys. it seems like a simple thing but i know that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. :) i'm so excited. my companion loves me enough to do it with my at least for a transfer. so yeah.

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