Tuesday, November 18, 2014

27 October 2014

I love it too! Honestly I know we aren't supposed to covet leadership positions but i was so hoping i would stay so that I would just be so busy for my last transfer. I guess I haven't told you much about it. But for our region we cover three zones and 6 companionships. Its a struggle sometimes because communication with elders is hard. No one knows how to talk to each other! haha. We're all learning I guess though.
We have a goal again of achieving 100 convert baptisms in November. We are having a pacific area fast this sunday and a special sacrament meeting november 30th. I'm pumped!
Updates on our investigators.
Sean! ( i learned how to spell his name )
He didn't come to church because he forgot again but we've really been discussing repentance and the atonement and he really wants to have regret and sorrow lifted from him so he's praying about baptism for the 22nd of november.
And our other investigator Carol, we invited her to be baptized a long time ago and she said no and we didn't bring it up again but she said randomly on monday "i mean maybe i do need to be baptized again." WE WEREN'T EVEN TALKING ABOUT BAPTISM. WHAT!? miracles are happening and thats because we're continually realizing as a mission that this is HIS work and we literally can't convert anyone with out first addressing HIM.
My compy and i have a gratitude jar so that has been helping us realize how much he actually gives us just in a day.
We have a baptism next weekend for Kiara. Not sure if i mentioned much about her but her sister is a member and yeah. MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK, WORKS!
Hmm. what else. i'm excited for this next month. We have 3 trade offs planned next week. We've done one. WE HAVE OUR WARD TRUNK OR TREAT ON FRIDAY! i'm sooooo excited! :)
there was something else but i can't remember now. sorry i'm so scatter brained.

Ofa atu!
Sister Mullen

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