Tuesday, November 18, 2014

17 November 2014

well here's just a little update.
i was actually really struggling this week just because i've been slack. i do my best, but its not how my best has been previously. so i was just frustrated because i felt like i was slowing down. We don't really have many people to teach and the ones we do have been dodging us or are not progressing and i was just so mad because this is NOT how i wanted to leave an area. So we've been finding all week. Trying to be as diligent as we can, but the heat is just exhausting. it was 41 the other day. But yeah after asking for something to help me just be more motivated, we fasted as a zone on the hottest day of life! And GUESS WHAT.
yes. we saw a miracle. This girl literally rocked up to church last week and i talked with her and she said oh yeah i just thought i'd come back to church. and it was the primary program so there was heaps of less actives there. so i thought she was less active. turns out she wasn't a member and yesterday told us she wants to be baptized. so hopefully with the approval of her mom she'll be baptized this saturday! miracles are happening all throughout this mission like that. its amazing to see that this truly is HIS work and when we allow Him to test our faith, we are blessed enough to reach our goals.
Thank you for everything again. :)
ofa atu.
sister watermullen

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