Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 April 2013

Sisters need pockets!

We have to go TWO HOURS early to choir practice if we want to be in it!

Just waiting for choir!

Both Thai District Sister Missionaries!

With Sister Tansankul

With the lovely Sister Painter and Sahagun at the temple.

Sister Lethco and I on our way back from the temple!

um yeah. funniest picture of my life. on our way back from the temple! haha
This is our last week so it is Definitely bittersweet. Trying not to cry haha.
Ok... now so LAST week I had a fever for maybe 4 days?? Yeah I've been sick forever. And then a couple days ago it's been coughing attacks ALL the time and so bad that it making me throw up! But I think its getting better.  Yesterday was the last day that Sister Hirschi (one of our 3 amazing teachers) will be teaching us. She is THE most amazing missionary. She was our VERY first teacher, so she is SO special to all of our hearts. At the end, she shared with us a picture of Sister Nun ( the Thai investigator she was pretending to be as we taught her)  Ahh, I was a mess!!! Last she bore her testimony to us in Thai. And when she said Sister Ruu Waa (I know that)... She started to cry , We all started to cry. She was our first teacher to teach us those words. That taught us how to bear our testimony. It was so powerful. She said she loves the Thai people so much and that she knows they are going into good hands. Ahh, I'm crying right now so I'll stop.
Daddy, How did they spell Mullen in Thai? We got our Thai name tags. Woops. Should have taken a picture and sent it. But supposedly it's wrong. We had that Sister who is from Thailand come and read all our name tags and she said she couldn't read mine. All my district was laughing at the Half-Thai's name tag that was the ONLY wrong one haha
We are hopefully going to get another day to do laundry. Got our travel plans. Leave around 4:30 pm on Monday! So I can probably call when you are both still home. Today was our last day at the temple. Went through a session with the whole district.
Oh and Sister Sahagun DOES know Karissa! So funny! haha they were friends in like 3rd grade! haha
I will write more in a letter if I remember anything else.
Sister Mullen
this WHOLE MTC Experience has been SO wonderful. It's bittersweet. I Don't want to leave my district or my teachers but I am smiling ear to ear just thinking about finally getting to Thailand and teaching!!!

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