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16 April 2013


Ah, I don't know where to begin! Plane ride was horrible. Sickness is taking over. But we landed and it was just a MASS of missionaries and luggage. (army of missionaries? ...fasho) Miracle and God's tender mercy #1 of the day was all of our luggage fitting into the truck that we brought. Took the skytrain back to the office. 

Took FOREVER to take pictures with President Senior and Sister Senior, but once he said to the Elders, "The quicker we do this the quicker you get to take off your suit coats!" Then we were done in no time.

OH MY GOODNESS THOUGH, my half Thai is NOT kicking in. I am sweating like crazy. Doesn't matter. I can be sitting down and still be dripping. blech. How is this dignified?

What did I tell you?! First Thai meal, Fried Rice. and then like some cashew chicken stuff. So after lunch they separated us into  4 groups. We did interviews first and signed some paperwork. He asked where I wanted to go. I said anywhere... was that ok to say? I don't know if it was a trick question! Because I DEFINITELY know where I want to go. Then we went to the doctor and got some blood work taken care of. Then took a picture for our medical cards... (ya, we ALL look terrible.) Then we did the Dan Jones Activity. Just took a Book Of Mormon and our testimony to the busy people of Thailand. I went up to a lady and she was like walking backwards looking all scared of me haha. Then I placed it with this guy name, Pea. It was cool. Then we headed back to do more orientation stuff.

Then dinner was Pizza! I just want Thai food. haha Then we all headed back to the hotel which was really nice, and passed out.

So next day, went to the transfer meeting and they had us all secluded for the longest time. We were there an hour early so they were just like, ok... just do some personal study in here until we begin the training meeting. haha

Did that and then they took us to another smaller room where all of our luggage was and ate lunch by ourselves. I was so anxious. 

Then they had us walk the LONGEST walk ever into the transfer meeting room where everyone cheered. It's really cool though... Everyone is so excited by all 35 of us coming. Then for the opening song we sang Called to Serve in Thai and they sang it at 12093486092374 miles per hour, just to scare us I'm sure. I just laughed the WHOLE time.

So now I am here. In Bangkapi. With my trainer Sister Yeo. The goodbyes were weird. Like I said, just pray for me that I don't miss my MTC family too much. Ahh, so hard. But I love it here. Love Sister Yeo. So I guess a tradition is that all the missionaries go to this restaurant after transfer meetings. Guess what... its MEXICAN! 

I totally just ordered off of the Thai menu. Yup, you guessed it. Thom Kha Kai.

We had to leave quick though because we had TWO lessons that very night! I totally cried in the second one when I bore my testimony. Whatever. haha.

So yeah. Pray for me today. It's my first day with the phone!!! AHH! I can't even do it when talking to family without you both there right by me, with it on speaker, and you telling me everything I need to say!!! Ah!!!

woops, totally forgot my camera cord. sorry. No pictures this week!

I don't know the address sorry. Is it not something that can be looked up? Sorry I don't know anything! We played songkran yesterday though! Woah. We were planning on going to Siilom because tons of people go and our trainers said it was SUPER fun. But we got a call that morning saying President did not want us going there! So we walked around a lot wearing our songkran shirts pouring water on ourselves. 

But then we decided to go towards Siam. Oh man, there was a foam pit? Idon't know they just blew a ton of soapy stuff in this huge area. Anyways, its rough. Can't talk pictures of Songkran but so fun. We have had a curfew of 6 pm the passed several days because of the excited people during this time. We were SO grateful bc we were taking a taxi home one day with was so chalaad (smart) because some guys were upsetting some women who were just walking by. It was pretty scary.

We have 4 Elders in our district here and it is so nice. One is Elder Flannary. He has been here about a month. He was one of our Phii Thais in the MTC! and Elder Delagarza was an Elder in the other district, but its so nice to see them all everyday. We just look all scared but excited when around the ward members.

The members are SO wonderful. Daddy! Somebody knows you! She said she went on a date with you once? haha Sister Toy or something like that! Think REALLY hard!

I got a new name tag but I don't know if I like it. they gave me a saraa -cc for the vowel :( so it's like Mawlen. or however you would spell it.

I will try and send a letter soon. and that will have the address on it. So I lost 19 pounds in the MTC! woah right? haha. but yeah so I'm doing ok. Talked to our medical serving Sister here. SO cute. her husband is filming an I'm a Mormon video or something for the Thailand mission. So when we first got here, he was always just running around to get in front of us to film us walking out of the airport and stuff. haha Ah, the senior missionaries are wonderful. Anyways, I talked to her and she told me to talk 3 cloves of garlic a day and then at night rub cut up garlic on my foot.

Ah! totally did it though! Hasn't worked though so pray for good health! haha

But other than that and sweating abnormally for a half Thai  I am loving it here. I think I came out with confidence from the MTC, but I have felt like it's bigger than me here. OBVIOUSLY. its god's work. I read the talk The Fourth Missionary and its changed everything. Seriously. I've got my homecoming talk all ready... READ IT.

And General Conference, oh my goodness. Everyone should have the opportunity to watch it twice. We watched it in English, just all of our district (4 elders, and us 2 sisters.) Some feel asleep. Amazingly though... I didn't EVER fall asleep. in the MTC and here. Crazy right? First time in years.

LOVED Elder Holland. just that reassurance that my best is good enough. and President Uchtdorf: "Are we becoming who we were designed to be" We are promised  His light. and President Monson and his stories, AH! best facial expressions ever!!!

I've just learned so much about the love of God. And only realized how AMAZING these trials are. They show us our weaknesses so that we have that opportunity to humble ourselves and turn to Him that created us.

I want more than anything these next several months, to allow the Lord to mold me. Because I really don't think I have ever given my whole self to Him like that. In the Fourth Missionary talk it talks about things that we give to God that are already His. Like tithing, or time, or talents. These are things that He has given to you.

But our will. That is something that can officially start the consecrating process. And by doing this... "it's the intelligent thing to do."

How much easier is it going to be on my mission if I just give Everything to Him so that I can be His, and everything I do is that godly potential He has for each of us?

Ah, It's so amazing. This plan He has is for designed for our success. I love it so much!!!

Love you family so much! Thank you for keeping in touch! I love hearing from home!
-Sister Mullen
also, forgot to say to pray that i train well.

so in the summer they are expecting 50 missionaries! and many of us greenies are killing our trainers (our trainers will be ending their missions after this transfer)

so with all of the Thai missionaries, and still experienced missionaries still in, and with how many sister missionaries there will be coming in with that group... there will be 2 or 3 of us NEWBIES training at the end of training!!!


But Sister Yeo is wonderful and I am already learning so much from her. and this training program is supposed to prepare us to train at the end of training, right? So I should be good. 


no but really. its cool.

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