Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013

So what happened this week...
We had sports day today and I got to see Sister Sahagun and some other familiar faces! It was so fun. President came. I was sitting on the side not playing dodgeball with a bunch of others, and President Senior was like, Sister Mullen, why aren't you playing. I said, I have glasses. He was like, well so do I. Then I said, and pneomonia. Haha.

PS It was not a regular game of dodgeball. They were playing with hard volleyballs, NOT the light soft red bouncy balls. And they were throwing them at a million mph. Don't Ever.
So Sister Yeo is doing so good with her diet goals. I had one of her crackers...

OH MY GOODNESS! It smells like rabbit food... looks like cardboard/ hamster shavings stuck together, and tastes nothing like the graham cracker I was trying to imagine it becoming. 

I meant to ask you for some fun games or activities for teaching English class? I love it, but I can't look up any activities and ideas on the internet. So if you have any??? Haha, I taught Emotions, lesson 8 this last Tuesday, and it was SO fun because I got to act out the emotions and everyone would laugh. 

We had my first baptism!!! She is 15, we got her dad to sign her permission slip. It was a crazy experience. I am so so so happy for her, but I felt so bad for the dad, he looked so sad. But it is so amazing. I am going to make it a goal to go to so many more baptisms in the future. I just never thought about it. When people are choosing to follow Christ and be baptized, they are also changing the loves of their children, and generations to follow. It's SO much more than the salvation of one, but everyone after them as well.

Her baptism... Felt so bad. The brother that was baptizing her was two hours late!!! But it was ok. It all ended well.
Sickness is getting there. I am still working and doing everything, but I am getting really tired and drowsy from the medicine. So I use my dinner hour to sleep sometimes. haha

Anyways, I am SO excited because Mother's Day is coming up!!! I don't know our plans yet, but maybe try to be online next week, and we can figure out a good time! We have four daters!!! We have a goal of 3 baptisms for May... and FIVE for June! But it's crazy, ever since we made that big goal, people have just been popping up. These two sisters that have come to English classes for maybe a month or two just came up after class and said they want to learn about the other stuff we teach! And the lady that I talked to on the Songtow, she came to English!!! And she is interested in the Gospel!!! We are thrilled.

Anyways, the biggest thing right now I feel I am doing right is loving. Loving everyone. Just making EVERYONE feel good, even investigators that may not seem to have a desire. Looking at everyone as my brother and sister just helps so much more. And it makes me happier than if I were to just go up to someone randomly, it doesn't mean anything. Everyone is special. Everyone is chosen. I feel less stress when I have absolutely NOTHING against someone.

I don't know how to say it. I know it sounds SOOOOO cheesy. But seriously, they say to pray for Christ-like charity everyday, and it is SO important to have. Really. You won't go anywhere unless you have that compassion and sympathy for others.

Speaking of sympathy. Jasmine... remember when we would want to open up a Dog place for all of the sad sick dogs here in Thailand??? Or maybe it was just me. I can't remember. But I have had SUCH a hard time, just passing up a sad sick dog here in Thailand! :( Seriously though. It's hard to stay focused on the work. I just have to keep saying to myself, All Dogs Go To Heaven.

May 18th. An Apostle of the Lord is coming.
That's right. We will get to shake his hand.

Seriously. Feeling the Spirit in lessons all the time, has not stopped or controlled the tears. I never want to talk, because I will just get choked up, or cry so they can't understand me. Seriously, I'm embarassed for myself. Ok, and I know I am saying seriously a lot.

But seriously. So Blessed.
Love, Sister Mullen

This is where she stayed while first arriving at the mission home in Bangkok.

All the mess she is taking for pneumonia.

Her first Thai meal was khaaw man Kai. (Chicken and rice )

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