Monday, April 22, 2013

22 April 2013

So we went to the doctor and found out I have pnemonia! and sinusitus or something like that... have like 7 pills to take and a nasal spray thing. felt so bad it cost like 4000 baht! Asked our District Elders for a blessing, so all is well. Got my bike! It's alright, we biked for 50 minutes out to one of our daters' house!!! It was crazy hard, still sweating like crazy, but its fun.

Sister Yeo is trying to lose weight for her brother's wedding this summer and for when she goes home. I'm killing her so since I am her last companion, I have the honor of waking up at 6 every morning and go exercise with her. I told her too, that the only reason the ward members don't talk to me about my weight is because they don't love me as much as her, and that they know I'm delicate, so they only say it behind my back. haha

So our first official sunday, because it wasn't general conference... Amazing. SIX investigators came! One of our newer investigators, he just found out he has cancer and his wife is a member and he now wants to hear the message! We taught him after church yesterday and asked him to be baptized! So now we have 4 daters! and one this Saturday! Yesterday in one of our lessons too, I said the First Vision. It was rough because I started crying at the end when I tried to say Hear Ye Him. haha But it was great.

So on our way to an investigator's house yesterday, 2 dogs definitely started chasing me!!! AH! Was scared out of my mind! Out biked them though, like a boss.

This week we had a quick little chat/lesson with one of the members. Some problems at home but I shared, from JSH The part where Joseph was tempted and overcome by Satan when he was praying for the truth. And he says something like "I was destined to prove a disturber and annoyer of his kingdom; else why should the powers of darkness combine against me?" I just love it so much. When we have problems or challenges in life, it is God testing us, but it also means that we are strong. We are the strong ones that are building up the kingdom of God and Satan doesn't want that. When we are having challenges in our lives, it just means that we are doing something right. It means that we are just going to be made stronger if we hold out and keep trusting the Lord.

It's been hard for me to go up to people and talk. It's going to take a while I know. I made myself little motivation cards with quotes that I can just quickly read and then just have the courage to just do.

But I got my first phone number from a lady while we were traveling! It was a great feeling!

The Thai food is delicious, but I haven't really had an appetite for it. It's SO weird. I'm not tired of it, I just don't feel like it. It's so weird. But it keeps me focused on the work though, so it's good I guess.

I am wearing my Thai ctr ring everyday and hoping to have a permanent tan by the time I come back.

But yes. This almost 2 weeks being here, I can DEFINITELY see myself loving it. It's SO Hard, but so worth it.

-Sister Mullen

SO SORRY! Forgot my camera cord again! :(

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