Tuesday, June 4, 2013

26 May 2013

yes BIG NEWS! I got transferred. It NEVER happens to greenies. For Sisters especially, we stay with our "moms"/ trainers for all of training. So we had transfers weird this time around. But the apostle came on a Saturday. We had transfers then. So only our district leader was being moved and we got another District Leader. Then on Wednesday we had District Meeting and on the board was written a blank line... "is moving to Korat on Friday." It was crazy! So we sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again before finding out. Said our predictions of who was going. And then he wrote Sister on the board. Then Mullen. Ah, my heart dropped. It was SO unexpected. Just kind of in a daze and can't remember much. That night when other members found out, Sister Eye was like, I'm going to church in Korat on Sunday then so I can see you. She was just baptized this last Sunday, so we were like, ummm Yeah. you Definitely need to stay in Bangkapi. You need to get the Holy Ghost and be confirmed! Hahaha! She's like, ok then. next next week. hahahaha But then on Thursday, we went to a member's noodle place. Ate lunch with Sister Yuu. She was like, Just you wait Sister Mullen, you're going to get more beautiful because you'll get skinnier in Korat because it is so hot. Hahaha, isn't she sweet. but WHILE we were eating, the AP called and asked if we were on our way. Supposedly I was moving THURSDAY! we rushed back home, I packed in 30 minutes (some of my clothes still wet! :(...) and then rushed to Asoke. Some members went all the way to Asoke to say goodbye to me and it was SO sweet! We were planning on having ice cream with them that night, but I would be on a bus to Korat so that didn't happen. I am so grateful for this exciting time in my mission. It's sad I didn't say my goodbyes or anything like that. It was a bit of a rushed thing, but it's exciting and making the experience worthwhile. I now have a Thai companion. For reals now. This one is actually Thai. She is adorable. I can't even handle it. And I have a Thai district leader. So right now, it's all thai. It's a new learning experience, I don't really know how to learn this way. But we'll see. its only the beginning. Sister Mullen

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