Thursday, October 17, 2013

14 October 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

I'm so sorry about your test! Sometimes when things are under pressure like that I don't perform as well. Like... ugh... roleplays. But I recognize that after they are done, I know EXACTLY what I need to do to improve. It's kind of like a love hate relationship right now. Same with accountability in conferences. We were told to ask people to be baptized at the first, no later than the second lesson. We hadn't been doing that and I felt so bad. And when I think about what struggles we have had with some investigators, I think about those commitments that I MYSELF did not keep to be a better missionary. So after we realized that we went street contacting and told everyone about baptism. We met an Amnuay everyday for 3 days. I think that means

something. We went inviting one day and went passed a thai temple, some young monks were sitting on the roof and were yelling at us that we were cute. How awkward is that?

General Conference this week was inspired. We finally got to watch it and I loved it. I especially liked No Other Gods by Dallin H. Oaks, especially because afterwards when we went to go and visit 2 different Less Active women, they brought up concerns we could probably hint at, but that was easily answered by his talk. Before my mission I would just assume that people become less active because they are lazy, or they were offended. But here I have learned that they just forget, and how easy it is for these people who have been members for years, but have stopped going to church for years, to gravitate back to their Buddhist ways. We are teaching them as if they are investigators because they do not remember that they LOVE God. If we are not keeping the commandments of God, any one of them, we need to reevaluate our love. That is what I have learned. I love God. As I see Him everyday in this work and how much He helps us in the saving of His children I know how much He loves us. That makes me love Him. In return I am expected to keep His commandments and help others. And how important it is that we hold so close to us, the recent converts of the church, so they do not forget and continue to convert.

I LOVED Elder Ballard's invitation to each of us to reach out to at least one before Christmas. I hope that everyone is praying for that person that they will introduce to the missionaries. I am also praying for my person. I may be a missionary overseas but am still a member that has friends still at home... hopefully haha. I know that no matter what happens, we will all be blessed for having done something that is seemingly scary at first. But if we Know these things for ourselves, that should give us courage. When you know, that enables to to act differently. Do it.

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Okay so i have so much to say. First off, i gained 20 pounds. yep. i did. and i cry all the time now. haha but no I'm going to start taking that cardio tip more seriously. :) Also I take back everything i said about christmas. Please don't send me anything. If you want to do something, listen to what happened at general conference and donate to the mission fund and find someone to share the gospel with by Christmas. That would make me more happy to hear about the blessings that come from doing those thhings than eating a bag of hot cheetos would haha. But seriously.

This week was full of miracles. Our DL asked us why we thought we were doing so well. I couldnt answer. I thought it was from our obedience. But I know I haven't been exact lately so I was trying to figure out why Heavenly father was blessing us so much. (Not that i wanted it to stop!) But then I realized its because sister hwang and I have been praying for enthusiasm and happiness. And so from that, I think thats how it happened. It was an amazing feeling to see that our prayers were answered, and its even cooler to see that, we can change our natures if we pray.

One miracle is a LA that has been texting us. Its pretty much her saying that she needs our help to help her come back to church. and now we are teaching her daughter and husband. they are so elect its unreal. (im crying right now in a library) The Lord is preparing so many people to hear the gospel. I dont know if they are ready to get baptized now, but the fact that they're willing to listen and they dont find it peculiar is a testimony to me.

Conference was amazizng! It was funny because we started watching last april's one and i thought i had received revelation or something because i recognized the talk president monson was giving haha. when we finally got the right one started, man. i cant even believe what i heard. i want to read them again and again. i loved all of them! especially Bednar's! eeek.

So something I struggle with a lot is approaching groups of people my age, especially boys. They're usually mean or say something demeaning. But i did one day because I wanted to practice courage. I didn't know i'd have to practice charity and patience as well. They said something demeaning and so we walked away and they started yelling Jesus at us. I wanted to throw something at them. And then I thought about how much Jesus was persecuted for the hopeful message he brought to others. He had to suffer that and more. Its so humbling to think about how much He endured. This whole week was humbling for me.

We have the Edmonds baptism next weekend! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK! I've never been more excited. I love you. I hope you're not working yourself too hard. you are both amazing. and i hope you know how much i appreciate you. thank you so much for the cd. its perfect. i miss you a lot.


sister mullen#2

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