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30 September 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

This week has been crazy. First off we were studying on Tuesday and during the middle of it, the sister training leader called and just started talking: Ok, you need to get on a bus to Korat and you are going to work there with Sisters Steele and Madsen while your luugs go to Bangkok to do visa stuff. They need to leave no later than 6 pm from Korat. So we packed, got on a bus and there went a couple days we hadn't planned on for our week! But it was so fun to be with Sisters Madsen and Steele, we all came in to Thailand together and I love them both!

As we were inviting at the bus station waiting for our luugs to come back to Korat from Bangkok, Sister Steele got a phone call from President Senior.

So what we knew was, there were Thai missionaries coming in and 2 were sisters. And we thought 2 of the Thai sisters that were already here would be training them... Because they are companions right now and so that wouldn't disturb any other companionships, because there are about 3 weeks left in this transfer too! Long story short, Sister Steele was training a new missionary coming in and her luug had to go back to bangkok the next day. I felt so bad, she looked really sad. It was so unexpected.

An even longer story short, Sister Steele is training a sister missionary from LAOS. I bet you anything she is preparing to go there! Ahhh! It's so exciting! There was a mini transfer before transfers. It's crazy right now, but if anything we are working so hard right now. We know that President wants us to have a baptism before we leave and we are SO close with Sister Beer. She didn't come to church this week again. We try so much to make her feel comfortable about the fact of going, but we are going to pray so hard for her, she is so willing. She also lives with her boyfriend and she expresses concerns about how she is 28 and if they broke up it would be hard for her to have a family any later. It makes sense. I just feel for these people here where the family is not a strong unit. She wants a family in the church, but he is not yet interested. And he doesn't understand the need for her to move out to be baptized. But I have so much faith in her and I know that things will work out for some reason.

Funny story, we were out inviting and then stopped to buy something to drink. I go up to pay, Sister Stevenson is still looking at what to buy and the man sees my nametag and just wonders if we believe that we live again. I end up telling him about how Christ was resurrected and how we will too... So Sister Stevenson comes back and is like... woah. She comes in as I'm like talking about how "our spirit and bodies will be reunited again" haha. It was just funny.

Anyways, Faith produces miracles, and we need miracles these next few weeks and I know they can happen. For sure. I love this place and these people, but I know that if I move in the next few weeks after having been here for over 3 months I want to leave it better than I found it. Trust in God and work your hardest every single day. Missionary or not.

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Thats an amazing story! I'm really happy you guys were able to get everything. I wonder why that memory card was so dumb.

Oh yes please! I'd love to see it!

Yeah apparently I have to paint eyes on the back of my helmet. And their real name is "Butcherbird". If i knew there were birds called that, I would never go outside.

The work is great. This week was rough, but its the last week of the transfer (CRAZY) so we're expecting to see some miracles. We have a mini missionary this week. She's so excited about being a missionary. Way more prepared to be one than I was when I was 16 haha. remember that year dad? Man good times. haha

Something is going on with Craig. He hasn't been to church 2 weeks in a row now and every time we go to his house he's drunk. I think its getting harder for him to come to church because the more he comes the more he feels the spirit and the more he knows that he has to change his life. How do you do that after 10 plus years? I couldnt imagine. But we're going to try to keep helping him.

Tracy and Jade still have a date for this saturday. We havent been able to see them this week though, We stopped by everyday but they were busy or not home. It was cool though. The other day when they weren't home, we'd thought we'd tract around while we wait for them. So we did and we found some less actives. I love when that happens. Because you seriously see the Lord guiding you to find them. They'd been living in our area for a few years and no one knows about them. Hopefully we can help their family, ( the powels) come back. :) OH MY GOSH. and how could i forget. Sister Powel was like, I feel really good about meeting with the missionaries again. You guys are the only church who comes when i ask God for help. Everytime, someone from the church shows up. I love those experiences that give you goosebumps.

So good news! I'm a good budgeter. I'm the only one in our flat who still has money on their card at the end of the month. So i've become the sugar missionary. I buy our last week's groceries haha. I dont think I do anything, i think its just the Lord taking that load off my shoulders because that would be too much maybe. And maybe he knows how bad i used to be at that so he's helped me out a bit haha.

Oh one of our investigators John came to church. He's the atheist. We went over to visit with his wife who tries her best to be active. She has a lot of health issues. But she is gone to the Philippines this month and he came! crazy right? What a miracle. And our recent convert Greta's brother sits in on the lessons by himself now and he comes to church. the young men love him and he's going to the ym camp this weekend. We don't even have to do anything, the Lord is doing it all, its an amazing miracle to watch and i have front row seats!

I think thats it. Its been a quick week since we just had pday on wednesday. I love you! Thank you for everything :)

sister mullen #2

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