Thursday, October 17, 2013

7 October 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

Balanced key indicators this week for this companionship. We made a lot of changes. We had to drop Elvis because after the 3rd time of even a soft baptismal commitment he hadn't opened his heart to coming into this church. He enjoys what we teach but to progress, at this time, wasn't happening. But we went this week to our new investigators home to have a family home evening. We taught the message of the restoration. It was 11 am, but who cares. We won the heart of the boy by playing UNO and the heart of the mom by the cupcakes we made. And they came to church! We had 2 people at church this week and they stayed all 3 hours. We have never had an investigator here stay and sit with us in the 2nd and 3rd hour. We won't get a baptism, but I'm so grateful for this miracle.

We were praying and fasting for our dater Beer. She told us, the Elders, everyone she was coming to church. She wouldn't have been able to stay the whole time because she had to go with her family somewhere but she had bought a skirt and everything! But then at 10:29 pm she calls and says her family is leaving earlier than she thought. She said she was going to pray about it and if we didn't see her at church the next day it was because she went with them. President Senior told us to share Matthew 10:37 with her. It's pretty perfect so we are going to see her tonight.

We went last night to visit a grandma. She has a lot to deal with but we enjoy just helping her and making her feel good. There was a man drinking with some others at another table and he starts speaking English to us. REALLY bad I might add. I don't think I have ever heard worse pronunciation skills than this semi drunk man. I say things super clear, several times, and he still didnt get it. "BATHROOM!!!!!!!" so we accepted "Toilet". Taught him a few phrases and then of course, how to pray. He asked how we speak such good thai. I say Jesus Christ. As I was talking to him he kept motioning for me to scoot to the right... there was a light in his eyes hahahha and he wanted me to block it for him! hahahah He would say things like,

"Hello darling"

-"No. Sister."

"Hello sister?"


"Hmm... [he walked away and said "rejected" in thai]

Hahaha it was the funniest thing of my life.

Anyways, just loving this place, loving the people, loving being a missionary. No bad days.

Sister Mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen

I know! Its going to be weird watching conference this weekend in a church building. I won't be able to just sleep. I think i got my package today. Sister Jenkins went to the transfer meeting so hopefully she's bringing it back with her.

I GET TO STAY! Sister Hwang and I are the only ones in our zone who didn't got to transfers. We are so excited! I really didn't want to go but then I thought, maybe I was going because I want to stay. So i tried to do reverse psychology (that doesn't really work on the Lord) haha. But maybe it did work because I'm staying! I'm alskdjf;a i just cant even contain my joy. It is sad though because Sister Parata is leaving. She was so much fun and she always kept our flat really fun and peaceful. She'll do great in her next area though.

Ahh can you get her email for me? and sister langi?

Maybe wear more cologne than the sister. then maybe she'll stop wearing so much. OR go in their room and accidentally dump her bottle out.

But yeah this week was good. very busy but good. we had a mini missionary. she was a blessing. I realized that I have a lot of growing to do particularly in patience before i train someone haha. she was SO enthusiastic it almost made me explode. she was very shy but she felt so motivated. i hope that we were a good influence on her. me and sister hwang dont really talk when we walk to appointments. when we're working we work and we like the quiet. but i think she had a good time.

We have our investigator Bruce who kinda just calls us whenever he feels down. He's really trying to stay sober for a relationship with his family. We went over to his house before church and he looked awful. he'd been on sleeping pills for two days and he hadn't shaved his face. he was so hopeless and he's just so hard on himself. all we had to do was show him the "good things to come" mormon message. and he started crying/laughing and was like alright. who cares? i got drunk two days ago. I'm going to keep trying. I'm going to shave and put on some nice clothes and go to church today. then he did! It was great.

We are preparing the Edmonds to be baptized on the 26th. i am so excited! I am so happy that i will be able to be here to see them. They are an amazing family.

We made dinner for bishop and his family on saturday. sister hwang made kimbab and the other sisters made garlic prawns and i made....EGGROLLS. yes i did it. thank you thank you so much. (i said that in a kristen wiig voice on snl when they're playing the secret word. "yes i said it. i said the secret word") i hope you remember that haha. but yeah it was good. didn't taste like mommy's of course but it was okay. i couldn't find the right wraps. bishop and everyone loved em. so it was a success. i'll send you apicture of those soon.

thats crazy about the missionary meals. i'm excited to go home and help out with those. are sister missionaries still going to be living at our house when we get home? i hope so.

love you! thank you for everything :) i really liked what i think was an exerpt from your journal! its funny because it related to what i wrote you today! (oh and craig is not doing so well. hasn't been to church in a while we'll get him back though)

love always, sister mullen

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