Monday, December 2, 2013

2 December 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

Taught an investigator this week named Go. I invited him to church weeks ago, but he was finally able to meet. But then he said he loved me. Yeah, we will let the Elders teach him.

This week was wonderful. We had balanced key indicators again! We are teaching a family of 3 and we were able to go out with the branch president and teach the 10 commandments. The kids we were a little worried weren't totally interested. They hadn't prayed or read in the Book of Mormon. But they came to church the next day and said they had read to chapter 4 and 6!

Our investigator Da didn't come to church, but we were able to see her afterward and teach her the Gospel of Christ. She understands so well and has SUCH a desire to be baptized. And when I say she understands so well, I mean better than anyone other than the Spirit could teach her. We haven't taught her the 10 Commandments, but she told her grandma already she isn't going to be Buddhist anymore.

That's what I love when we talk about our weaknesses, ESPECIALLY in spreading the Gospel. I'm awkward. I Never know what to say. But God works with ALL of it. It's similar to a broken clay vase or whatever. You glue it back together and it looks all broken and messed up, but put a light in there and something amazing is going to come from the cracks and missing pieces.

We are finding people EVERYDAY that recognizes the Lord's call. No seriously. Everyday. Here, in Thailand, where Satan is working hard, where Buddhism is the norm. God prepares people perfectly.

Sister Mullen

ps i LOVE the bulletin board!!!!!!!!

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Oh man! Jonathan! It seriously feels like just yesterday we saw him leaving. Just kidding it feels like 10 years ago. So this week has been pretty full on.

I might have a shot at getting an accent now, my companion is pretty as Aussie and is gets. She's great though. Its been really tough for her adjusting. Her process of coming on a mission was like the opposite of mine. She's almost 23 so when she decided to go and actually left, everything happened within 2 months. Unlike me, where it took like a year haha. She needed to be rushed, and i needed time. Its crazy how God knows EVERYTHING even down to the minute. But yeah so she is such a confident great person, but she puts herself down. So i guess not, i guess i meant she comes off that way but inside its really hard for her to see herself in a positive way. Which is kinda cool, not that she thinks that, but because when i prayed i prayed for someone i could help. And i am not saying anything about my friends but a lot of my friends deal with self esteem issues, like everyone does so its kinda cool that i feel like i know how to help her.

But man it is hard she's cried a couple mornings and all i can do is try and say what the holy ghost is saying. But she's really nervous. Its also hard because I literally have no sensitivity when it comes to people and their physical pain. Maybe i'm supposed to learn or something for my future family so that my kids dont suffer haha. But im sorry that my companions have to suffer for me to learn that lesson :P anyway she's not been able to walk very much. so we cant get a lot done but we try and teach as much as we can and if we're home we roleplay. which has really helped her confidence. we have a doctors appointment soon so it'll be good to see what can be done for her. and maybe we'll get a wheelchair! i'd be way excited to push her around. i mean besides all the pity contacts we'd get, it would be fun to push someone.

Lets see, other than training, oh yeah. i got a LOVE LETTER. OMG. it was the most awkward thing i've ever experienced. alskdjf i felt so weird and i felt so sad for him and awkward and ;alskdj! i dont even know it was a horrible feeling. and unfortunately for me, when i am anxious i have to eat something so i ate everything in the house that was chocolate haha. but man it was horrible and i had to read it to my zone leaders so they could see if i had to be ET'd. ugh. luckily i dont have to be. but it was so weird and i'm most likely going to be here for 1 more transfer haha. so i just have to avoid him for 9 more weeks. did you get any love letters on your mission?

lets see what else. oh! i had the best experience. so i read the book of mormon all the way through for the first time my first transfer and i guess after doing that i was expecting something amazing to happen. i was excpeting to feel different or better. but yeah after i prayed i just felt the same. so i kept going on with life. and it was just last week that something amazing happened. we were in district meeting and elder ottosen asked us to bear our testimony of the book of mormon. i had no idea what to say. and then when it was my turn i just started crying and i just said it was true and i got this feeling like it really was. and then i thought of that quote "i always know when i am speaking by the power of the holy ghost because i always learn something from what i say". ahh it was the coolest experience. I said " i KNOW the book of mormon is true" and i knew in my heart i really meant that. I've learned that I have known the Book of Mormon is true for a very very long time. Probably since I received the Holy Ghost. And so when i prayed to ask if it was true, i felt no different because I've already known its truthfulness. Ahh its so cool. I've also learned that its really true what we tell our investigators. "you dont have to read the whole book to know its true"this gospel is so cool. it just makes sense!

Another cool experience, Belinda is someone who I met my first transfer. She was pregnant at the time and so we couldnt teach her. She's had her baby for 3 months now and we've gone over periodically just to do random acts of kindness. I know that planting seeds is the most important thing because now she's reading the book of mormon and she recognizes the holy ghost. Ahhh! im so excited. I dont know if she'll get baptized anytime soon but we brought her Closer to Christ. Which is our purpose.

James is getting baptized next weekend. Nicholas' family is taking the lessons. And the Edmonds are still on track. Life is good. I love being a missionary so much! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!

Love, Sister Mullen

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