Saturday, December 28, 2013

9 December 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

We went to go and teach the family that we are working with. The dad is back home from working up north and we gave him a date and pushed back all of their dates so they could be baptized together. Turns out they are not legally married though and the two "kids" are actually boyfriend and girlfriend. EEK! but they are ALL reading in the Book of Mormon so well so we are sure their concerns or doubts will just depend on their testimony of that book. They all came to church also!

Da passed her interview! She was so cute, studying and reading and reviewing everything. We were confident with a desire like that, she would pass. We went to go find a place to get a baptismal suit sized for her because she is a little bigger and they don't have one big enough. Now on a quest to find something that will make the water not brownish/yellowish! It is going to be perfect.

I miss the cold! That will definitely be AMAZING! Mommy looks so cute! We see a lot of Thai people cooking like that minus the hat.

There were some fun experiences in contacting this week. Its just kind of fun now, by going and going and going through all of those rude people, I just KNOW that next person is going to be interested. It's really cool. I really wanted to do 2 hours EVERYDAY this week as we are asked to do, but because of lessons or things like that, it didn't work out like that last week. So we made sure that we did it, and without fail, EVERYDAY I feel accomplished. Even just for ONE phone number. Here in the mission you really see the influence of God more than any other place, but then also Satan's influence. And while it is wonderful to have lessons every hour, things can happen. Satan can make it so that that person can't make it, or there will be a distraction in the lesson to make it not the best place for the Spirit... But as we go out there, push him aside and blaze on through all those people who aren't ready, God guides us to those ready. Allowing us to accomplish more than we could with lessons all day.

I hope you can talk to Sister Thong and Brother Sawat sometime. They really love our family and I can see how they really love missionaries, but especially me and I know that is because of you. I forgot to tell you, Na Tuk gave me 2000 baht. So did Sister Thong. So that is 4000 baht for tithing.

Sister Anchalee still hasn't called me or answered her phone. I went to their house again and asked if we could visit. I pulled out the whole... I may be moving next week -- on them and the daughter seemed a little more interested. haha but I am just really trying to put myself in these Less Actives shoes. but maybe finding LA's to work with is similar with finding investigators. If they aren't ready, they aren't going to come back.

Love you all.

Sister Mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen

I loved the pictures you sent me! Man to be completely honest i was really mission holiday tapestry week. I hope everyone did amazing! Lexy was in the show? What did she do? Was aley in it? Man i wish i could've seen anna. i bet she was great!

This week I felt like all i did was drive. We just drove and drove and drove. It was so exhausting. I definitely like walking better. I haven't walked much at all this transfer because my companion's knee. We got an MRI the other day so we'll know by today what we actually should and shouldn't be doing.

But yeah we had new missionary training and it was soo great. JUST what i needed. Trainings always are. We got sort of trained on what a leader is. And President showed this video of Jesus Christ and it was just clips of things he did with attributes listed. But man with the music and everything i just started bawling haha. And something president said was that leadership positions aren't coveted because they're lonely. So i guess i just got a better idea of what i need to be doing. And now i've learned to be okay with it if she's mad at me because she got offended by a correction. Its all a learning process. And its really cool because literally EVERYTHING that i was struggling with at home is being tested here. and I'm being refined in the process which is so cool to see. Man Heavenly Father knows us sooo much about us its crazy. I'm always blown away.

We read a talk about being a consecrated missionary. I LOVED IT. Those talks always just pump me up and make me want to do better. There's heaps of stuff that distract me but just choosing not to think about it in that second, i dont know its like a game you play with the adversary except its funny that he never wins. And I've been sooo tired lately and getting kinda angry that i dont have enough time to sleep. But then i realized that Satan never sleeps. ever. and so im so motivated now to work 10 times harder than him. "The game is close and victory means everything" My companion knows that i now talk by quotes. My goal before the end of my mission is to quote the standard of truth to someone who tries to reject the gospel. An Elder in our mission did it and i thought it was so cool!

I love what you said about Noah. haha i laughed so hard!

I'm thinking wednesday around 1 is when i can do it. It depends on you guys as well and when rachel is available. Just let me know what works best!

James is getting baptized in 5 days :)

"and may all your christmases be white" :)

See you soon!

Sister Mullen #2

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