Sunday, December 29, 2013

23 December 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

We had transfers last week and we are staying together and in Phitsanulok! Some amazing things happened at transfers. Elder Harris is now AP, taking the place of elder Davies. I served with Elder Harris in Bangkapi! President Senior then shows a slide that says NEW AREAS and he says: Going to Kamphaengphet (and then I scream and freak out for a second... yeah it's where the family is at) 4 Elders are going there. There are 2 members. And I was crying.

Tons of crazy cool changes in companionships all over the mission, but it's complicated and nobody knows these people anyways so whatever haha. It's all in my journal. Elder Hunt is now in my district! He is the best! He was in my group at the MTC but had to stay behind for surgery, but his thai is way too good and he is the funniest human. Sister Stevenson, my luug, is in MY greenie area now!!! I'm so happy for her! 3 transfers in the Isan and now Bangkok.

It was a way cool moment. President was talking across the room and he saw me and just smiled. Came over and shook my hand. I, of course, start crying.

But then at the Christmas Zone Devotional (which was so fun) he's like, Sister Mullen, I'd like to speak with you alone for a moment. He takes me into another room and asks, did I upset you?

Long story short, he didn't remember my family was in Kamphaengphet, the area he just opened. He told me he wants me to plan a time to actually GO to kampaengphet. He is just amazing. He didn't know, but he is SO positive that the Lord knows. (Obviously!)

The Seniors took us out to The Duke's (because our zone christmas devotional was in chiang mai) and they paid for ALL of us missionaries. It's so funny how people's appetite's change when someone else is paying. I got a burger. YUM!

So because of transfers and other reasons for traveling... we were literally on a bus for over 25 hours in just 3 days. One of the buses was so cold. Like, SERIOUSLY cold. I was nervous to even put my contacts in I thought they would freeze on my eyeballs.

Wow. This Christmas is already wonderful, and I haven't even eaten fried rice for lunch yet. Not that I want to be away from family again, but it is SO much easier right now on my mission, to see what is most important. And right now, that is to keep working.

Love, Sister Mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen

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