Sunday, March 2, 2014

10 February 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

So Lukas, that investigator that has investigated for over 10 years, he came to church for the second time this last week and he told us he is willing to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. He hasn't been baptized because he had NEVER gone to church, because of his amazing job at 7-11. But now he has just made the decision to just do it. His date is for the 22nd, but we are going to prepare him to be interviewed this week, so he can be baptized a week early. No reason to keep waiting. It's been 10 years.

Keng, she moved out of her boyfriend's apartment. Now she is just working on forgiving others. She has had hard things happen in her life, now it is time to help her realize how the gospel will help with ALL of that.

It's WAY hot here. like I'm dying.

During our two hours of contacting everyday, I like to now crunch of leaves. I feel like I'm in a musical. And it is no longer painful or annoying to contact, but enjoyable every stinking minute. I love it. Just a time to stop and increase the teaching pool!

We went out far to go see some Less Actives. Sister Nancy drives a thing for work, so we call her up sometimes when we don't feel like biking way far. We asked her to go with us to Sister Gung (RC) and Sister Gung's youngest son was there!!! He is way sweet, 15 years old, got some tattoos but he came to church. She is working on her family one step at a time, it's amazing.

Anyways, when Sister Nancy learned we were going to take a bus out to the LA's house, she offered to go with us. Mind you, it is her day off. Ah.

It was good. We worked, ok?! We worked. but we also may have had a great time and drank out of coconuts too.

We have our musical fireside this weekend. I'm singing Where Can I Turn For Peace. Hope all goes well and I don't mess up everything about this concert. ps that's what we call it now because thai people don't know what a fireside is.

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Well i'm glad everything is okay. I don't know if you guys ever look into your patriarchal blessing very much but sometimes i read mine and i just wonder WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. I'm very grateful that it was nothing. Continue to be healthy!

So this week was great! I don't know if i had a chance to tell you but i'm playing piano more now! I practice sometimes. And I played Nearer my God to Thee for district meeting! Eeek! I was so nervous and once i started i was like oh my gosh i do not want to play this anymore haha i was sweating! TMI? man. but yeah. It was a great week.

We just had transfers. I am now with Sister Tempany. She is from Weston's ward in Melbourne. So she gave me a note from him so that was pretty cool. For the past two transfers I have really struggle with loving my comps. Or I guess showing them that I love them. So i made a promise to myself that this transfer I would make sure not to regret anything. I really loved the quote you sent me from elder holland. that was seriously perfect for me.

i dont have the picture with me but i'll send it to you when i get it. its a picture of the missionaries in our ward. there are now 8. and we took a picture with 2 of the APs who were leaving. it was such a great capture of the work hastening. one the APs got released today. he has been an AP for over 7 transfers. it was so sad/weird to see him "go".

The work is hastening. There are so many new things in our mission. We are working harder and if we slow down we'll be left behind.

There are three types of missionaries. The ones who make things happen, the ones who watch things happen and the ones who say, "what is happening?".

I'm so grateful for this experience. I'm so sad that its almost halfway over. i miss it already. but i know that when i go home i'll be able to continue. things are going to happen this transfer. :)

have a great week!

sister mullen

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