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9 March 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

This week was filled with awesomeness. We have been praying more specifically for ready people in inviting and we found them! One day, we were inviting and this lady selling noodles was way sweet. She wasn't interested, but when I asked her if she knew anybody else, she had a number to give us. She left her phone at home though, so asked us to come back the next day.

We went on contacting for about another hour, just kind of walked around... then got a phone call from the Elders saying we were going to Phitsanulok the next day for a training, so we'd be gone pretty much all day. We decided to walk back to the noodle lady and tell her. We were going to cut across and go down a neighborhood street, but as we did, a gagillion dogs came out of nowhere. I'm so brave when it comes to dogs. But this one actually bit me. Not really. Didn't break the skin, but it totally scratched me... with its teeth! Haha. So we didn't go that way.

Way awesome, God putting those dogs in our path, because we totally just came across the noodle lady later and were able to tell her we would go get the referral another day. Haha ended inviting with a slurpie from 7-11.

We went inviting at the market and just attacked it with the elders. It really is not the biggest place ever, but we literally got every person. Annoyed them til they gave in and realized it's important haha.

We went to Phitsanulok and had our training. It was good. We went to have lunch at Shabushi, splurged a little because there is NOTHING in Kphet haha.

Taught English for the last time on Fridays. People are out of school, so not many people are coming 2 times a week. It's been fun though.

I've been trying to go out inviting with more faith and focus. I have found real success in choosing to have faith. Just that mental effort to believe just a LITTLE bit more in the message makes all the difference. I found myself getting phone numbers, when people really saw that I wasn't inviting them because I had to, because I was looking for someone to teach, but because I knew it was something they really want and need.

We got an amazing investigator. Long story short, she dropped us the very next day. She got in a fight with her boyfriend who doesn't want her to change religions, way sad. That all happened on Saturday, the day before church! But I know that SHE was a miracle. Accepted a date for the 16th like it was nothing! It's just so sad when they can't let go of the culture, or their friends or families influence their decision.

The District President of Chiang Mai came down and so we had 32 people at church!!! WOOO!!! It was a really good meeting. And when one person doesn't work out, God gives you another... A girl we contacted came to church and she seemed really interested! We are going to teach her today and give HER a date for the 16th. We'll see how it goes!


Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

So yes, this week was soooo amazing. I don't even really know where it went. This current week has gone by really fast too. But yeah I guess I'll start with Maria. She is just a miracle and a half. Sister Tempany and I are still in awe at the whole thing. But yeah. We taught her the rest of the lessons, thanks to the members driving her back and forth, we were able to finish all of them. President interviewed her for baptism and it was all good to go. She got baptized and it was amazing. The whole morning was stressful, but i think i've gotten used to the fact that I'm not the one this spiritual experience is for. I have the privilege of witnessing it but I'm also the one who gets to make it a great and memorable experience for them. So as I have learned to take on that role of creating places where the spirit can touch hearts, I've enjoyed it a lot more. Her baptism was beautiful. She bore her testimony, she has such a knowledge that could only be explained from the spirit. We definitely didn't teach her all of that! But yeah, its been an amazing 3 weeks knowing her and i'm glad we get to keep teaching her. And lets just look at how great the Lord's timing is, a couple weeks ago, a missionary from the Perth mission moved into our mission, he speaks Spanish, and now he can teach Maria's son who doesn't speak English! So he'll be getting baptized hopefully soon. And! Lots of ward members were concerned why we were moving so fast with her baptism. And I guess we never stopped to think about it. But the spirit knew what to do and we just kept moving. Which is good we didn't take time to think because now she's a bit more busy doing things with her lawyer and everything working on her divorce. So that two week window from when we met her and when she was baptized was closing and now she has the Holy Ghost to help and protect her when she needs it most! Yeah, I cannot even express the spiritual high i'm on right now, just from these last few experiences.

Abi's baptism was great! Wednesday baptisms are the best! Everything was a bit rushed but it all worked out. 51 people were there! Abi was able to bear his testimony. We helped him write one earlier that day and he went up there and just spoke from his heart! It was so great to witness. The elder who found their family 1 year ago was able to be there, he married a girl in the ward haha. But yeah it was amazing. What was even better was being able to hear Maria's and Abi's blessing and confirmation. Abi's blessing especially. He was told that he would have the opportunity to be a missionary sharing the gospel in his own language! Eeeek! Chills right? The gospel will be spread to every nation. God has a plan.

Another miracle. A guy I GQd ON MY BIKE, might i add, is getting baptized next week. He lives in the APs area but yeah its so cool to witness all these prepared people. And we also found a family that has been here for 2 months and they are just beautiful. They have been through a lot. Escaping from their country, they are still getting used to the fact that they can walk outside without the fear of being killed. But they are very humble and hopefully they will accept the gospel soon. I'm not sure if they're muslim but yeah they are just amazing. they have an amazing spirit about them.

I honestly can't remember anything else about my week haha. Those were the huge 3 things that happened. Oh well actually we did meet a psychic who wanted to learn. I was soooo scared. They just freak me out a little bit because i feel like they're just gonna read me the whole time. But yeah we went to his house and he was really nice. but yeah i felt creeped out. but then my comp recited the first vision and he was like i can tell when people are lying. PAUSE. and i was freaking out i was like oh no its over. he'll never believe. and then he said, and you are not lying. WHAT. WHAT? The best. I love the spirit. He can overcome anything when its truth. Yes! So i'll keep you updated on that one, its pretty interesting. Oh and we were tracting and an old lady just told us to come in. When we knocked on the door i prejudged because it was the nicest house on the street. Thats why the Lord is in charge and not me. Haha. I just need to be obedient. But yeah, her husband just died and we came to help! We'll be meeting with her next week.Miracles are just filling up the mission.

Anyway yeah, just so you know, I do have a testimony. Not just because of the miracles that I am so honored to witness, but because the feeling of peace and comfort have never ceased as I share the message of the healing of the Atonement. I'm so grateful to be a part of this work. I know the book of mormon is true. I love how its changing me. I'm so grateful for the men who wrote it. I'm so grateful to be here. I love my life. I love most of all my Saviour. I've never had so much light fill up my life. I love it. Thank you for helping me to be here. I love you.

have a great week!

Sister Mullen

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