Sunday, March 2, 2014

16 February 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

Ok. Transfers are this week. Things are crazy.

Not really. I'm just being dramatic.

Let's start with Lukas. We taught him the 10 commandments this week. We started with No other Gods. He is fine with that. He has been calling himself Christian for years already. No Buddhism in him. Next was no idols. He grabs his neck. "MY CROSS!" haha He GETS IT!

Next, saying the Lord's name in vain. He says Oh my G.. ALL THE TIME! He got a little embarassed, haha. He was like, WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME! I SAY IT SO MUCH! Haha, so we said oh my goodness is fine. So he quickly changed to that the rest of the lesson.

Got to the Law of Chastity, and he got a little worried. He is gay and telling him that he cannot act on those feelings was scary. I didn't know what to say. All I could do was invite him to pray for strength to live this law that God has set forth. He is such a bubbly person, so happy. So he left still just as happy, but I know a lot more on his mind.

We saw him a couple days later. Just wanted to follow up. Asked about his praying, how it was going. And he just smiles and says he will try.

He wants to keep this commandment.

He may have been investigating the church for WAY to long (10 years!) and doesn't have ALL the knowledge of the gospel quite yet. But this man's faith, love for god, and willingness to keep the commandments is more than I have ever seen in a person.

I am working hard, but I will say it: I did nothing.

ah, crying right now in the internet cafe. haha whyyyyyyy

Keng is now working on sundays, but she should be able to come back to church next month and be baptized. But she is planning on moving to the south where there is no church in a few months. Crazy how fast people make such HUGE life decisions! I take 10 minutes just to figure out I want fried rice for lunch.

I love this place. Don't know who is leaving, who is staying. Either way things will be exciting. The district presidency came this last weekend. They got to see the fireside and they met with us afterwards and told us how they are planning on calling some missionaries to be called as counselors in some of the auxiliaries of the branch.

Lots of good happened this week. It was good. Way good.

love, sister mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen

My week has been WONDERFUL! So far so good with my companion. It was tough at first, but I remembered the lessons I have learned from my dealings with other companions. I made a promise to myself that I would not regret anything. And ever since then, life has gotten a lot easier.

I'm glad that you guys have been able to spend more time together, or more QUALITY time together. I saw this quote on a door the other day and it said, "Love is when two people sit in the middle of a bench, even when there's plenty of room on both sides." I often think of what you said to me one day about how marrying mommy was the easiest decision you ever made. That brings me a lot of comfort and its easier to stay focused.

So this week has been kinda crazy. Melissa had a bit of a break down. Its funny how sometimes we see when our heart aches, as weaknesses but they're really gifts from God. Melissa has been blessed with a heart that loves all of God's beautiful creations. She cannot stand to see an animal hurt or mistreated. Thats truly a gift. But if we cannot access the powers of the Atonement, then we can not find peace and rest that we require. I am continuing to try and grow a more bold testimony so that hopefully one day, with the right timing, and the right circumstance, the knowledge of the atonement will pierce her heart, in a good way! So she can get baptized! But yeah we spent 2 hours with her the other day just letting her talk it all out. You could see that the spirit was back in her home by the time we left, Although we have an hour limit, thats how i like to leave people. My heart cannot leave someone without it. Well, its really hard to leave.

But yeah Abi is getting baptized March 5. The ward is really excited. I am praying and hoping so much that he will do it even if his dad is not here. The ward is praying really hard though.

I am really grateful for the Atonement, and I am so excited to be more deeply converted. I learn new things everyday. And I really would like to just have it so engrained in my soul that nothing can shake me when I get home.

i love you and im grateful for everything you've done and continue to do for me.

Sister Mullen #2 :) :)

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