Sunday, March 2, 2014

2 March 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

This week was LOTS of inviting. We teach English twice a week here which is great, we just need more people. We have not been able to meet with any of the investigators that were already in the area book, so we have just been starting fresh... with inviting and finding those ready and prepared. It has been difficult this week meeting with people.

Just sifting after we have already sifted. Whatever. It's normal. haha

We gave a date to this cute old man. His name is Amnuay! The same as Grandma! That's got to be a sign. We taught him The Gospel as well as the Word of Wisdom. He is good. He can Totally be baptized soon. When we gave him his date... pulled out his journal... turned to that date and wrote in when he was being baptized. Then he went back to the 23rd of February and showed us his entry when he saw us and we invited him to be baptized on the street. He wrote down what baptism was and all the stuff that was on the card that we gave him.

He is just a little forgetful. He came 1 hour late to his appointment, and left his phone at the place that he first went to when he got lost. So currently, he does not have a phone. But we have his address so no worries, he'll be baptized on time.

This week, the Unit Leader (we call it a unit because it is not a branch yet), was not here. So us missionaries were Totally in charge of Sunday. Gave a 20 minute talk... Hey, that's better than in English!

Then, maybe because it was fast sunday or something, but Satan was working crazy hard at getting me depressed and tired. I won't go into the problems and challenges I was thinking about, but it was just hard to get up. But as we all know, the best way to get over that is to just get to work. We went inviting and it was interesting. Had a few people laugh at us here and there, but thank goodness for companions that can be there, so we are never alone. Met a guy named Brigham... I really hope that's another sign and HE will be baptized too! :)

There was going to be a baptism yesterday, but since the Unit Leader wasn't here in Kphet, they needed someone else holding the priesthood to be witnesses for the baptism because all the other members are RC's and don't have it yet. So they had to have the Phitsanulok Elders come in and their bus got in late so we didn't get to the river until about 7 for the baptism. But oh man, was it amazing. that's all I can say.

Nothing better than this right here.

Love Sister Mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen


This week seriously couldn't have been any better. I don't know why the Lord has blessed ME so much. Like the more I'm out here the more I am amazed at His love for us. Like I get blessed for waking up at 6:30. I get blessed for going to bed at 10:30. I get blessed for knocking on strangers' doors. Man truly by "small and simple things are great things brought to pass"

So the week started with our miracle investigator Maria. We didn't have anything to do Monday, our back up plans and back up back up plans all fell through and we didn't feel GQing was the most effective thing that night. And then we just started talking about Maria and then Bro Williams called us and invited us over to dinner with Maria! They invited her over and we just got to know her and seriously its weird. but COOL. she just seriously accepts everything we say. Like I still pinch myself sometimes and sometimes Sister Tempany and I just sit and stare because she's so amazing. These are the elect that are prophesied in the scriptures. So we've seen her everyday since and she's getting baptized this Saturday. YES. THIS SATURDAY. She's just a blessing from heaven. And she knows its true and she was just a blessing to give us more faith that God really is behind all of this. She like seriously says the stuff it says in preach my gospel like, "I feel like something has been filled" I get chills just typing that. She truly is elect. We taught the Word of Wisdom and I though thats when it was going to get a bit realistic. But no, she just filled my heart with faith and cast out my fears because she has a really bad addiction to coffee and when we simply just told her over the phone we don't drink coffee. She stopped immediately. She hasn't had one for 3 days now. She has really bad headaches but she just "wants to follow God" (in her own words) I hope one day you can meet her or I hope you can truly feel the spirit that I do when I talk about her. She is a light for others and she is a disciple of Jesus Christ. Eek! She's just too amazing for words honestly.

We had trade offs this week. Something I wanted to learn was how to just be bubbly all the time. Sister Moran my STL definitely taught me that. She just radiates happiness. She taught me so much in just a day with her. My companion had another sister who honestly traumatized her. It was awful. And really scary. She's fragile to begin with and this STL just tore her apart.She's a great missionary but the love in the trade off was the most important part and it was missing. Its been great though this week for me, i've learned how to love loving my companion. I love serving her and being able to help her. So her bad experience blessed me! Man seriously i don't know whats going on, but I know God loves me. :)

Abi is good for baptism. He's so amazing. He's excited to get baptized and then get his bike fixed so he can come out with us haha :) he was scared a little bit but, nothing that the spirit can't fix. Apparently his mom got baptized. sooo... not sure what that was all about but we haven't caught up with her yet. His baptism is This wednesday night. Its the "mutual activity" for everyone so I"m really excited. I love the youth in our ward btw. they're awesome.

Oh the weather is bipolar as. I don't ever know whats going on. But it makes the mission an adventure as always. haha

Oh backtrack, after trade offs my GQing skills definitely improved all thanks to amazing leaders. We went off inviting everyone to church and 4 people said yes. They didn't come but I know they will next week :) One lady we helped with her groceries home. She's from Greece. Its seriously like I'm serving in 50 different countries. But its great. Also a guy asked me if he could get baptized. WHAT THE HECK. haha :) Oh yeah and my first day back on my bike in 3 transfers, ( i have no idea how to GQ on a bike) but yeah i tried to give him a card and fell off my bike and my bike just yeah. it was ridiculous and embarrassing. haha good times.

Anyway, I think thats it. Obvs, my testimony has grown heaps this week. But most of all my heart has been enlarged. I've allowed Heavenly Father to do that. I'm so happy I could cry. I do all the time now. haha I love you and thank you so much for everything

Sister mullen #2

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