Sunday, April 6, 2014

17 March 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

No letter from Rachel this week?!?

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Hello Wonderful Family!

I was wondering how you were going to do anything for mommy without our bank accounts to hide in haha. I'm glad it all worked out. Wow, thats sorta scary, the other day on splits I tried to call my companion and i didn't know how to use the members' iphone. It just looks so complicated now!

Thank you for sharing that, yeah I would like to hear more, I think once I start hearing more of what other people learn, I'll be able to pick things up myself better.

So its only been a few days since I last emailed, so I don't have many too exciting updates. But its great as always. :) Haha this week we got invited to a less active's house randomly for dinner. So we were really excited to start making more progress with her. She told us she lived on Gympie street and so i assumed that she meant gympie road. Yeah, they're two different streets. WHO DOES THAT? haha Seriously in the same town, you would think they would have other things to name streets, like kangaroo or some other weird creature that lives here haha. But anyway so we rode to the end of gympie, and then found out it wasn't the right street and the street she lived on was 4 suburbs away. But we just felt we couldn't just rain check it. So we rode to her house and then we couldn't figure out which side of the train station she lived on haha so it was a very back and forth night. She said she'd meet us at the station but then her phone kept dying so she had to go back and charge it haha. OF ALL THE TIMES TO RUN OUT OF BATTERY haha. but eventually we found her and we had a lovely dinner. It wasn't anything huge, but again I feel like its just those small moments that matter most. When you have just an inkling to do something, FOLLOW IT. It will add up to something huge later. I think i said it before but I have a huge testimony of following small promptings. And its even better if not a huge miracle comes from it, because that means it was Heavenly Father testing you to prepare you for that big moment when it does. Like Maria, I was tested a lot with so many people before to see it I really would talk to everyone I see, and then when it came time for me to speak to her, I was ready. Anyway, off topic but yeah that day was really fun. It made me feel like a real missionary. Like you hear those stories of horrible day when everything goes wrong, or horrible weeks. But how great it is to have a "horrible day" on the Lord's errand. Horrible days our here are my favorite.

We started teaching the Nabi family, the muslim one we GQ'd. They're beautiful! They have such an urgent desire to know the truth! Its great. We were teaching the plan of salvation and I was drawing it out and everytime the girls would finish translating for their mum, they would say "okay whats next, draw the next one." haha it was great! But yeah, I've never taught muslim people so it'll be interesting as we continue to work through their concerns. The two girls came to church and it was a bit of a mess. President says we need to orchestrate our investigators' church experience and if it goes up in flames, don't be discouraged, thats the way it was supposed to be. So yeah we planned it all out and it went up in flames haha so we'll see them tonight and ask how they liked it. :)

Anyway we had dinner with the Fergusons and Sister Ferguson was telling us about Deborah from the Old Testament. And she was described as a woman with a torch like spirit. It was pretty inspiring. After we shared our spiritual thought, she did too haha.

But yeah life is great the mission is great. I just realized this was really long and nothing has really happened this week haha.

Thank you for all that you do. I'm very appreciative of the little things. I love you guys. Have a great week! Also, I'm emailing on Tuesday next week. Another transfer DONE! crazy as.

Sister Mullen

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