Sunday, April 6, 2014

24 March 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

Well we were determined to get balanced this week, even though we would only have 2 full days to get everything done. Monday, our investigator Brigham couldn't make it, so we just did fhe.

I sat Thai style, pretty much the whole time, so when it came time to leave, my foot was WAY dead and I didn't even know it. I kind of hobbled over the first time I stepped down on it, then the second time it COMPLETELY bent over the wrong way. Something super cracked and then I literally could not hear anything. For some reason it was just muffled sound for a few minutes. My foot got swollen and I was hobbling around the apartment.

That night I had to go to the bathroom but I made sure I didn't make ANY noise. Can you imagine Sister Ellis waking up and I'm limping in the dark. No. I couldn't do that to her. That would scare everything out of me.

The next day was English day. I met a guy on Sunday and got a return appointment so he met us right before English and we taught him. He's very open and ready to accept commitments. He wants to be baptized, but we need to do it quick. He works on an oil rig thing where he is out on the ocean for a month, and then rests for a month. He leaves next month to go back out. He needed to come to Chiang Mai this passed week if he wanted to be baptized on the 30th, but he didn't.

But then the next day we met with an 18 year old and 21 year old boy. We just did it. We taught them all the commandments. They made friends with the members we had at the lesson, and they REALLY wanted to go to Chiang Mai. Later while we were in Chiang Mai, they told us their moms wouldn't let them go, but they will definitely be baptized next month early!

Chiang Mai was awesome. It was great for the members to be able to go and see a church building, to meet with all the members. We had zone conference with just missionaries about raising expectations and becoming. We are doing it.

We traveled a couple hours to Lamphaang on our random day of not doing anything to go help them invite. It's a small town. We were there for just an hour and 45 minutes, but I thought it was great they sent a few of us out there to go and help.

District Conference was great. I got to play the most amazing piece with Sister Jackson. She is amazing at the violin and she has this Oh My Father version that we love playing together. we served together in plok.

I got to see so many people from Phitsanulok! They said I got skinnier which was so nice of them to say, because I know for a fact I've gained like 2 kilos here. A lot of them are planning on coming to Kphet soon to visit! And I think the members here became really good friends with people in Plok so it's going to be SO SO awesome. I got to see Lukas, the gay investigator from Plok. I missed him. He was baptized just the week before. Seeing him in the new members meeting was perfect. I was just sitting over in the corner crying haha. Hot mess.

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Hello! GUESS WHAT! I have a new companion! We are now a three way here in Chermside. I'm really excited. Its really cool. Her name is Sister lindha. She is from Indonesia. Sister Tempany (my other companion) her brother actually baptized sister linda. How crazy is that!

But this week was great as well. I've learned to suck it up a lot. Week 6 is always tiring and our DL knew that so he challenged us to get 14 hours finding this week. We tried our very best and it was great! We got 8 hours so barely half but it felt really good to work. I haven't learned how to stop complaining but haha that'll come.

This past week one of the highlights was being able to go to the temple with our recent converts. In our mission we are allowed to go to the temple for our recent converts first time :) Its really cool and I'm so grateful to have that rare experience. It was amazing just to see Maria and Abi in the temple. There were 6 recent converts there for their first time :) The spirit was definitely present. Although they didn't completely understand what was going on, THEY felt the spirit.

We've been struggling trying to get the young men to fellowship Abi. He's the only member of his family so the support needs to be there. They are trying but they don't really know what to do yet. still learning. but yeah luckily our Ward Mission Leader's wife has talked about it and they are "adopting" him. Her dad was the only member to join in his family and she understands how much it affects so many generations. So she feels an enourmous love for Abi.

Maria is still looking for a house so we haven't been able to see her much lately. But how crazy is it. That we met her four weeks ago and she's been baptized, and gone to the temple. I just can't even believe there was a time when she was searching for truth. Her son Martin, has a baptismal date for April 5th so we're preparing for that.

We went finding for 5 hours yesterday and we were really trying hard to improve our skills. SO it went by really fast! and guess what. thats right we saw heaps and heaps of miralces. i was just like "whats going on" all day. The spirit was just present the whole day. We contacted 100 people! I was excited I've always wanted to do that in a day.But one experience I want to share is when we contacted a referal. Her name is Kalina and we were talking with her and then her partner walked in and starts talking about how he was homeless and found Jesus and stuff. The spirit was just there as he was talking. Then he finds out we're mormon and thats when he said "Oh I've read the book of mormon, I reckon that should be in the Bible, its better than the bible. Its true." WHAT WHAT WHAT. I was speechless. Like what do you say? haha Yeah so we're teaching them on Friday. I'm so excited and nervous but yeah. AHHH!

Also we met some really golden people yesterday. And the last guy we talked to he couldnt open the door but he looked out the window and simply just said "Come back tomorrow". hahah WHATS GOING ON.

Anyway fun times. Sister Tempany said the other day "You know Mohammed Ali said I have a dream.." AWKS. I was like that was Martin Luther King. And she was like well Mohammed had dreams too! haha i was rolling on the floor. Maybe its not so funny to you guys but maybe. haha

As for the weather its getting cooler. its been raining today. Oh and we have full time car! Eeek. :) what a blessing. my legs couldn't take those hills no moe.

I like that motto, Just keep swimming, because miracles are around the corner. :)

LOVE YOU! be safe, accident free, lollies for me! (thats what we have to say everytime we get in the car) hahaha. our mission has a thing with car accidents. I think ours is the worst of all the missions.

but yes. i love you. :)

sister mullen

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