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21 April 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

Amazing week. Transfers are this Thursday so we are working hard to make things smooth for the new missionaries coming in. Don't know who is moving yet. I've said this whole transfer I am not moving. I really don't want to. But if it happened, I love moving and I love new experiences and new people so whatever is fine.

This last week was Songkran! The water fight. SO fun. I just love playing it here in Kamphaengphet. We met up with the members and just walked. It was so fun. Not too many crazies out. Sweet people. haha

The next day we didn't have English. I was going to go to Uncle Tong's work to spend a little time with the family, but he is kind of in the middle of the water fight so we couldn't go. Tuesday was a work day, so couldn't play, but it was kind of hard because everyone else was playing. We would be biking to the church and I got hit. But I think for the most part, us wearing our skirts helped us. People thought twice about ruining our look and throwing water on us. haha but then others didn't care. haha

We spent some time with Brother Suteb, the unit leader. We went out to his house to do some service, but I think the service he wants and needs is just for us to hang out with him. He showed us around all of his land. He grows mangos and bananas and loads of other things. We had sports day that night so we were kind of in a rush towards the end, because he would just take us to another and another and another part of his farm. He's like... no! these mangos are different than the last 2 places I showed you! haha

Long story short, we end up filling up his truck with mangos for all of us. Yeah. We have BAGS of mangos in our apartment right now. This was on Saturday, so the day before Easter. We literally stop in the middle of the road somewhere and then yeah. Brother Suteb gets out, leans over, picks up a mini mango and bites into it. We all jump out of the car and are like, what? crazy.

Then it happened.

We turned into the most disgusting mango monsters. Just running around, picking up little mangos and chomping down. Throw them down and move on to the next one. We were there for a good while. Oh man, Brother Suteb must have been so proud of himself. We were so disgusting.

We taught James and Beau. They are getting the Holy Ghost on Sunday. We talked about how after they will receive the priesthood and help with the growth of the church. James got all giddy and SO excited. It was the cutest thing. I literally could not contain myself I was laughing and just so so so so happy I can't even explain that lesson. They are so amazing and ready for everything.

On Tuesday of this last week, Uncle Nun went to Big C while we were inviting. He asked what we were showing people. I asked him if he wanted forgiveness from his sins, and he gave me the answer that most older men give... I have no sins. My heart sank when he said that. And then in just reading in scripture studies about all of the people that came to the knowledge of the Savior, their Redeemer. In order for that to have any importance to them, they needed to realize that they were in sin. People become too comfortable with sin, and they won't see the need for Christ.

And then in just applying words from Elder Richard G. Scott from this last conference, LOVE is how we help them. I think he saw how sad it made me that he didn't want this amazing gift... to be cleansed from his sins. So after that he said, why don't you come over to the house? I tell him I've got to do this. He said, why don't you tell us more about it?

AH. My whole two months here, I've only gone over once. Had dinner, but no one would listen. Now this uncle, that I have never really had a relationship with before because first thing he'd always say to my face every time he saw me was... "she's fatter than last time!"... haha... now HE is the one that I am aching to see after this life. same with Everyone.

I know that this mission, being here, is all preparation for the rest of my life, and I will continue to be an example and share with them... but I thought about the power and authority that we are set apart with as missionaries. Now is the time. I was studying Esther: "...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

We fasted and went over. The spirit was so strong. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. I told them I want to live with them again. I told them I loved them. And they listened.

They didn't say yes to baptism, but they didn't say no.

When leaving, Uncle Nun said, it's hard for someone like me to change.

I told him I loved him and wanted to see him again after this life, forever. Committed him to pray.

Without this experience, I would have never been able to communicate any of this to my family. My FAMILY! that is the first time, I'm sure, that I have ever told them I love them.

I love this Gospel. Forever.

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen


Its been a great week! The weather is starting to cool down so its perfect weather. We went walking the other day instead of using the car because it was so nice. Its always interesting emailing on Tuesday, I feel like heaps of stuff has happened so i dont even know where to start!

Wow! That easter egg hunt thing sounds soo cool! I wish we knew that before easter! We tried to be creative and come up with some things but yeah thats really cool, i bet the sisters enjoyed that. The more i meet nice members the more i think of the missionaries that used to come around to our house. I never even offered them water! If a mission doesn't teach me anything (which is impossible) it will teach me how to treat servants of the Lord!

But yes. I'll start with last Monday after Pday. It was a pretty rough day. One of my companions got some bad news about her family and then we were dropped by Vaun and Kalina. I started crying a lot when my companions asked me why he dropped us. I love the spirit. The spirit helped me to understand what was going on in his head. But also helped me to understand that he wouldn't accept what we were saying right then. Sometimes people just need time. I am here to baptize but just like him, I am exercising my own faith. I know that their family will be baptized and receive all those blessings, it will just take some time and understanding.

I've been able to teach with Sister Mann's niece this week. Sister Wrigley is amazing. They found a part member family for us to teach. I was really nervous at first because I was going to teaching on my own. But the spirit was there and they came to church! BUT! they came after it was over haha. They had a rough morning but it was so good to see their family didn't forget about it and church was just important to them as it was to us.

Our recent convert Maria, set up a member present lesson haha. she's amazing. she's so willing to share the gospel with everyone she knows! Martha our other recent convert also met a less active two days ago and invited her to church! Wow. Its amazing what a simple invitation can do.

Our other investigator Lillian dropped us as well. It was really sad. But as we move forward with faith, the Lord continues to bless us with new people to teach.

We've been really trying to focus on Melissa the best we can. Our members are really involved with her which helps us out heaps. She is an amazing daughter of God though, my companions are trying their best to love her, and i know how hard that is. But I know that as we pray for charity God will give it to us liberally.

That has brought so much peace to me this last week. Let me know how you feel about it. My studies have improved so much these past few transfers because of Sister Tempany. She's a great example.

Anyway i love you heaps. Thanks so much for all you do.


Love always,

Sister Mullen

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