Sunday, April 6, 2014

7 April 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

This passed week for district meeting we talked about humility... the Hardest Christlike Attribute. And in trying to improve it this week... I was given SEVERAL opportunities. Just on Saturday we were inviting at the market, talking to everybody... the people selling things know us, they know what we are offering. I go up to a man and ask him if he wants to be baptized. Doesn't answer my question, just keeps pointing to other people. He's like... them them. I get frustrated. When people just point off and are like, they want it they want it... it usually is just them pushing off the awkwardness to people they don't like... or to their friends because they think it is funny.

He literally grabs the people he was talking about and has me talk to them. Turns out they were interested, and they even ended up coming to church yesterday.

I went up to the man and thanked him. I then thanked Heavenly Father for miracles and for the kindness that we receive from others regularly. No doubt the rejections are often, and the impoliteness is ever so frequent... haha, but God is looking out for us. He is ready to help us. It's all Him.

James and Beau passed their interview! I let them borrow my triple in Thai so they could read Joseph Smith History. They LOVE Joseph Smith.

After we were done teaching them, one of our appointments fell through so we were going to clean the church a bit. They wanted to stay and help. So here we are, cleaning the church with our investigators. They just took over the mopping and killing spiders, and whatnot. So fun.

This passed week was also zone training. So we went to Plok again! It was SO good. The mission has been up on this high of baptisms. This passed month we had 214 baptisms!!! But during the training, they didn't talk about numbers. They talked about finding joy in the work.

We have all been working hard, and its amazing because some companionships are getting 10+ baptisms, but there are still some that struggle and President doesn't want us comparing. He wants the idea of success to be the joy that we receive from our labors.

It was perfect. We are all happy for the mission, but when we feel that we have not contributed as much to the success, we feel like we are doing something wrong. We were assured that we are not. 2 hours of inviting, if you don't get a number... you were still successful. Ahhh, it was perfect.

We've been going up to the roof lately at night after planning to write in our journals and Sister Ellis will play her ukulele. It's so peaceful. But the Elders have been coming up lately and attacking us with nerf guns so the atmosphere has changed a bit, but it's SO fun.

We got approved for a TV!!! So now we have one! Saturday night there was some random storm. Elder called and told us to go home. He said people said there was a tornado coming. Haha We first went to Big C to get some food. It was just funny. It was so windy and crazy outside and I see people in Big C getting haircuts and stuff. haha. I just think of like, Uncle Henry from Wizard of Oz, screaming there's a storm coming, but nobody was doing ANYTHING! but the minute you step outside, tents are flying, people are freaking out haha. It was funny.

It was pouring down rain, everyone is just sitting waiting for the rain to stop, Sister Ellis and I just walk RIGHT out into the rain, strap our groceries onto our bikes, and ride away. like a boss.

Fast sunday this last sunday. We had our first fast and testimony meeting. Our investigators shared their testimonies! After church it was about 11:45 and we started eating before we went out to the river for the baptisms. James didn't eat because he started his fast at noon on Saturday so he wanted it to be a full 24 hours. SO CUTE!

The baptism was perfect.

This week has been eye-opening, and I am so grateful for this experience. I don't think I can say it enough. This is how I should have been living my whole entire life.This is what brings true happiness. There is no sacrifice over here, none. Just blessings WAHHHHHHHHH

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen


I'm so jealous that everyone already watched conference. But thank you for the wonderful quotes.

This week was great. Maria finished reading the Book of Mormon. WHAT THE HECK. She is just amazing. And it kills me because she calls us many times a week crying because she feels like she is a horrible person. If i don't baptize anyone else on my mission, it would be enough for me to feel the joy that comes when a child of God believes that they are loved and that they have a purpose in this life. Being lost is a dark place to be in and we're here to lead others to the light that is available to all.

Vaun and Kalina are our other investigators. They are so amazing. Kalina agreed to be baptized but then we talked with them about the Law of Chastity. I have never had to invite someone to get married before so the invitation came out pretty broken and awkward haha. I was sweating trying to ask them. But they prayed about it and Vaun got a blessing after church so he feels like that is what he needs to do, so we dropped their date but they will get baptized soon. :)

Martin got baptized on Sunday. It was a beautiful baptism. He said his testimony and he only said he knows the gospel is true and the Book of Mormon. And afterwards we were like, you testimony was so short! and he was like "thats all they needed to know" haha. he is such a smart little boy. These 9 year old kids just amaze me.

This week has been a bit tough personally. I had a few break downs only because my companions get really sad whenever i'm sad. and it just stinks because my whole mission, my companions have told me about my attitude, and i'm trying my best. but its just so hard to get out of a mood when i'm in one. i know i've improved but yeah im just exhausted honestly. But i dont want to regret not loving my companions again. So i'm going to keep trying to improve and not give in when anger or frustration sets in. I've felt the Atonement help me in that this past week.

My companion is also going through some tough stuff. She's 27 and always sees guys that she has dated around so she's really sad that she's not married yet. And it makes me feel so useless because i'm 20 and she doesn't really want to listen to me because it just seems like a baby telling her how to live. So this week has been a bit heavy. But it'll stop raining soon. Sunlight always comes after a storm. And we all love each other. so i know it'll be okay.

I love this life. Through the tough times and the uplifting times. I'm grateful for trials and to quote one of my favorite mormon messages " i'm grateful for trials, not because they're easy or wanted, but because they teach us how to love".

I love you both very much. Thank you for all your love and support. I hope you have a great Easter!

Love always, Sister Mullen

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