Monday, May 19, 2014

12 May 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

This week was weird. We had a few days of 5-6-7 hours of inviting because of pitted appointments and just no investigators to teach. I feel blessed to be perfectly fine with it. My duties are not affected by my attitude. Something falls through... ok, let's go find another one.

I know that faith and hard work can make anything happen.

So then on Saturday, we taught an RC. He said the closing prayer and then bam. This guy is standing there at the front of the church, just watching us pray. He asks about English, I invite him in to learn about baptism. Long story short, he is committed to be baptized the 18th! That was on May 10th.

Even when it's hard, we HAVE to keep the faith and moving forward. God literally did go before my face this week. Never give up, no matter what.

This last Sunday was amazing.

Beau, he got the priesthood a few weeks ago, he passed the sacrament about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, he blessed it for the first time.

Then after church... he baptized his twin brother.

ahhh. that's all for today. no really. I'm crying and a hot mess right now. i love you all.

sister mullen #1, the crier. no really. im dying right now haha

Sister Jasmine Mullen


Oh my goodness. You sneaky sneaky parents. Haha thank you so much. they pulled out a cake and a card for me at the end of our dinner. Well the beginning because they couldn't wait but yeah haha. It was a wonderful surprise.

Thank you so much for the pictures.

This first week of the transfer has flown because mostly i have no idea what happened. But i'll update you the best i can. So Sister Tama and I were in Kawana Waters for 2 days with some other sisters and we were having too much fun so i think thats why they got our flat in order quickly haha so that we could leave. But yeah it was some hard yakka there. We went finding all day erry day. It was so fun being all together though. All the sisters in this zone are in 2 ways so we're always excited to see PEOPLE.

But yeah we arrived here 3 days ago after a 6 hour drive. The elder THANKFULLY brought us food. Our flat is so cute! If you want to know what it looks like just open up your scriptures to the picture of Joseph Smith's house. Because its old and cute like that. Everything here is so little. Its like i live in old sacramento. I love it. Our ward has 3 youth from the same family and 4 primary children. The elders have been doing well though, they have had 3 baptisms in the past 2 weeks and "we have" one this friday. The people are so nice. We have been spoiled by our ward. They are ready to get us to work! :) which is great because i was scared of not knowing what to do with opening a new area! haha. Everyone is over the age of 60. We have 765 less actives in our area and 3 active members. So we definitely have a work on our hands but i'm so excited. Sister Tama is the best. I have never been so happy with a companion. I love all of my companions but she is just so loving. And everything she says is hilarious because its in a french accent. haha.

It was so good to see you guys yesterday! My golden called me this morning to say happy birthday and she asked me if i cried haha. we were both so happy because we didn't cry. i'm really happy i got to talk to you though. it was just what i needed. I hope you get my card soon mommy. I love you lots and i know daddy made it a special day for you.

Oh Brother Rosdedt started playing the video of everybody wants to be a santa haha. it was so funny. i was shocked when i heard it. such a blast from the past.

I know that there is so much more but i just can't remember haha.

I love you guys heaps. Thank you for making my birthday so special even from on the other side of the world. I love you.

Sister Mullen

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