Saturday, May 10, 2014

5 May 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

We are building a branch! For reals. Sometimes it is really overwhelming. But our district is awesome and stress relieving activities. Usually involves a trip to swensen's (ice cream). We have been looking at some places to move (church-wise). It just really is hard, even just the 2 hours of church that we have been doing. It is exhausting being that hot for so long just sitting. Praying we can move into a new place very very soon. Especially because we will now be officially starting 3 hours of church next Sunday!!! Yeah!

Our RC James has moved to Chiang Mai. The night before he left he asked to talk to us in private. He pretty much just bore his testimony to us and I was a HOT mess. I'm so sad, but he is going to be SO amazing wherever he continues to grow. This last Sunday, Beau got to pass the sacrament for the first time. AHHH. I felt like a proud mother! haha. His twin brother also came to church for the first time. It was really good he got to see his brother serving in the priesthood. Amazingg

Phlooy and Gammon were baptized Sunday!

Sorry this email is so awful this week. haha. Next week will be better. I promise.

Just loving everyday though, even though no Crazy events happened this week. Really really though. I LOVE being a missionary, so so so so so bad.

Love, Sister Mullen #1

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Well yes, i've been transferred. i was sooo sad. Sister tempany and sister lindha stayed in chermside. it was really hard saying goodbye to everyone. But its true! Miracles are happening everywhere. I always know when i am going to leave an area because i know that my companions will take care of it. I couldn't leave if i didn't feel at peace. But yeah.

Maria bore her testimony on Sunday. She is solid as. I'm grateful for the opportunity i had to witness that miracle. It was hard saying goodbye to her. We had lots of fun, she sang for us and told stories. And oh my goodness her son martin is even more golden (if thats even possible) she said that his dad wrote on martin's facebook and said that he loves him more than anyone/anything. And martin was SO UPSET. he wrote back a long paragraph saying that it is not okay for him to say that because first is God then Jesus Christ then your mom THEN your children haha. it was funny as. But yeah. maria when i was hugging her goodbye in a very tender moment said " i will never forgive you." hahahaha KILLED IT. she was like "AI forget you! hahaha" don't worry i got her laugh on video so i can show you later. Man. Chermside will always be dear to my heart.

Oh and to top off my last night. We were reading the Book of Mormon with Melissa and she's like super opinionated so when it comes to animal sacrifice she can't seem to move past it. So we read 1 Nephi Chapter 4 with her. And yeah hahaha. man it was a funny conversation. She was not okay with the fact that nephi just killed someone and i was trying to help her see how we can learn from it. So i told her, Nephi sacrificed so like verse 13 says a nation wouldn't dwindle in unbelief. And just like how she sacrificed not going to church on sunday so that she could support her family and be a good mom. So she took it as i was comparing her breaking the 4th commandment to murder haha. which i pretty much was but yeah it was funny. The guilty taketh the truth to be hard i guess. But she's great. I know that she will be baptized one day. COOOPER CAME TO CHURCH WITH US. Harriet didn't even come and he came! it was the best.

It was hard to leave behind Darion and everyone in chermside but i know that i am needed somewhere else and i'm excited and ready for a new adventure.

Sooo.. i'm now in Maryborough. Yeah don't ask me where it is because i have no idea. Sister Tama and I are opening up a new area. No one knows much about it. But yeah our flat isn't ready yet so we will be staying with some sisters more south until it is. We won't even be attending our ward haha. Yeah we're as far north as you can get without being the northern zone. Apparently its beautiful though. so i'm excited :) and they told us we live about an hour away from church and we're full time bike, so i'm not sure how thats gonna work out or if we'll be less active sisters haha.

But life is great. Everything is going well. :) missions are an adventure and the greatest days are still ahead. Miracle may is amazing. :)

thank you for everything i love you guys. your support means the world to me.

love always

sister mullen

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