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28 April 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

Monday we found out who was being transferred. Stressful, the days before transfers. I'm always on edge. We had Family Home Evening. We created a Tree of Life experience for them. It. Was. A. Mess. Hahaha they just pulled on the string and COMPLETELY messed up the formation of the chairs. It was SO fun though. We are going to be doing a time capsule thing for the unit and so while we were having everyone write their testimonies for it, Elder Kelley gave me a "letter." Haha I always make it a SUPER big deal to district leaders that they have to come up with some creative way to tell us who is moving.

On the outside of the envelope it said, the tribe has spoken. Haha he did good. It had all of our names on the inside. I freaked out because I thought we were all being whitewashed out. But on the back it said I was staying. In fact we were all staying except for him. Crazy.

I know this area will miss him. He was one of the first here. Everyone was so sad.

But at the same time, I think it's SO good for them. It really just feels like they are going to progress and grow in a way that wasn't possible if he was still here. Like, leaving the nest haha.

Anyways, I get another 9 with the sweet sister ellis! Ok family. I LOVE this girl to death, but us both not leaving means we didn't get to go to transfers. And you know how much I love transfers. Oh man, I was supposed to do a musical number with Sister Jackson! We were making so many excuses, like Elder Suki would need help bringing all the stuff back, etc. Haha

We were even thinking about packing our over night bag as an act of faith. Even on the very day of transfers, we didn't give up hope. You never know. President could call and be like, sister mullen. where are you? here I'm going to send you my private jet. Get to transfers now!

That's my dream. "One of these days, God's going to give me a crazy miracle and I just need to be ready." expect the unexpected. i know im ridiculous.

Anyways, miracle. We got a hold of Phlooy. A referral that we taught all the commandments to and she was perfect. Her phone had been crazy and not ringing. We thought it was her way of dropping us. But no. She's just as interested as ever. She came to church this last Sunday for the first time and she LOVED it. She'll be interviewed in a few days and baptized hopefully this Sunday!

Gammon is crazy as ever, but came to church also. Such a desire, this guy. He fits in really well. Just need to help him with his understanding, haha. But we will prepare him to be interviewed this week also!

Met with a woman who has a lot of challenges in her life. She is also missing a toe. She said some crazy things, one of which was that she wants to come back to America with us. She wants to die in a different country. I told her we don't help with that kind of stuff. Taught her Word of Wisdom because I remembered I saw cigarettes in her purse when I invited her.

She smokes and drinks tea, coffee. She said she doesn't want it anymore. At first I thought she meant baptism, but she said smoking. She quit right there.

She wasn't able to come to church on Sunday, but we will keep working with her to be baptized on the 11th.

So, since Elder Kelley is gone, we got a new district leader. We thought it would be like an ex-AP (assistant to the president) or Zone Leader. We were going crazy. Who would it be.

Then Elder Suki calls, FINALLY! We are just over here in Kamphaengphet, waiting for the news! He's all sweet and normal, oh how was your day sister mullen? wonderful wonderful. wish you were here so you could have done the musical number. you play piano really good.


he Finally tells us.

Elder Delagarza.

I was SO excited. We were greenies in Bangkapi together! I started my mission with him and I will end it with him.

It is a Real change from our last district leader, but I can already tell all the things that I will learn from him.

The Elders brought back triples!!! Triples!!! That means these have Doctrine and Covenants AND JOSEPH SMITH HISTORY! We taught James and Beau about the priesthood. We tell them we have a present for them... I go upstairs, I bring down a mini version of preach my gospel, and a hardback triple. We tell them what it is, and James' eyes looked like he was going to cry. I was Totally tearing up like the biggest baby in the whole entire world. Them holding those books was the greatest thing I've ever seen. Also, they were interviewed for the aaronic priesthood on Sunday. I am SO impressed by them both. God has PREPARED them for everything and they are so willing to serve.

I gave another talk. We have to give a lot of talks as missionaries here. It stinks because we don't have AC. just 2 fans. but the fans just blow on the congregation. You know what that does to Sister Mullen, right? Yeah... Sweaty mess. But it went fine. We are planning on moving to 3 hours in a couple of weeks and are working on callings for Recent Converts... aka everyone. Forming a working branch from nothing is crazy and not really something any of us have been trained for, but our district, I think, communicates well and we will be praying a LOT this transfer.

I will ask around more for the address of the church, I promise!

Sister Mullen

Sister Jasmine Mullen

Its beena great week out here again. I don't really remember honestly what happened and i don't have my handy dandy planner to help a sista out. buuuut I do know that it was great. I came across a lot of people who tested my patience and we dropped a lot of investigators but President knew just how to keep us from destroying our spirits.

This month is Miracle May. We are praying morning and night for miracles. Every night we text in a miracle to our DL and our DL sends one to our ZLs and then they send one text from our zone to the APs and so its a really good way to RECOGNIZE the miracles. If we don't recognize anything that Heavenly Father is doing for us, He'll stop doing them! So i'm really excited to REPENT and get back to recognizing the Savior and my Father in Heaven everyday. Its important.

A few members have been coming out with us a lot this past week. We are experiencing miracles. Our fellowship is getting better and more of the ward is realizing now that its their work. it makes it so much easier!

I'm so excited to see what is to come this month. :)

I'm so grateful for this experience. It has shown me how to be truly happy. I'm so tired. so so tired. but i've never been so happy to be tired and to have huge bags under my eyes. Having the light of Christ makes all that go away anyways :) i'm so thankful for you guys. i know that two words really seems like nothing but they are filled with a deep sense of gratitude. I love you.

I'll probably be skyping on Monday not Sunday, so it'll be mother's day for you :)

see you soon!

sister mullen

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