Friday, July 25, 2014

14 July 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

I don't know how much help I will be, I haven't really learned how to make Thai food here, just eat it. But I will help!

Sorry not too much time to write this week. Sister Speas and I both served in Phitsanulok so we are going there for Pday together! So excited I love spending time with her! 

This week, wow. Seriously I think every night I reassured Sister Speas, "ok, TOMORROW is going to be the miracle day, TOMORROW is going to be way good." but there was SO much opposition.

Sometimes I just want to slap Satan in the face, but he doesn't have one because he doesnt have a body.

He's GOT to know he's not going to win. It's dumb.

Anyways, tons of things went wrong. So there was a Dairy Queen run almost everyday. I'm trying to not be a "trunky" missionary, or one that is super into going home early, so I feel like not trying to get skinny is the ultimate way to do that haha.

But Sundays are always miracle Sundays. We had 7 investigators at church! And two were our Recent Convert's family. We are teaching them on Tuesday! Also, Tamasan, a man that we've met with for about a month, he will be interviewed this week, he is SO good! God is good.

THEN............ yeah the week's not over...............
we were inviting in front of Big C, like we do EVERYDAY, and they have finally come up to us and said we can't do it anymore, at all. Way crazy. At first I thought it was Satan, trying to ruin everything like always. But now I think it's God. We have been getting investigators, but no real quality progressors, and so God is pulling us from Big C (where we think the biggest concentration of people are) to lead us towards the ready ones. With all the opposition and crazies this week, I'm just super excited for the miracles that are going to happen... TOMORROW haha.

Sister Mullen
Sister Jasmine Mullen

Hello! Its been a crazy week. Like emotional roller coaster, but like always, everything is okay by the time its Monday.
We had this amazing mini missionary with us last week, Sister Fahina, She was the best. Such a confidence booster, she felt the spirit so much and it was great to see a change in her as we worked. She was so funny, I don't think I stopped laughing the whole week...EXCEPT for the day we all cried for like 3 hours. HAHA. Don't worry. It was just tears, and we're all over it now and we realized it was pretty silly. But our ZLs found out and now they are worried about us. haha. Pretty much, we went into this guy's house that couldn't really speak English and when we went back his son just started yelling at us and being so rude, so we left. I was pretty just frustrated. Our mini missionary kept crying and we tried to keep going, but as we went finding, EVERYONE was so rude. Like in the, "i'm disgusted with you" kind of way. Like I smelt like rubbish or something. And our ZLs called and when they asked if we were okay i just let the tears POUR haha. I felt really silly after wards. But it made me think more of the Savior and what He went through, everyday, and HE was the one who actually had the words of life! I haven't cried in a long time. It kinda felt good. I think I cried because Heavenly Father wanted me to know that He's still here and He can comfort me. It was a great learning experience.

But then to top off the week. Sister Tautuiaki and I found out that we had to deal with some disobedience in our region. The APs called and told us that we needed to like be detectives or something to find out the real story. The worst part was, these sisters were my friends. I didn't know what to do. I cried all night but I prayed for comfort and as we drove to them the next day I felt such peace. And turns out it was all a huge misunderstanding, which I was so grateful for! YAY! But now i feel better prepared if I ever do have to deal with that again.
Trade offs have been good so far. I love being on the other side, even though like you said, i don't feel i have much to offer but yeah, I love the sisters.
We have interviews with President this week, i'm so excited!
So as you know I am pretty embarrassing sometimes, wellp, most of the time. So me being an STL is pretty funny. I'm like the black sheep. I say the wrong things and make jokes at the wrong times but i'm grateful that all these amazing zone leaders and stls still love me for who i am haha. We had a conference call with the leaders and president. We were getting a training from one of the APs before so we got on late to the call. I thought we still had about 3 minutes, but yeah someone was praying, and I announced myself with an enthusiastic, "RICHLANDS!" haha. oh my goodness. I died. Killed the spirit. I will never live it down.
Thank you so much for the pictures and everything you guys are doing. I'm so inspired when I see how much everyone is working just for me. I truly feel special.
i love you heaps.

Sister Mullen 

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