Friday, July 25, 2014

21 July 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

What a week. I'm just going to list off some things that happened:

One of our investigators passed his interview, but is now not able to get baptized  until the 3rd of next month

We taught one of our RC's daughters who is 40+ and SHE wants to be baptized!

The next day when we went to go teach our RC, he was not into it. He assumes she can't make the commitment, it was REALLY sad.

He is also talking about how he doesn't want to learn in 3rd hour because it is boring. I asked if maybe HE'd want to teach it. Sassy? He said no.

Us 20 year olds, telling grown men to go to church. And then it just confirms it all, that it is OUR responsibility to stay active, to learn. If we think that we're done, we're not going to be ready. He still has a LOT to learn, and it needs to start with his attitude towards his daughter who could join him in the church and essentially the kingdom of God. It has NOTHING to do with how skilled the teacher may or may not be. It is our decision to participate and allow the Spirit to teach us.

Ah, sorry. I'll stop.

Anyways, all in all. A HARD week, but we were blessed with great work. Lots of teaching and great lessons where the spirit was felt. But in the end, MANY did not show up for church. The Saturday before, we had 2 daters (including the one who passed his interview) drop us, when we thought they were pretty solid. All these trials but we do a PRETTY good job at hoping for the miracles the next day, and when all our others didn't show up, it was hard not to cry. 

We aren't going to make the goal of 4 baptisms this month. That's the hard thing.

We went inviting and got a lot of numbers. Went back to the church to wait for an appointment and just talked. I'm so blessed to have this sister as my companion. We reevaluated the week and all that we did and saw how blessed we were for the amount of work that we had. No regrets and did all we could. All that God wants from us is the have hope for the future. It may not be the next day, or the next week, but I think that the miracles or the blessings that we are expecting sometimes do not come in the baptisms alone.

The kind of person we are becoming from this oppositions, these trials, is the ultimate goal. Perfection requires patience and as we just keep going, knowing that the Spirit has guided us, we will feel and Know we were successful.

Sister Mullen
Sister Jasmine Mullen

hello! i'm alive. sorry i don't have much time to email now but i love you both so much. we're at our full day pday :) i'll update you next week.

im sorry this is not an email you guys deserve. but i love you  heaps :)

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