Sunday, July 13, 2014

7 July 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

So this week got to do some sister training leader stuff. I know why I wasn't called to this before. It is HARD! We were barely in our area this week. We went to MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) in Bangkok on Wednesday, had training in Kphet then traveled to Chiang Mai to train the missionaries there. We are now to teach Lesson 5 (laws and ordinances) BEFORE baptism. So to go along with our 'quick' baptisms, there is going to be real growth as we focus their being baptized towards the temple. It's all so perfect. 

I remember us all kneeling for family prayer and praying that Thailand will one day have a temple. I hope you can feel it coming soon! The inspired ways in which we are working is incredible, because I feel it SO CLOSE! I hope you recognize how close we are and how much God is with us. 

This week, we had tons of people committed to church this Sunday. When we called them Sunday morning, they were no longer coming. If it were earlier in my mission, I would have been discouraged, and I was a little frustrated for a second there, but I actually knew that I had done everything I could that passed week, and those people that did not come, chose to use their agency in a way that I was disappointed, but not depressed. I have never felt more comfortable among so much "not making my goals" haha. Not only are those tangible things, like money and success, blessings from God... but the way He can change how I feel is the ULTIMATE blessing.

I have never felt more inadequate being among the leaders of the mission in Mission Leadership Council. I have struggled with self esteem and confidence in myself for who knows how long. I never feel like what I have to say is of worth. But God loves his missionaries, so he called President Senior who loves his missionaries just the same. His trust and faith in me, personally, has changed how I view myself. It's still ongoing, but there's hope for sure and I love that he helps me throw away any self doubt.

Sister Mullen
Sister Jasmine Mullen

hello! It has been another fast week.
Thank you for the scriptures. Whenever I feel tired or down, I always remember what you said at my setting apart, that I was like Ammon, and I always try to live up to that.
It has been a WONDERFUL week. Full of miracles. I truly wish that I was better at writing because I wish i could describe to you the depth of the miracles and conversion I am able to witness.
We had trade offs this week. My first ones haha. It was fun, I was grateful to see that I could actually help. And this best thing is, I don't have to be better than the other sisters and I don't have to be more skilled. All i have to do is love them. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to grow my capacity to love others. It was instant with these sisters, they made it so easy. One of the trade offs was with my beloved companion sister hwang. :) I didn't actually go with her but I went with her companion, we stayed two days in their area since we had 2 sets of sisters to go with and they live 2 hours away. But it was fun seeing her and being with her.
This week our zone leaders, aps and district leader have really been challenging us to get member presents more. We try but Sister Tautuiaki and I are a bit picky. Yes there are people that will "come out with us" but we want to have prayerful fellowship. But yeah we tried our best to get 8 member presents, which was a bit tricky being out of our area for 3 days. But we got 7! It was great. Our district leader was so helpful because there are lots of young women in his ward that said they wanted to go out so we were able to go on splits! Oh yeah and its school holidays so we have a mini missionary. :) She's so fun.
I'm learning Tongan. I read the Tongan white hand book every morning instead of the english one.
Oh yeah but back to our hard yakka week. We had intense plans for the last 3 days of the week to make up for the days we had missed. And then  of course i get sick. It was horrible, BUT I'm so grateful for my companion for just loving me and helping us get through the day. And we were able to finish with an amazing week. The area is progressing which is all i could ask for.
Its a bit interesting being in this area because its islander and I'm not reallly sure how i can contribute. But i'm doing my best to keep up and to understand what everyone is saying.
Bishop Nisa saw my hair this week and he thought i was a new sister. haha. The last pictures i sent are how short it is. So not too different. Just shorter.
Love you heaps. Thank you so much for all that you have been doing for me and for Rachel. I'm so grateful for you guys. You have no idea.
Love you.
Sister Mullen

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