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30 June 2014

Sister Rachel Mullen

sorry there will be no pictures this week. sister ellis is gone! :(

but i am still here in Kamphaengphet! We found out Monday night. I always ask the district leader to think of a clever way to tell us who is moving, so he did. It was perfect. He texted us and said, Is Sister Mullen staying? Is Sister Ellis moving? and then gave us a scripture in alma and it said, and he answered them yea. haha The members are sad to see Sister Ellis go. Their first Sister leaving. 

I haven't been to a transfers in SO long so I was SUPER excited!!! We had to go do our visas for the time we have left. It was our whole big group though, so it was so fun to see them all at the office! 

I got to see the Sister Peterson and Stevenson, the 2 sisters I trained who were companions together in Bangkapi! It was so sweet, they both ran up to me and hugged me. I miss them both!

So Sister Ellis and I changed President Senior's ringtone to be like, this eagle call or something. We are sitting there waiting for transfers to start and I hear an eagle.

Oh shoot.

I answer. He sounds surprised. I say, I'm sorry are you looking for Elder Delagarza? I promise we are switching phones today after transfers. Haha (They have switched our phones on the records the WHOLE transfer so we figured we are just going to switch phones for this next transfer)

I give the phone to ED. He's totally going Zone Leader I knew it.

Then he gave the phone back to me and it was President, he said he still wanted to talk to me. But then he hung up. Probably 10 minutes later Sister Senior grabs my arm and has me follow her. We come to a room and President is sitting there, with the 3 AP's around him and an extra chair. He's like, Hi! Sit.

He pretty much just asks me again if I wanted to stay in Kamphaengphet. I told him what I wanted but that, I didn't want to have to choose, I didn't want my desires to change or sway anything that is God's will.

But then he just kindly said, sometimes God gives us what we want. It's not always sacrifice but He will give us what we want. Then he said, if anything changed within the transfer or even after the mission, he would give me what I want. Of course, I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT!!! haha But it was probably the most calm I've ever felt in talking to him. He just knows how to make his missionaries work hard. Because I know that he is giving me what I want, and God also, I want to do my VERY best.

Sister Ellis is going to Bangkae. Elder Delagarza is a Zone Leader now in Roi Et, with Elder Kelley!!! Our Kphet district leader before ED so now they can just talk about the good times in Kphet together! ED's last words to me, Go hard and don't get trunky or I'll find you. haha So cool A lot of Elders from my group are now Zone Leaders. It is SO cool.

Suki and I are staying in Kamphaengphet. Elder Wheeler, from my district in the MTC is our new district leader! Finally serving with one of my elders! This should be an interesting transfer. I am so excited also to have Sister Speas as my companion. She will help me stay calm and not flustered this last (year) of my mission ;)

I am now a Sister Training Leader here for the North. A lot of Sister Training Leaders are put together, but Sister McDermott is still in Chaing Mai, and me in the middle of nowhere, haha. We are over the Sisters in Chaing Rai and Lamphaang.

We got back at 3 am. We both woke up at 6:30, I wasn't sure if we could sleep in. So we started our work day. We had an apt at 9 anyways so we went to the church. He was an hour late, but thank goodness we waited. He was AWESOME! So willing to learn and accept a date to be baptized. 

The Elders called and were surprised we were up and about. They said, take a nap! haha so we went back and took a quick nap. We went inviting in front of our lovely Big C and then later that night had an appointment with ANOTHER new investigator. He was full of awesomeness similar to the guy in the morning. Just miracles up the wazoo!

These two men did not come to church, however. Sad. We had 10 people committed to church, which is normally what we need to have in order for ANYONE to come to church and Sunday morning they all said they weren't coming anymore. 

But then, God in all his miracles... people come. 

This guy I contacted LAST Sunday, who said he can only meet on Sundays, brought his family to church. The night before he said he wasn't coming to church either, so I didn't even call him on Sunday to remind him. but HE CAME!

After church they said they are going to bring 4 people next week too!

we also had 34 people at church. WHAT?!

It was Sister Speas first sunday without AC. She did well though. Dotcom, Twan, and Brakong got confirmed and bore their testimonies. I'm just sitting at the piano watching and of course crying. These are future priesthood holders. All 3 of them. 

I love this place, no AC an' all.

Sister Mullen
Sister Jasmine Mullen

We received a text last night saying that instead of having a conference call tonight we would be having one this morning right before studies. So this morning we had a conference call and all of us were just waiting for the news. (backtrack) I went to my first leadership meeting this week. (I'll talk more about that later) but we found out that as of THAT day we went to having 115 baptisms to 107 to finish with. It was going to be close. So i had no idea if we were going to make it. It was exciting because our zone had each companionship baptize and we broke our record with 16 baptisms! Then this morning President announced that as of tonight we will finish with 105 :) 
I honestly didn't know what to feel except gratitude. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father saw fit to bless us with this miracle. Elder Hemula was on our call as well and he congratulated us and told us that now we KNOW what our msision is capable of and we can rise to new levels.
As for STL stuff. Yeah i was sweating like the whole day. It was really good though, i'm glad that i was able to be trained a bit before going on trade offs. And we got two more sisters added to our region! And its my old area, chermside! So i'm excited to work with them.
So awkward moment when we find out our investigator's name is KELVIN and we've been calling him kevin and made the invitations already. It was such a great experience preparing for a baptism so quickly. Heaps of people came and my companion and i were so grateful. It was weird because usually i'm so stressed at baptisms and the only time i feel peace is when they're getting baptized. This was the opposite. I felt the spirit the whole time but the baptism part was stressful! Because Kelvin suffered from a stroke he can't bend properly. So it took about 5 tries to get him completely under and it kinda looked like they were going to drown him. But when they finally did everyone clapped haha. Just too much in the moment i think. But yeah and its all because of a followed prompting my my companion and i to move his baptismal date forward. I'm so grateful.
As for other stuff, everythings great! Its cold as and im just happy its not hot anymore haha.
Thank you for all your love and concern. Its been a great month.
Love you heaps. 

Sister Mullen 

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